Spotting Error Set 67

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are not correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. i. The age of consent for gay men was 21, which mean the law was being broken on a regular basis.
ii. It allowed the law to go on punishing us for things heterosexuals took for granted.
iii. In the years that followed, gay sexuality was policed more aggressively than before and the number of men were arrested for breaching those conditions actually rose considerably.
iv. Looking back over your shoulder in fear, embarrassment and shame is not a good state of mind.
A) only i             B) only ii              C) Both i & ii             D) Both i & iii         E) None of these.


  Option D
i> mean = meant; iii> omit were

Q2. i.  The future of some of the most vulnerable in our society needs to be protected.
ii. The past five decades year have seen laws that allowed people to be criminalised, demonised, and barred from serving their country or marrying the person that they love slowly chipped away.
iii. The NHS begs for proper funding for social care to alleviate its blocked beds.
iv. In India, the Smart Cities Mission, an initiative meant to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people, calls for appropriate local spatial development plans.

A)  Only i         B) Only ii          C) Only iii          D) All of these          E) None of these.


   Option B
ii> year = years

Q3. i. It has been a year since Kashmir turned on its head and went on the path of self-destruction ostensibly under a new leadership and new foot soldiers.
ii. Elizabeth was the mistress of court tricks.
iii.The  bird is cleaning his wings.
iv.The Sun has his own light.

A)  Only i             B) Only ii                 C) Only iii              D) Both i & ii            E) Both ii & iii


   Option E
ii> the mistress = the master of ; iii> his=its

Q4. i. He has read many poetries.
ii.Rashid is a man of his words.
iii.Please accept my thanks.
iv. Riches bring cares.

A)  Both i & ii           B)  Both ii & iii         C) Both i & iii           D) All of the given options         E) None of these.


   Option A
i> poetries = poetry; ii> words = word

Q5. i. Sound-byte reductionism of public discourse has made it easy for political parties to create false binaries to suit their aims.
ii. The Bihar chief minister is a master salesman who can market secularism or corruption depending on which side he is on.
iii.Tell me which is his book?
iv. These sweets are meant for you and I

A)  Both iii & iv          B)  Both ii & iii             C) All except ii          D) All except iii           E)  All except iv


 Option A
iii> is his book? = his book is?;
iv> i= me

Q6. i. While the drop in tariffs is good news for bandwidth-hungry consumers, the declining revenues are forcing another round of consolidation.
ii. The tariff schemes unveiled by RJio are unlikely to cause major disruption.
iii. Before Christmas, toy manufacturers advertise on every television station so that they can increase their sales.
iv. Hello, I’m phoning about your ad in the paper for a used bicycle.

A)  All except i        B)  Only iv            C) Only iii             D) No correction required.          E) Both i & ii


  Option D
No correction required.

Q7. i. Mona and Alex are now part of the local community and children play with them when they’re taken out for walk.
ii. Even though at most museums you’d be told to look and not touch, this concept tells people to do the exact opposite.
iii. The driver of the coach had to be hospitalized after being injured in the shooting.
iv. The two-cornered, or bicorne hat, is normally kept in a museum in Sens in east of Paris.

A)  only iv          B) only ii             C) Both ii & iv           D) only i            E) None of these.


  Option D
i> walk= walks

Q8. i. Demands for a regulatory intervention on allegations of predatory pricing by RJio should not be entertained.
ii. As the RBI, the banks and the new Bankruptcy Board double down to the task of resolving the bad loan imbroglio, one thing has been  becoming quite clear.
iii. The time is opportune for PSBs to initiate a coordinated disinvestment exercise to sell these equity stakes in the market to unlock capital for use in lending activities.
iv. With the stock market at lifetime highs, this happens to be an excellent time to float public offers and explore block sales of shares to institutions.

A)  All except iv        B) Both i & iii              C) Only ii             D) No Correction Required        E) All of the above.


 Option C
ii> has been = is



Q9. i.Take the shortest of the two routes.
ii.I know nothing else than this
iii. I didn’t almost die, but I did get extremely wet, and I’ve been in a bad mood ever since.
iv. With the soap carvings, this whole thing almost takes an abrupt left turn into sinister, but it never has the chance.
A)  Only i          B) Only iv            C) All i, ii, iii, iv              D) Both i & ii           E) None of these.


   Option D
i> shortest = shorter; ii> than = but

Q10. i. Miss Maudie’s house has caught fire.
ii. The whole thing is completely destroyed, but thankfully no one is hurt.
iii. The rice is his favourite food.
iv. We’ve got some Crucial Life Lessons to learn before Scout is ready to meet him.

A)  Only iv            B) Only iii           C) Both iv & i            D)  All of these.            E) None of these.


   Option B
iii> omit the

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