Spotting Error Set 74

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1.i. Bitcoin, the world’s most popular virtual currency that was first mined in 2008,
ii. can no longer ignored as just another passing geek fad.
iii. The market capitalisation of bitcoins currently stands at $67 billion
iv. and daily trade volumes crossed $2 billion last week.
A) Only i         B) Both i and iv               C) Only iv               D) All except iii       E) Both ii and iv


   Option E
can no longer BE ignored = sentence is in passive voice; daily TRADED = “last week” is mentioned hence the past tense

Q2. i. The major achievement, however, is not a spurt in the construction of toilets, but the focus on behavioural change,

ii. and the rapidly spreading public awareness of the need for sanitation and usage of toilets.
iii. The most significant policy shift in this regard has been the move from outputs to outcomes,
iv. since ODF signifies the entire village unit makes this commitment.

A) All except iv            B) Both ii and iii               C) Only i           D) None of these        E) Only iv


 Option C
BEHAVIOUR change = change in actions where as behavioural change is a wrong usage; 

Q3. i. The SBM ambitiously aims for having at least one trained grassroots-level swachhagrahi

ii. in each village in India, of which over 1,50,000 are already in place. Once a village
iii. declares itself ODF, verification of the latter status becomes key for which
iv. the SBM guidelines provide for a 90-day window from the date of ODF declaration.

A) All of these           B) Both i and iv           C) All i , ii, iii          D) Both i and iii             E) None of these


   Option D
aim FOR a goal; aim AT  a target; aim TO reach a goal. “as” ODF = as is used as “conjuction”

Q4. i. Thirteen coaches of the Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express derailed at Khatauli,

ii. near Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, killing at least 23 people. A portion
iii. of the track had been disjointed and was being welded
iv. in order to be put back in place as parts of ‘routine maintenance’.

A) Only i         B) Only ii            C) Only iii             D) Only iv            E) None of these


 Option D
Explanation: parts = part

Q5. i. What is going on in all of these instances of sophistry, silence and insinuation used so masterfully by the Prime Minister
ii. and others who hold important positions in his party, cabinet and government? How are
iii. identities imposed, implied and then targeted in this sort of discourse
iv. that are as damaging as it is oblique, as insulting as it is ambiguous?

A) Only i           B) Only ii            C) Only iii            D) Only iv           E) None of these


   Option D
Explanation: are =is

Q6. i. There’s an air of resignation overhanging the highly charged world of American politics
ii. and we’re not just talking about the steady exodus from the White House. President Donald Trump’s
iii. legions of enemies concede that despite his wild statements and unpredictable actions, he’s got
iv. over three years to go and he’s also still able to strike an unexpected chord with many US voters

A) Only i           B) Only ii               C) Only iii               D) Only iv              E) None of these


  Option E
Explanation: No Error

Q7. i. The US is still the world’s reigning superpower, so Trump’s antics
ii. affect everyone in the planet. North Korea has been the first global crisis of his
iii. presidency and the tweeter-in-chief has acquitted himself poorly by
iv. sending belligerent messages about Kim Jong-Un.

A) Only i              B) Both ii and iv            C) Only iii              D) Both ii and iii         E) None of these.


   Option B
in the planet = ON (surface)the planet; phrase = SENDING OUT means to move outward from a source

Q8. i. SEBI flipped its stance in September last year,

ii. warning investors to stay away from digital equity crowdfunding platforms.
iii. It has moderated its stance since,
iv. moving to finalize regulatory norms.

A) Only i        B) Only ii               C) Only iii               D) Only iv               E) None of these


 Option E
Explanation: No Error

Q9. i. The immaturity of digital crowdfunding globally and the start-up
ii. sector in India mean that these come with a plenty of caveats, however.
iii. This newspaper has warned of the startup bubble,
iv. fuelled by multiple factors.

A) Only i               B) Only ii            C) Only iii             D) Only iv              E) None of these


  Option B
“a plenty of” is not a standard phrase; 

Q10.i. Imagine what will happen tomorrow when the Internet of Things (IoT)

ii. become ubiquitous. Who owns the data collected by smart wearables,
iii. transport and energy systems and billions of other connected devices,
iv. is going to be a very complex question.

A) Only i          B) Only ii             C) Both ii and iii        D) Both iii and iv        E) None of these


  Option B
“internet of things “ is singular hence become = becomes; 

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