Spotting Error Set -58

In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. a) When he was a young man, James Milton realized that he desperately,
b) want to be a father. At that time, he imagined that he would have a traditional family
c) with a wife and perhaps two or three children.
d) But as he grew older, he never
e) manage to find the right partner.
A) a) and c)         B) a),c) and d)          C) c) only          D) b) only


 Option B
In b) , want > wanted ; In e), manage > managed

Q2. a) Even in rich countries, there are still million of people
b) who remains poor. These poor people find it
c) hard to live on their low salaries. At
d) the same time, a small number of
e) very rich people earn millions of pound
A) all are correct.        B) all are correct except b)      C) c) , d) and e)      D) a) , d) and e)


 Option C
In a), million > millions ; In b) , remains > remain

Q3. a) Most people enjoy going out in the countryside.
b) The natural scenery and sounds of nature make people
c) feel happy and relaxed. Studies show that
d) even pictures of the natural world can
e) make people feeling better.
A) All are correct except e)           B) All are correct except a)          C) b) , c) and d)     D) a) , b) and c)


 Option C
In a) , in > into ; In e) , feeling > feel

Q4. a) It’s well known that being physically active
b) is good for your health, but we don’t hear
c) so much about the harmful consequences of
d) doing too little exercise. These
e) can be very serious indeed.
A) b) only           B) c), d) and e)         C) c) only         D) All are correct.


 Option D

Q5. a) A common garden flower may hold the
b) secrets that can transform modern medicine and help
c) researchers find a cure for cancer, one of the world’s
d) biggest killing diseases.
e) It’s botanical name is colchicum autumnale.
A) All are correct.             B) a) , b) and c)           C) All are correct except e)            D) b) and c)


 Option B
In d) , killing > killer ; In e) , It’s > its

Q6. a) Nowadays, that position has become untenable
b) and so there has been appropriate shift in strategy.
c) Instead of focusing on the harmful effects of smoking,
d) the industry emphasize questions of civil liberty
e) For example, it finances the pro-smoking group FOREST.
A) a) and e)          B) All are correct           C) All are correct except d)           D) a) , c) and e)


 Option D
Explanation : In b) , put an before appropriate ; In d) , emphasize > emphasizes

Q7. a) Twenge wondered whether students really were brighter
b) and more likely to be high achiever, perhaps because of improved
c) education standards or greater diligence in studying,
d) but when she studied the data
e) she found that there was actually no evidence for this
A) c) and d)        B) b) , c) and d)         C) All except b)         D) c) , d) and e )


 Option C
achiever > achievers

Q8. a) People who published their own books used to be
b) looked down : it was all about ego and vanity for would-be authors
c) who just couldn’t make the grade. But since
d) the digital revolution and the raise in popularity
e) of e-books, attitudes have began to change
A) a) and b)          B) b) and d)          C) a) , e) and e)         D) a) and c)


 Option D
In b) , down > down on ; In d) , raise > rise and In e ) , began > begun

Q9. a) Kite flying is becoming an increasingly popular sport and hobby,
b) with a huge followers all over the world. At a recent kite flying festival held
c) in the UK, there were as many as 40,000 visitors and the participants
d) including expert kite flyers from as far
e) a field as Australia, South Africa and North America as well as from Europe.
A)All are correct.          B) a) , c) and d)         C) a) and c)        D)a) , c) and e)


 Option D
In b) , followers > following ; In d) , including > included

Q10. a) Architecture aims at Eternity”, said the great British architect
b) Sir Christopher Wren, who died at the age of 91
c) exactly 290 years ago. It may appear
d) a rather arrogant statement today,
e) but in Wren’s case we can forgive such feeling.
A) All are correct.       B) a) and b)         C) a), b) and d)          D) a) and e)


 Option C
In c), It > This ; In e) , feeling > feelings.

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