Spotting Error Set 79

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that contains error in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. a)There ought to be no doubt about the enormty about what happened at high noon
b) on Sunday, deep inside a tunnel in North Korea’s Punggye-ri test cite:
c) The world’s efforts to hold the spread of nuclear weapons,
d) waged since the first atomic bomb tested in 1945.
A) Only a         B)Both a and b           C)Both a and c         D)All of these        E)All a, b and d


 Option D
 i: enormity of; ii: site; iii: hold = contain; iv: was tested

Q2. a) Nuclear weapons stopped the Cold War from turning hot.

b) Even North Korea, after all, understand
c) that the price of using even one
d) of its nuclear weapons is certain annihilation.
A)Only a         B)Both a and c           C)Only b             D)Both b and c            E)None of these


 Option C
Explanation: ii: understands

Q3. a) The first settlers of India are, indeed, the

b) bedrock of our population and civilization.
c) Without getting their story right,
d) we cannot get the rest of our history right.
A)Only a        B)Only b            C)Only c             D)Only d             E)None of these


  Option E
Explanation: No Error

Q4. a)The Jwalapuram findngs do not go uncontested, though.

b)Middle Stone Age tools were made by both modern humen
c) and archaic hominins such as Homo erectus and are,
d) therefore, difficult to assign to one or the other.
A)Both a and b         B)Both c and d        C)Both a  and c         D)Both b and d           E)None of these


   Option A
Explanation: i: findings did not ; ii: humans

Q5. a) A coastal route meant two things: one, the beach-hopping migrants can use

b) the same skill sets to survive on marine resources as such  fish and crustaceans all
c) on their journey. Two, their march got an unintended directionality,
d)taking them inexorably towards Australia.
A) Only a              B)Both a and b             C)all except d               D)Both c and b          E)None of these


 Option C
Explanation:i: can = could; ii: as such = such as ; iii: on =along

Q6. a)The reaction in Pakistan is anger and frustration — a kind of déjà vu.

b)How could the US treat Pakistan this manner, especially after
c)all the sacrifices made due to the war on terror and the
d) help provided in catching al Qaeda leaders?
A)Only a            B)Only b            C)Only c             D)Only d              E)None of these


 Option B
Explanation:ii: manner = way

Q7. a) There is little thought going onto the possibility of economic sanctions by

b) the US and its impact on the overall economy. There is still a believe that
c) the US will not entirely withdraw the carrot or that China could be an
d) alternative resource since it has already heavily invested in Pakistan.
A)All except c      B)Both a and d          C)Both a and c         D)Both b and d           E)Both c and b


 Option A
Explanation:i: onto = into ; ii: believe = belief ; iv: resource = source

Q8. a) There is no indication of any U-turn on militant groups, on

b) which the official position is that they are being harnessed
c) by mainstreaming them in to society, involving them
d)in politics, taking them away from violence.
A)Only a        B)Both a and b        C)All except c        D)None of these          E)All of these


 Option D
Explanation: No Error

Q9. a)The story of the safe heavens we are accused of nurturing is so close

b)to the engineered narrative about the weapons of mass destruction in
c)Iraq and now such  a predictable US method to madness, that is,
d) create a false casus belli, broadcast it, respond to it with physical force.
A)Only b         B)All except d            C)Only a             D)Both c and d                E)None of these


 Option c
Explanation:i: heavens = havens

Q10. a) Beijing is willing to provide a cushon to Pakistan against America physically

b) upping the ante. Washington would have to be very careful
c) in ratcheting up conflict in the region because it would involve
d) Chinese interests involving to the one-belt-one-road project.
A)Only a        B)Both a and d         C)Both c and d                D)Both a and c            E)None of these


 Option B
Explanation:i: cushion; iv: involving = pertaining

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