Spotting Error Set -62

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. a) The near-ubiquitous spread of social media platforms
b)has opened the floodgates of instant information, video and music-sharing.
c)The power of social media extends to politics,
d) where individuals and organisations uses rumour, innuendo and abuse to malign rivals
A) All are correct        B) All are correct except d)           C) b) and c)              D) only c)                E) a) and c)


  Option B
Explanation: In d), uses > use 

Q2. a) Some speculate that the goods and services tax (GST) is been
b) the India’s  biggest piece of economic reform.
c) Without doubt, it is a very major reform. In fact, it has
d) been the most complex reform to achieve.

A) All are correct except a)         B) b) and d)             C) c) and d)             D) a) and d)             E) All are wrong.


   Option C
Explanation: In a) , is > has ….in b) , remove the before india 

Q3. a) Corrupt politicians loot the exchequer, sells patronage
b) and extort money in the name of mobilising funds for political activity,
c) pocket the large slice of the collection and pass on the rest
d) to the party and the workers he employ.

A) b) and c)          B) b) and d)           C) a) and b)           D) All are correct .        E) All are wrong except b)


 Option E
Explanation:In a) , sells >sell….In c), the large > a large… In d) , he employ > they employ

Q4. a) Banerjee should focus on good administration,
b) building social and physical infrastructure,
c) instead of stoking fires that must destroy the
d) social and political fabric of Bengal.

A) All are correct.          B) All are correct except c)          C) a) and b)            D) c) and d)              E) All are incorrect.


  Option B
Explanation: must > might in c)

Q5. a)Many food items have now been exempt from GST to ostensibly soften the
b)blow on the poor. But an exemption should not be conflated
c) into  zero-rating, given that no input tax credit
d) will be available by manufacturers of exempt items.

A) a) and c)         B) a) only           C) b)  and d)              D) a) and b)             E) a) and d)


 Option D
Explanation: In c), into > with …In d), by > to 

Q6. a) Technology is not to blame, as Luddites would have it.
b)The notional reality a phone provides, with its replicas
c) of social interactions and experiences perceived as the
d) only ones to be had, is the bogeyman.

A) All are correct.           B) All except d)             C) All are incorrect.         D) a) and b)            E) b) and c)


  Option A
Explanation: all are correct.

Q7. a) The Centre has debarred real estate developers for marketing ongoing
b) projects that are yet to be registered with the real estate regulatory authorit
c) in the respective state, as per the Real Estate Act, 2016.
d) The Union housing ministry need to get real and reconsider.

A) a) and c)             B) b) and d)             C) c) and d)           D) b) and c)         E) a) and d)


 Option D
Explanation: in a), for > from ….in d) , needs > need

Q8. a) Construction is a key driver of economic
b) activity in general. Real estate and construction
c) have not been done too well
d) and was hit by demonetisation.

A) a) and c)          B) b) and c)         C) a) and b)           D) All are incorrect.          E) All are correct.


   Option C
Explanation: In c) , done > doing … d) , was > were 

Q9. a)A zero rate of import duty means no protection for the
b)domestic manufacturer. Still, a range of information technology products
c) came to be selling  under Indian brand names,
d)competing with products in China.

A) a) and c)           B) All are correct except c)         C) a) and d)               D) a) and b)                E) b) and d)


 Option D
Explanation: In c), selling > sold ….in d), in > from

Q10. a) Many Indians seamlessly switch from there mother tongue to Hindi
b) and English and back. Among the elite and
c) the would-be elite, the danger is neglect of the mother
d) tongue in the pursuit of  the English.

A) b) and c)              B) a) and d)              C) a) and b)            D)All are correct except b)            E) b) and d)


 Option A

Explanation: In a) , there > their …….In d), remove THE before english

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