Spotting Error Set 91

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. There is error in one of the parts. Mark the option which contains parts (A, B, C, D, E) which do not contain error. If no part contains error mark option E as your answer

Q1.A) The recent revelations about the
B) ‘divine preoccupations’ of godmen
C) in the sacred precincts of their ashrams
D) have been appalling, not only because they
E)  were bereft of such qualities in the past.
1) ABCD       2) BCDE        3) ABCE        4) DEAB         5) All are Correct


 Option 3
Explanation: not only = not

Q2.A) The unflinching faith of the
B) followers in the divine of
C) godmen is the latter’s main
D) capital, which is assiduously
E) constructed over time.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE           3) ACDE           4) EABC               5) All are Correct


    Option 3
Explanation: DIVINE = DIVINITY

Q3.A) The coexistence of modernity with
B) irrationality and obscurantism,
C) which has oftenly been dismissed
D) as a passing phase of a society in transition,
E) has been the hallmark of independent India.

1) ABCD          2) BCDE         3) CDEA           4) ABDE           5) All are Correct


 Option 4
Explanation: OFTENLY = OFTEN

Q4.A) Rationalists and liberals looked upon
B) education which promoted scientific
C) temper and rational thinking as the antidote
D) to what they conceived as a result
E) of cultural and social backwardness.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE         3) CDEA           4) DEAB           5) All are Correct


    Option 5 

Q5. A) It is my expressed wish that in awarding the
B) prizes no consideration whatever shall be
C) given to the nationality of the candidates,
D) but that the most worthy shall receive the prize,
E) Whether he be a Scandinavian or not.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE          3) CDEA            4) DEAB            5) All are Correct


 Option 2

Q6.A) To stay true to this larger principle, the specialist
B) committees that have decide the prizes and the governing
C) board have amended the prize-dispensing
D) rules in ways that have made it far more encompassing
E) and that probably would have defied Nobel’s imagination.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE           3) ACDE             4) CDEB             5) All are Correct


   Option 3

Q7. A) The prize has recognised scientists for
B) work from as many as four decades ago
C) and mixed it up with acknowledging
D) certain discoveries — as
E) in the case of LIGO — within two years.

1) ABCD             2) BCDE           3) CDEA             4) DEAB            5) All are Correct


 Option 5 

Q8. A) Today’s scientific breakthroughs emerge from creative minds
B) because they have secure jobs in well-funded universities,
C) are able to form global networks, and innovatively tap funds
D) from all over the world to build enormous devices that
E) are usually the only one of their kinds in the world.

1) BCDE            2) ABCD            3) ABDE          4) CDEA           5) All are Correct


  Option 2

Q9.A) Going ahead, the future of Big Science
B) projects increasingly lies in global participation,
C) and the later is unlikely to be
D) sufficiently incentivized until it gets
E) a fair share of the recognition.

1) ABCD             2) BCDE           3) ACBE          4) ABDE             5) All are Correct


   Option 4
Explanation: LATER = LATTER

Q10.A) The judges draw extensively over studies that demonstrate  child marriage
B) is a social evil that adversely affects the physical and mental health
C)  of children, denies them opportunities for education and
D)  self-advancement, infringes on their bodily autonomy and deprives
E)  them of any role in deciding on many aspects of their lives.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE          3) ACDE            4) ABDE          5) All are Correct


 Option 2
Explanation: OVER = ON

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