Fill in the Blanks Set – 32

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

Q1. The _____cause of the mass fish death can be ______only after the test reports are out, said Bhoi.
A) scrupulous, proven
B) factual, discovered
C) right, determined
D) exact, ascertained
E) claimed, verified

Answer & Explanation

 Option D
scrupulous= careful; factual= true/ discovered= find unexpectedly; exact= precise/ ascertained=make sure of

Q2. Mahanadi, whch flows through Chhatisgarh and Odisha, ____over a ____1.41 lakh sq. Km.
A) ditches, whopping
B) drains, whopping
C) curtails, whopping
D) increases, whopping
E) enriches, whopping

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
curtails= reduce; drains= cause the water to run out/whooping=screech

Q3. Clinical ____cannot collect exorbitant fees from poor patients or those from BPL category and should provide free treatment if_____.
A) enterprises, entitled
B) firms, entitled
C) buildings, entitled
D) institutions, entitled
E) establishments, entitled

Answer & Explanation

 Option E
enterprise = a project undertaken; establishments= the action of establishing sth./ entitled = authorize

Q4. Sources said this year things are going to be ____in case rainfall pattern is____.
A) worse, disturbed
B) impaired, distressed
C) bad, harmed
D) imperfect, peeved
E) deteriorated, afflicted


 Option A

Q5. It’s official. India’s national carrier Air India is up for sale, ____of which would be charted out by a group of Ministers who would also look into details like quantum of stake to be ____and approach to be adopted.
A) conditions, discard
B) dispositions, shed
C) modalities, offload
D) properties, abandon
E) scenes, remove

Answer & Explanation

  Option C
disposition = nature/ shed = eliminated part; modalities= a particular process in which sth exist/ offload= rid oneself off sth.

Q6. PM Modi seems to have succeeded in breaking through the ____     ____of Donald Trump, as the president was seen shedding all defences while  greeting him with genuine warmth and an uncharacteristically wholehearted smile.
A) gentle, style
B) modest, behaviour
C) lowly, attitude
D) imperious, exterior
E) despotic, outlook

Answer & Explanation

  Option D
despotic = autocratic/ outlook= interpretation; imperious= arrogant/ exterior= self important

Q7. The MP from Kollam constituency minister of state for information and broadcasting was ____as the railway minister ____the limelight!
A) riled, fuzzed
B) peeved, hogged
C) grated, shared
D) depressed, dispatched
E) displeased, reflected

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
riled = make someone annoy/ fuzzed= indistinct; peeved= make someone annoy/ hogged = use sth in most selfish way

Q8. A commitment to the ____of the laws and the due process is the ____of the Chandrachud court.
A) autonomy, dedication
B) validity, contribution
C) legitimacy, dedication
D) defensibility, impediment
E) legality, contribution

Answer & Explanation

 Option E
legitimacy = validity; legality = obligations imposed by laws

Q9. Though India has, over the years, maintained ____relations with Israel, Indian leaders have been hesitant to make these relations____.
A) intimate, public
B) good, popular
C) healthy, undercover
D) righteous, social
E) legitimate, widespread

Answer & Explanation

   Option A
intimate = very close connection/ public = open

Q10. In a crass display of a colonial-era mindset that ____to this day, the club management turned Lyngdoh out for being ____in the traditional Khadi attire.
A) survives, dressed
B) stands, dressed
C) suffers, dressed
D) brooks, dressed
E) endures, dressed

Answer & Explanation

 Option E
endures= undergo

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