Fill in the Blanks Set – 35

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

Q1. Data is the ___of today’s digital economy and is driving new businesses that challenge conventional wisdom ___markets.
A) core, of
B) soul, about
C) dilution, of
D) lifeblood, about
E) backbone, of

Answer & Explanation

 Option D
lifeblood = the indispensable factor/about = shows relationship; core = fundamental; 

Q2. Any debate on data privacy must recognise the need for a ___data privacy law, which not only contributes to and complements the constitutional right to privacy but also enables data subjects to harness the ___of technological advances.
A) comprehensive, altruism
B) comprehensive, benevolence
C) comprehensive, grace
D) comprehensive, blight
E) comprehensive, malevolence

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
benevolence= kindness; altruism = selfless concern

Q3. Although drafting a legislation that is applicable to both the private sector and the Government alike is a ___task, it may be a streamlined method of ensuring that data subjects are ___ safeguarded.
A) appalling, satisfactorily
B) encouraging, decently
C) daunting, adequately
D) appealing, awfully
E) convenient, grimly

Answer & Explanation

  Option C
daunting = difficult to deal with; appalling = causing shock

Q4. Another ___ of worry is that renewable energy is ___.
A) haunch, detonating
B) flank , exploding
C) ham, popping
D) fringe, shattering
E) surround, bursting

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
flank= side; haunch = rear/detonating = cause to explode

Q5. The ___ of oxygen cylinders, which led to 30 children dying on August 10 and 11 according to official reports, seems to have been the ___factor.
A) penury, immediate
B) meager, immediate
C) sparsity, immediate
D) paucity , immediate
E) defalcation, immediate


 Option D

Q6. While encephalitis is considered ___to the region, there is no evidence that an epidemic ___broken out this time.
A) epidemic, was
B) endemic, has
C) epidemic, is
D) epidemic, has
E) epidemic, will

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
endemic = (of an area) in which a particular disease is regularly found.; epidemic = widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

Q7. Consumers will come into the formal financial sector and embrace the new opportunities ___that if they change their behaviour and exert the effort to get into the new world then certain specific pains will___.
A) maintaining, fade
B) trusting, leave
C) believing, disappear
D) presuming, perish
E) accepting, escape


 Option C

Q8. Entrusted with ___whether her conversion to Islam and marriage to a Muslim man were voluntary acts, the Supreme Court has embarked on a roving inquiry into whether Hindu women in parts of Kerala are being___.
A) deciding, radicalised
B) adjudicating, radicalised
C) sentencing, radicalised
D) mediating, radicalised
E) interceding, radicalised

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
adjudicating = make a formal judgemment; deciding = bring to a resolution; radicalised = cause to adopt radical position

Q9. The High Court held that the purported marriage was only a ruse to ___the proceedings and ___ the marriage as a “sham”.
A) scoot, expunged
B) rush, eradicated
C) scuttle, annulled
D) flee, dignified
E) hustle, obliterated

Answer & Explanation

 Option C
scuttle = deliberately cause to fail; annulled = declare invalid

Q10. The last Vice President of India Hamid Ansari’s observation just before he___ office that “more recently, an alternative view point of purifying exclusivism has tended to intrude into and take over the political and cultural landscape” is an unconcealed attack on the ideological ___ of the RSS and the Narendra Modi government.
A) demitted, cords
B) demitted, quays
C) demitted, berths
D) demitted, moorings
E) demitted, anchors

Answer & Explanation

  Option D
moor= make fast a boat by attaching it with a rope

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