Spotting Error Set 88

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. There is error in one of the parts. Mark the option which contains parts (i, ii, iii, iv, v) which do not contain error. If no part contains error mark option E as your answer.

Q1. A) As a parting shot from the monsoon, many
B) Indian cities had been brought to a
C) halt by heavy rains that completely
D) overwhelmed urban infrastructure and
E) caught residents off-guard.
1) BCDE      2) ACDE        3) ABDE           4) ABCE           5) No error


 Option 2
As it is clear from part A), the sentence should be in present perfect tense. So replace ‘had’ with ‘have’ 

Q2. A) No one has done any authoritative study
B) with a dedicated group of volunteers
C) eating only, shall we say, cheese and
D) figured out how it affects those as
E) compared to a group being given placebos.

1) ABCD       2) BCDE          3) ABDE          4) ABCE          5) No error


  Option 4
those -> them  

Q3. A) It’s unacceptable that despite years of town planning experience,

B) drains continue to be designed without factoring in
C) local topography, and even simple solutions to
D) avert silting and solid waste deposits that choke inlets
E) and reduce drainage capacity aren’t been implemented.

1) ABCD        2) BCDE           3) ABDE           4) ABCE            5) No error


 Option 1
‘Been’ is the past participle of the verb ‘be’ and is usually used with the perfect aspect with ‘have’ in all its forms. Here, present participle of the verb ‘be’ I.e., being should be used.  

Q4. A) One airline kiosk issued a boarding pass,
B) another punched out a luggage tag,
C) then a computer screen showed me
D) how to attach it and another where
E) should I set the luggage on a conveyor.

1) ABCD       2) BCDE          3) ABDE          4) ABCE           5) No error


 Option 1
should I -> I should
Question is not being asked here, so we will not use should I 

Q5. A) While the most present-day conceptions about mind and
B) consciousness are based on sense perceptions of
C) biochemical processes of the brain, Hindu philosophers
D) believed that there was something more, that there
E) was the super intelligent energy behind consciousness.

1) ABCD         2) BCDE          3) ABCE          4) ABCE           5) No error


   Option 2
While the most -> While most. Remove ‘the’
We use most with nouns to mean ‘the majority of’. We don’t use the most with this meaning.

Q6. A) Folk tales explain the power of truth and
B) the need to maintain outer balance between
C) social, family, career and material aspects of life
D) as well as maintain an inner harmony
E) between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

1) ABCD     2) BCDE         3) ABDE          4) ABCE          5) No error


 Option 4
maintain -> maintaining
When we use direct verb after ‘as well as’, it is usually used in -ing form  

Q7. A) For some years now, footfalls at Humayun’s
B) Tomb in Delhi have skyrocketed thanking
C) the painstaking restoration, conservation
D) and development of the area by the
E) Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

1) ABCD      2) BCDE         3) ACDE          4) ABCE          5) No error


   Option 3
thanking -> thanks to  

Q8. A) The sheer glory of Empress Mumtaz
B) Mahal’s pristine white marble mausoleum—
C) where her husband was also later laid to rest—
D) puts on shade many other architectural
E) wonders that India abounds in.

1) ABCD      2) BCDE      3) ABDE        4) ABCE         5) No error


  Option 4
on -> to
put to – put something to someone
put on – to cover      

Q9. A) Before Kerala’s wellness destinations and
B) Rajasthan’s palaces took out as tourism
C) hotspots, it almost seemed as if our vast country
D) had nothing to offer except the Taj Mahal
E) and the attractions of Delhi.

1) ABCD      2) BCDE         3) ABDE          4) ACDE            5) No error


  Option 4
took out -> took off
take off – to remove something
take out – to remove something from a pocket, bag etc

Q10.A) Only a handful of high-income countries
B) with specific demographics have
C) high-speed rail (HSR), while many have
D) failed in their efforts, others have
E) abandoned it after studying it.

1) ABCD           2) BCDE         3) ABDE           4) ABCE           5) No error


 Option 5
All parts are error free

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