Fill in the Blanks Set – 29

Directions: In each of the following questions four statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks. Mark that option as your answer.

Q1. i. The husband tried to ….. his religious beliefs with his wife’s, but their faiths didn’t seem to line.
ii. I need to ….. my weekend plans so that I can have all of the events organized in my mind.
iii. Each class project should ….. closely with the end of the year goals we have set for ourselves.
iv. It was important that the British should capture Guillemont in order to …. the next advance with the French forces.
A)  put
B)  align
C) collate
D) congregate
E) gather

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
align = place or arrange (things) in a straight line.

Q2. i. The classic book is based on a famous ….. that describes the pitfalls of arrogance.
ii. After we read the ….. in class, our teacher asked us to analyze its moral message.
iii It’s frustrating that it gets propagated as truth rather than …..
iv. Pilgrim’s Progress is an ……. of the spiritual journey
A)  Action
B)  example
C) estimation
D) juxtaposition
E) allegory

Answer & Explanation

  Option E
allegory = parable

Q3. i. Before the cruise ship departs, passengers are required to ….. at a specified station for a safety briefing.
ii. Tomorrow the teachers will …… for their monthly staff meeting.
iii. At the sound of the trumpet, the troops ….. in standard formation.
iv. The two football teams ……. in their respective huddles before each play.
A) discuss
B) muster
C) argued
D) go
E) chow

Answer & Explanation

 Option B
muster = to gather collectively

Q4. i. My mother made us ….. the bathroom before our guests arrived.
ii. Our punishment was to …. the graffiti off of school property.
iii. My father loved to ….. his prized Mustang convertible.
iv. Every time the dog tracked mud inside the house, my mother would …. the dirt.
A)  eliminate
B)  wash
C) clean
D) scour
E) wipe

Answer & Explanation

 Option D
scour = to scrub hard

Q5. i. The city is the …… for many different flights throughout the United States.
ii. The river …. is positioned close to the park, causing flooding from time to time.
iii. It is the ….. of a railway system serving the district N.
iv. Of Dagupan, the north ….. of the Manila & Dagupan railway.
A)  terminus
B)  centre
C) point
D) central
E) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  Option A
terminus= a final point in space or time; an end or extremity.

Q6. i. To get a good bargain, Jake will ….. with the flea market vendors.
ii. During the investment meeting, the company CEO and the potential investor will ….. over the value of the organization.
iii. The car dealership advertises itself as a no … business where a customer does not have to argue for a great deal.
iv. I’ll pay the sticker price because I do not want to ….. with the trader.
A)  haggle
B)  bargain
C) argue
D) traffic
E) quibble

Answer & Explanation

 Option A
haggle  = to engage in conversation to reach a deal

Q7. i. I had to …. the dog to come inside with a treat.
ii. My sister tried to …. me to do her chores by offering me money.
iii. I resented the fact that my company thought they could ….. me into accepting a demotion amicably.
iv. Wanting to avoid a scene, I tried to …. my toddler to leave the candy aisle peacefully.
A)  ask
B)  coax
C) lure
D) seduce
E) urge

Answer & Explanation

coax = persuade gradually

Q8. i. The clouds made the morning appear quite ……
ii. The team ended the school year with a ….. record of one win and eleven losses.
iii. Since the unemployment rate is at its highest level in a decade, the economy is in a …. state.
iv. When I saw the doctor’s …. face, I knew the news was not going to be good.
A) fragile
B) faint
C) dismal
D) quirky
E) miserable

Answer & Explanation

 Option C

Q9. i. My mother is going to try and ….. her dog into getting off the bed by offering him a treat.
ii. As a teacher, Joan was constantly looking for positive ways to ….. her students into reading more.
iii. The mobster used a picture of the bank president’s daughter to ….. the official into robbing the bank.
iv. On the ranch, dogs are used to …. the sheep into going in the right direction.
A) angry
B) scold
C) accuse
D) abuse
E) goad

Answer & Explanation

 Option E
goad= provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate an action or reaction.

Q10. i. My nosey neighbor, a former police officer, keeps everyone under …….
ii. If you want to fly on an airplane, you should be prepared to deal with ….. from the airline personnel.
iii. Because my mother is a clean freak, she inspects my room with …….
iv. Because politicians represent the people, they are always under a lot of …..
A) scrutiny
B) study
C) care
D) analysis
E) observation

Answer & Explanation

 Option A
scrutiny= critical observation or examination

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