Quiz – 395

Quant Quiz

Directions (Q. 1 – 5): In each of these questions a number series is given. What value will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series?

Q1. 0.5, ?, 1.5, 4.5, 13, 38.75
1) 0.5              2) 0.75              3) 1              4) 1.5             5) None of these

Q2. 13, 18, 22, 25, 27, 28, ?
1) 30              2) 28              3) 32              4) 33              5) None of these

Q3. 2, 10, 30, 68, 130, 222, ?
1) 280              2) 290              3) 320              4) 350              5) None of these

Q4. 11, 24, 16, 38, 27, 64, ?
1) 34              2) 38              3) 44              4) 36              5) None of these

Q5. 821, 460, 749, 580, 701, 652, ?
1) 668              2) 677              3) 766              4) 686              5) None of these

Direction (Q. 6-10): In the following questions, there are two equations (I) and (II) solve the equations and answer according to following codes:
1) if x < y              2) if x > y              3) if x = y              4) if x >= y              5) if x <= y

Q6.  I. 2x^2 – 13x + 21 = 0              II. 2y^2 – 7y + 3 = 0

Q7. I. x^2 – 12x + 35 = 0             II. 6y^2 + 11y +3 = 0

Q8. I. 2x^2 – 17 x +21 = 0             II. y^2 – 15y + 56 = 0

Q9. I. x^2 + 2x – 8 = 0              II. 2y^2 – 15y + 28 = 0

Q10. I. x = √(1/9)              II. 9y^2 – 6y + 1 = 0

Answer & Explanation
  1. 1


(.5 + .5) × .5 = .5

(0.5 + 1) × 1 = 1.5

(1.5 + 1.5) × 1.5 = 4.5

(4.5 + 2) × 2 = 13

(13 + 2.5 ) × 2.5 = 38.75


  1. 2


2 × 6.5 = 13

3 × 6 = 18

4 × 5.5 = 22

5 × 5 = 25

6 × 4.5 = 27

7 × 4 = 28

8 × 3.5 = 28


  1. 4


1 + 1^3 = 2

2 + 2^3 = 10

3 + 3^3 = 30

4 + 4^3 = 68

5 + 5^3 = 130

6 + 63 = 222

7 + 73 = 350


  1. 3

11 × 2 + 2 = 24

24 ÷ 2 + 4 = 16

16 × 2+ 6 = 38

38 ÷ 2 + 8 = 27

27 × 2 + 10 = 64

64 ÷ 2 + 12 = 44


  1. 2


821 – 19^2 = 460

460 + 17^2 = 749

749 – 13^2 = 580

580 + 11^2 = 701

701 – 7^2 = 652

652 + 52 = 677


  1. 4


  1. 12 x^2 – 6x – 7x + 21 = 0

x = 3, 7/2


  1. 2y^2 – 7y + 3 = 0

y = 3, 1/2


  1. 2


  1. x^2 – 12x + 35 = 0

x = 7 or 5


  1. 6y^2 + 11y + 3 = 0

y = -1/3, -3/2


x > y


  1. 5


  1. 2x^2 – 17 x + 21= 0

or, 2x^2 – 14 x – 3 x + 21 = 0

x = 7 or 3/2


  1. y^2 – 15 y + 56 = 0

y^2 – 8y – 7y + 56 = 0

y(y – 8) – 7 (y – 8) = 0

(y – 8) (y – 7)

y = 8, 7

x <= y


  1. 1
  2. x^2 + 2x – 8 = 0

x^2 + 4 x – 2 – 8 = 0

x = – 4 or +2


  1. 2 y^2 – 15 y + 28 = 0

y = 7/2, 4


x < y


  1. 3


  1. x = 1/3


  1. 9y^2 – 6y + 1 = 0

(3y – 1)^2 = 0

y = 1/3

x = y


Reasoning Quiz

Direction (1– 5):  Study the given information carefully to answer the given question: 
A, B, C, D, K, L and M live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered one, the one above that is numbered two and so on till the topmost floor is numbered seven. Each one of them also likes different games namely. Snooker, Badminton, Chess, Ludo, Cricket, Hockey and Polo (but not necessarily in the same order.) 
Only three people live between B and K. B lives on one of the floors above K. K does not live on the lowermost floor. Only one person lives between B and the one who like Chess. The one who likes Polo lives on one of the even numbered floors above the one who like Chess. 
Only two people live between M and the one who likes Chess. The one who likes Snooker lives immediately above M. A lives immediately above L. A does not like Chess. 
The one who likes Ludo lives on one of the odd numbered floors below L. M does not like Ludo. D lives on one of the Floors above C. Only one person lives between the one who likes Cricket and the one who likes Hockey. D does not like Cricket. M does not like Badminton.

Q1. Which of the following games does B like? 
(a) Snooker              (b) Ludo              (c) Polo              (d) Badminton             (e) Chess

Q2. Who amongst the following lives on the floor numbered 4? 
(a) The one who likes Hockey              (b) The one who likes Chess             (c) A             (d) L              (e) B

Q3. Which of the following statements is true with respect to the given arrangement? 
(a) Only two people live between K and M              (b) The one who likes Hockey lives immediately above K
(c) C likes Chess              (d) C lives on an even numbered floor             (e) None of the given options is true

Q4. If all the people are made to sit in alphabetical order from top to bottom, the positions of how many people will remain unchanged?
(a) None             (b) Three             (c) Two             (d) One             (e) Four

Q5. Which of the following combinations is true with respect to the given arrangement ?
(a) Polo–C             (b) Ludo–B             (c) Cricket–K             (d) Chess–L             (e) Snooker–A

Directions (6 –10) : Study the following information car and answer the questions given below:
P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are seven friends having different professions, viz HR, Lawyer, Operator, Shopkeeper, Businessman, Teacher and Doctor. Each of them has a different choice of food, viz Pizza, Pasta, Biryani, Paneer Tikka, Manchurian, Chow Mein and Dosa, but not necessarily in the same order. Q does not like Manchurian or Biryani. S is an Operator. R is a Lawyer and likes Dosa. 
The one who is a Shopkeeper likes Chow Mein. P likes Pizza but is not an HR. U likes Pasta and is a Doctor. The one who likes Manchurian is a Businessman. V does not like Chow Mein and is not a Businessman. Q likes Chow Mein. T is not an HR. V is not an Operator and does not like Dosa or Manchurian. 

Q6. Who among the following likes Paneer Tikka? 
(a)V              (b) S              (c)T              (d) Either a) or b)              (e) None of these

Q7. Which of the following statements is/are true? 
(a) U is a Doctor and likes Biryani.              (b) T is a Businessman and likes Manchurian.
(c) V is a Lawyer and likes Paneer Tikka.              (d) All are true             (e) None of these

Q8. Who among the following is a Businessman? 
(a) V              (b) P              (c) T              (d)Can’t be determined              (e) None of these

Q9. The one who is a teacher likes which of the following foods?
(a) Pizza              (b) Pasta              (c) Biryani              (d) Can’t be determined             (e) None of these

Q10. Who among the following is a Shopkeeper? 
(a) U              (b)Q              (c) T              (d) V              (e) None of these


1.d         2.a         3.b         4.c         5.d         6.d         7.b         8.c         9.a         10.b


English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-10) : In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, your answer is (e) i.e. No error

Q1.  (a) Our country’s performance             (b) in the last few national and international games
(c) is fairly ordinary             (d) and below our stature.              (e) No Error

Q2. (a) We have             (b) fairly standard accounting procedures             (c) that are on the line
(d) with the internationally accepted norms.              (e) No Error

Q3. (a) The company is negotiating             (b) new store launches             (c) at nearly             (d) half the rent.              (e) No Error

Q4. (a) Intense fear blocks             (b) both to the generation             (c) and expression             (d) of ideas             (e) No Error

Q5. (a) The Government officials have been met             (b) heads of Commercial Banks later this week
(c) to get their views on liquidity             (d) and growth in deposits.              (e) No Error

Q6. (a) Indian entrepreneurs are making waves             (b) throughout the world; their ideas
(c) and technical knowledge are yielded             (d) unprecedented growth in income and employment.              (e) No Error

Q7. (a) Policy analysts are reacting to the inflation paranoia             (b) with proposing that             (c) central bankers hit the brakes
(d) on their expansionary policies.              (e) No Error

Q8. (a) The aim of the course             (b) will be to cater to students with diverted needs             (c) from basic knowledge
(d) to top end reason and publishing skills             (e) No Error

Q9. (a) Many multinational companies              (b) have not been as             (c) successful in India
(d) than we expected              (e) No Error

Q10. (a)There are many             (b) ways of which              (c) Inflation can             (d) be measured.              (e) No Error


1.c          2.c          3.e          4.b          5.a          6.c          7.b          8.b          9.d          10.b


Computer Quiz

Q1. Which protocol assigns IP address to the client connected in the Internet?
(a) DHCP             (b) IP             (c) RPC             (d) None of the above             (e) All of the above

Q2. Bluetooth makes use of Personal Area Network for wireless communication using Frequency hoping spread spectrum. Bluetooth supports –
(a) Point to point connections             (b) Point to Multipoint connection             (c) Both  (a) and (b)
(d) None of the  above             (e) Multipoint to point connection

Q3. The _______ translates internet domain and  host names to IP address.
(a) DNS             (b) Routing Information Protocol             (c) Network Time Protocol             (d) Internet Relay chat
(e) File transfer protocol

Q4. On august 25 2016 Linux celebrated its 25 years of existence .LINUX is open  source OS.
Who developed LINUX?
(a) Bill gates             (b) Steve Jobs             (c) Linus Torrvalds             (d) Ken thompson             (e) Dennis Ritchie

Q5. Which of the following computer languages is a mathematically oriented language for scientific problems?
(a) FORTRAN             (b) PROLOG             (c) COBOL             (d) LISLP             (e) APPLE

Q6. Encryption and Decryption are functions of 
(a) Transport layer              (b) Session layer              (c) Presentation layer             (d) All of the above             (e) None of these

Q7.______ are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity?
(a) Phishing trips             (b) Spyware scams              (c) Phishing scams             (d) Virus             (e) Computer viruses

Q8. Where it is likely to find an embedded operating system?
(a) Networked PC             (b) Mainframe             (c) Networked pc              (d) On a PDA             (e) On a operating system

Q9. Compiler in a computer system is : 
(a) program             (b) System software             (c) Application software              (d) Process             (e) None of these

Q10. The human readable version of a program is called:
(a) Source code             (b) Program code             (c) System code             (d) Human code             (e) None of these

Q11. Software programs that close potential security breaches in an operating system : 
(a) Refresh patches             (b) Security breach fixes             (c) Security patches             (d) Fresh patches              (e) Security repairs

Q12. _______ is the process of finding errors in software code?
(a) Compiling             (b) Testing             (c) Running             (d) Debugging             (e) None of these

Q13. Which feature provides a cloud storage area where ou can store files in a private and secure online location that you can access from any computer?
(a) SkyDrive             (b) Wireless drop              (c) Network             (d) Overdrive             (e) Cloud connect

Q14. What is the core of the operating system?
(a) Scripts             (b) Commands             (c) Shell              (d) Core space             (e) Kernel

Q15. The scrambling of code is known as____
(a) Firewalling             (b) Deception             (c) Password proofing             (d) Encryption             (e) Permuting

Answer & Explanation

S1. Ans.(a)

Sol. The DHCP is controlled by a DHCP server that dynamically distributes network configuration parameters, such as IP addresses, for interfaces and services.


S2. Ans.(c)

Sol. The Bluetooth system supports both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections.


S3. Ans.(a)

Sol. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities.


S4. Ans.(c)

Sol. Linus Torvalds transformed technology twice — first with the Linux kernel, which helps power the Internet, and again with Git, the source code management system used by developers worldwide.


S5. Ans.(a)

Sol. Fortran (derived from Formula Translating System) is a general-purpose, imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.


S6. Ans.(c)

Sol. Encryption and decryption typically involves the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol, which has become more popular when used by the presentation layer.


S7. Ans.(a)

Sol. Phishing is popular with cybercriminals, as it is far easier to trick someone into clicking a malicious link in a seemingly legitimate email than trying to break through a computer’s defenses.


S8. Ans.(d)

Sol. These operating systems are designed to be compact, efficient at resource usage, and reliable


S9. Ans.(a)

Sol. A compiler is a computer program (or set of programs) that transforms source code written in a programming language (the source language) into another computer language (the target language, often having a binary form known as object code).


S10. Ans.(a)

Sol. source code is any collection of computer instructions, possibly with comments, written using a human-readable programming language, usually as ordinary text.


S11. Ans.(c)

Sol. A patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it.


S12. Ans.(b)

Sol. Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not


S13. Ans.(a)

Sol. SkyDrive is the former name of a personal cloud storage service from Microsoft that enables customers to store, synchronize and access their files across Windows PC and Mac OS X computers and laptops as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, including Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices and Apple


S14. Ans.(e)

Sol. A kernel is the central part of an operating system. It manages the tasks of the computer and the hardware – most notably memory and CPU time.


S15. Ans.(d)

Sol. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security.

encrypted data is referred to as cipher text.

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