Spotting Error Set 90

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. There is error in one of the parts. Mark the option which contains parts (A, B, C, D, E) which do not contain error. If no part contains error mark option E as your answer

Q1.A) Compelling arguments have been made to justify
B) the existence and use of bitcoin. The currency
C) has caught in a number of countries to the extent
D) that there are indicative exchange rates for
E) bitcoin in almost all currencies in the market.
1) BCDE      2) CADB        3) ECAD      4) ABDE         5) All are Correct


 Option 4
 caught on

Q2. A) CC is a currency created from nowhere through
B) intricate software which is full-proof. A certain sum
C) is created independent of any central bank which
D) is then allotted based on demand for a price
E) which is fixed externally.

1) ACED         2) ABDE        3) BCDE        4) ABED         5) All are Correct


   Option 1
foolproof = infallible; full-proof is a  misspelling

Q3. A) In the case of the ultra-poor living with mental health issues,
B) targeted social interventions such as the disability allowance,
C) an entitlement, that helps mediate struggles of deprivation,
D) and by extension, exclusion, mandated by the Mental Health Care Act
E) and the Rights of Persons with Disability Act, must be better streamlined

1) ABCD     2) BCDE      3) ADEB          4) BDEC          5) All are Correct


 Option 5 

Q4. A) Between November 6 and 17 this year, world leaders,
B) delegates from various countries and others from business,
C) along with media and other representatives of
D) the civil society will gather at Bonn for the 23rd Conference of Parties
E) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

1) DBAC        2) BCDE          3) ABCE         4) ABED           5) All are Correct


  Option 3
omit THE before civil society

Q5.A) The meetings in Bonn will cover a wide range of issues,
B) including adjusting to live in a warmer world with the
C) associated impacts, known as adaptation to climate change
D) and reduction in greenhouse gases,
E) referred to as mitigation.

1) ABCD        2) ACDE           3) BCDE            4) BDAE            5) All are Correct


 Option 2
to live =  to living

Q6.A) According to the procedures of the UNFCCC, the meetings in Bonn
B) will include the session of COP-23, the 13th session of the Conference
C) of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto
D) Protocol (CMP 13)  and the second part of the first session of the COP
E) serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE           3) ABED           4) DCAE             5) All are Correct


    Option 5 

Q7.A) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
B) has therefore undertaken the task of preparing a special
C) report on the impacts of a warming of 1.5°C
D) above pre-industrial levels and the
E) global responses needed to achieve these.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE            3) CDEA              4) DEAB              5) All are Correct


  Option 1
 responses = response

Q8.A) The first such stock-taking covering all aspects such
B) as mitigation, adaptation communications, and
C) support for implementation is expected to take
D) place in 2023, but meetings to prepare for this
E) have already begun and have conclude by 2018.

1) ABCD           2) CDAB            3) DEAB             4) BCDE            5) All are Correct


   Option 1
have to conclude

Q9. A) According to earlier reports from the UN and other groups, the NDCs,
B) when added up, fall short of what is needed to keep global temperature
C) rise below 2°C and will likely take us about a degree higher. Further,
D) most NDCs are conditional — they depend on financial and
E) technological support from rich countries for their full implementation.

1) ABCD            2) BCDE        3) ABDE           4) BCAD             5) All are Correct


  Option E 

Q10. A) Since the planet and its inhabitants will still have to deal with
B) the impacts of climate change, our only hope is to see a greater
C) readiness on the part of all nations to compromise on their
D) erstwhile hard positions, and sincerity to make progress in
E) reducing emissions and building climate resiliences in their development.

1) ABED            2) BCDA            3) ABCD              4) EDAC            5) All are Correct


 Option 3
resiliences is a wrong usage instead it can be resilient

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