Spotting Error Set 71

In each of the following sentences, find if any part of the sentence (1), (2), (3) or (4) contains error. If there is no error mark “No Error” as you answer.

Q1. The cruel lady(1)/ made her step daughter(2)/ to do all the (3)/ house hold chores(4).
A) (1)               B) (2)             C) (3)               D) (4)             E) No Error


 Option  C
Explanation: omit to; we dont use to after causative verbs

Q2. Though a majority of rural and semi-urban India(1)/ depend on government departments,(2)/ agencies and undertakings affiliated to them(3)/ for paying these bills, they have not (4)/ made any effort to integrate UPI as a payment option.(5)

A) (1)                B) (2)               C) (3)                 D) (4)                  E) (5)


 Option B
Explanation: a majority of is followed by singular verb

Q3. The global economy has grown (1)/ in fits and start since (2)/ the economic crisis of 2008—one of the(3)/ longest recorded stagnations of the modern era.(4)

A) (1)              B) (2)                C) (3)                 D) (4)                   E) No Error


  Option B
Explanation: fits and starts is an idiom, meaning – with irregular movement; with much stopping and starting.

Q4. The key to break through (1)/ this ceiling is to change (2)/the kinds of work in which(3) people are engaged. (4)

A) (1)               B) (2)                  C) (3)                   D) (4)                   E) No Error


Explanation: break = breaking

Q5. Though such work may seem wasteful, owing to(1)/  the number of people and amount of time it takes to secure(2)/  one major achievement or breakthrough, one such (3)/ achievement or breakthrough is all it takes to create enough(4)/  value to boost everybody’s standard of living. (5) 

A) (1)               B) (2)                C) (3)                  D) (4)                       E) No Error


  Option E
Explanation: No error              

Q6. Kalanick may not have a(1)/role to play(2)/ in every misstep at Uber, but (3)the ultimate responsibility is his.(4)

A) (1)                B) (2)                 C) (3)                   D) (4)                    E) No Error


 Option A
Explanation: put ‘had’ before a role
Kalanick may not have had a role

Q7. The toxic culture of sexism and harassment that permeated the company (1)/ outed by former employee Susan J. Fowler in February (2)/ and since corroborated (3)/ over a hundred other female Uber employees could not have existed(4)/ without Kalanick and the C-suite turning a purposeful blind eye. (5)

A) (1)               B) (2)                   C) (3)                D) (4)                    E) (5)


   Option C
Explanation: corroborated by

Q8. The backlash from Kalanick’s joining US President Donald Trump’s economic (1)/ council; being seen as undermining a taxi (2)/ strike against Trump’s immigration ban(3)/ , resulting in a #DeleteUber campaign that (4)led to nearly 200,000 app deletions(5)

A) (1)                  B) (2)               C) (3)               D) (4)                    E) (5)


 Option B
Explanation: put his before being seen as

Q9. A decade ago, capital for growth beyond (1)/ a certain point would have (2)/ meant going public, which in turn would (3) / meant more transparency and oversight. (4)

A) (1)             B) (2)                  C) (3)                 D) (4)                   E) No Error


  Option D
Explanation: ‘Have’ meant more transparency

Q10. Today’s tech moguls are, in many ways, the(1)/ spiritual heirs of the entrepreneurs who(2)/ turned the US into an industrial powerhouse over (3)/ the course of the 19th century second half(4)

A) (1)                 B) (2)                   C) (3)                  D) (4)                     E) No Error


  Option D
Explanation: 19th century’s

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