Spotting Error Set 85

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are incorrect in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. a) Most prisen superintendents are apprehensive
b) about having women staff. The assimilation of
c)  women officers in the male prison administration
d)  is a challenge that is yet to be surmounted.
A)  Both b and c       B) Both a and c         C) Both a and b         D) Both a and d           E) None of these


  Option C
Prisen = Prison; about = of

Q2. a) Many are second generation prison staffs and steeped in a culture
b) that has developed over time. It is definitely a male-dominated
c) culture that broadly believe that prisons are places for the
d) punishment of criminals and that the later pose a risk to society.

A) All except d       B) All except b           C) All except a            D) All except c           E) None of these


 Option B
 staffs=  staff; believe= believes;  punishment for criminals and that the latter pose a risk to society.

Q3. a) They had also herald a shift in favour of a correctional
b) administration instead of a traditional punitive mindset.
c) The re-orientation of prison
d) administration has thus become imperative.

A) Both a and b       B) Both b and c       C) Both c and d       D) Both d and a         E) None of these


 Option A
omit ‘had’; a traditional= the traditional

Q4. a) The Supreme Court has flagged this issue and that of
b) training prison staff. It has tasked the Bureau of Police Research
c) and Development to revise the existing syllabi for
d)  the training of prison officers/staff — a highly areas ignored.

A) Only a        B) Only b         C) Only c         D) Only d        E) None of these


  Option D
areas ignored= ignored areas

Q5. a) there is a strong need for their reorientation towards correctional
b) administration. Prison officers and staff need to veer at an
c) attitude of reformation and rehabilitation.
d) The focus should be shift from punitive to correctional.

A) Both a and b      B) Both c and b           C) Both b and d         D) Both a and d        E)  None of these


   Option C
at = towards;  omit be

Q6. a) Prisons in most metros and district headquarters are overly crowded.
b) Mumbai’s Arthur road Central prison is a classic example.
c)  The adverse affects on the hygiene and health of prisoners
d)  and the staff on duty could be imagined.

A) Both a and b        B) All except b       C) Both c and d         D) Both a and d          E) None of these


  Option B
overly=over; affects=effects; could=can

Q7. a) the foundation stone was laid for the first high-speed rail (HSR) project
b) between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. This is in continuation of the financial
c)  support pledged by Japan on 12 December 2015, committing about 85%
d)  of the total cost of the project as loan with an interest rate of 0.1% and a moratorium of 15 years

A) Only a          B) Only b          C) Only c              D) Only d          E) None of these


 Option E

Q8. a) A guided transport system is assigned a clear right of way, unlike the
b) unguided transportation system, and thereby provide a safer transport.
c)  The guided transport system is steered and controlled by very few
d)  who are well-trained in operating these modes

A) Only a            B) Only b            C) Only c             D) Only d           E) None of these


 Option B
omit a

Q9. a) Any modern rail system with state-of-the-art features would cost much more
b)  than the archaiac conventional rail system. The HSR’s cost is not
c) just for the construction of tracks but also for building HSR stations,
d)  high-end rolling stock and signalling system, maintenance depotts and workshops, training of personnel, etc.

A) Only a           B) Only b         C) Both a and b         D) All except a           E) None of these


 Option D
archaic; HSR’s cost = cost of HSR; depotts= depots

Q10. a) The in-cab signalling and automatic train stop systems which are employed
b) in HSR are relatively insulated from human errors.
c) Further trains can also run even with a headway
d) of 3-4 minutes with no scope for collision.

A) Both a and b        B) All except d           C) Only d            D) All of these          E) None of these


 Option E

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