Quiz – 359

Quant Quiz

Q1/6 of 4/11 of 1/13 of 1/12 of 164736 = ?
1) 48               2) 32               3) 72               4) 64               5) None of these

Q2. 64% of 275 – 14% of ? = 113
1) 550               2) 475               3) 450               4) 515               5) 525

Q3. (12)^2 + (13)^2 = (?)^2 + 24
1) 17               2) 19               3) 15               4) 16               5) None of these

Q4. 15625 ÷ 5 ÷ 5 ÷ 5 × 2 = ?
1) 250               2) 1250               3) 50               4) 600                5) None of these

Q5. 7 1/2 + 8 1/4 + 6 2/3 = ?
1) 21 5/2               2) 22 5/12               3) 21 1/4               4) 22 7/12               5) 22 1/4

Directions: What should come in the place of question mark(?) in the following numbers series?

Q6. 17, 22, 37, 72, 137, ?
1) 242               2) 202               3) 212               4) 232               5) None of these

Q7. 0, 4, 13, 29, 54, ?
1) 93               2) 103               3) 90               4) 98               5) None of these

Q8. 4096, 1024, 266, 86.5, ?
1) 48.25               2) 44.775               3) 46.625               4) 45.525               5) None of these

Q9. 20, 120, 264, 460, ?, 1040
1) 686               2) 716               3) 724               4) 698               5) None of these

Q10. 4, 35, 252, ?, 12404
1) 1771               2) 1653               3) 1687               4) 1724               5) 1684


1. 4             2. 3            3. 1              4. 1           5. 2        6.1         7.3              8.5             9.2              10.1


Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-7): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:
Pravin, Questa, Ricky, Shane, Tim, Uber and Vivan  are seven friends. Each of them watches a different TV channel, viz Star News, BBC News, News Nation, Discovery, DD News, Aaj Tak and Zee News. All of them have a different profession, viz Doctor, CA, CS, Player, Professor, Businessman and Reporter, but not necessarily in the same order.
Shane is a CS but he does not watch Discovery Channel or DD News. Vivan is neither a Doctor nor a Businessman, but he watches DD News. Ricky, who is a Professor, does not watch Zee News or BBC News. Uber watches News Nation and he is a Player. Pravin is not a Businessman, but he watches Discovery channel. The one who is a Businessman watches BBC News. Tim is a Reporter and he does not watch Aaj Tak. The one who is a Professor does not watch Star News.

Q1. Who among the following watches Aaj Tak?
(a) Professor                 (b)CS               (c) Reporter                  (d) Doctor               (e) Can’t be determined

Q2. The reporter watches which of the following channels?
(a) Zee News                 (b) DD News               (c) Star News                 (d) Can’t be determined               (e) None of these

Q3. Who among the following is a Doctor?
(a) Vivan                   (b) Uber               (c) Pravin                  (d) Shane               (e) None of these

Q4. What is the profession of Questa?
(a) Doctor                   (b) Businessman               (c) CA                  (d) Player               (e) None of these

Q5. Which of the following combinations is true?
(a) Pravin — CA — DD News                   (b) Questa — Player — Zee News               (c) Ricky — Professor — Aaj Tak
(d) Shane — CS — News Nation               (e) None of these

Q6. Which of the following statements is/are true?
(a) Shane is a CS and watches Star News.                   (b) Tim watches either zee News or Star News.
(c) Ricky is a Professor and watches DD News.               (d) All are true               (e) None is true

Q7. What is the profession of Vivan?
a) Reporter             b) Player                    c) CS               d) Doctor               e) CA

Directions (Q. 8-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a straight line facing North, but not necessarily in the same order. B sits second to the left of A. Three persons are sitting between G and B. G sits on the extreme left end of the row. D is an immediate neighbor of G. F and B are not neighbours. C sits second to the right of D but is not the immediate neighbor of E. There are three persons between C and F.

Q8. Who among the following sits between C and D?
(a)F                  (b)E               (c)B                  (d)H               (e)None of these

Q9. Who among the following sits third to the left of F?
(a) B                   (b) A               (c) C                  (d) E               (e) None of these

Q10. Who among the following sits on the extreme ends of the row?
(a) D, A                   (b) G, E               (c) G, F                  (d) H, F               (e) None of these


1.a         2.d         3.c         4.b         5.c         6.b         7.e         8.d         9.a         10.c


English Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): In each of the following sentence there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

Q1. In the past, major developments have always been ________ by the precautionary___________
1) boosted, reassurances                2) guided, principle                3) proceeded, evidence               4) monitored, suspension
5) encircled, images

Q2. The effects of large-scale ________ of genetically modified organisms into the environment are now of ___________ greater than what happens in nature.
1) evaporation, concern                2) turnout, problem                3) configuration, tragedy               4) releases, magnitude
5) assembling, worry

Q3. Indian fiction in English today presents a rich and ______ landscape, with a _________ of claims and multiplicity of voices.
1) mighty, plethora                2) potential, series                3) diverse, multitude               4) multiple, host               5) encircled, images

Q4. Children’s literature is being examined everywhere for its_____ and _____ value.
1) appropriateness, educational                2) merit, simplicity                3) minuteness, cross               4) softness, mystical
5) fairness, spiritual

Q5. Trade unions in our country became powerful because politicians were ________ to ______ their large vote-banks.
1) ready, increase                2) reluctant, displease                3) supposed, generate               4) eager, assemble
5) vehement, soar

Directions (Q. 6-10): Rearrange the following seven sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F) and (G) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.
A) To love God and remain devoted to him is the best antidote to the evils of anger, malice, avarice and sinful tendencies.
B) These names thus become useful aids to people in their spiritual effort at meditation.
C) Earlier, My friend Sheelu had spoken at length on righteousness, morals and ethics that can survive only if people uphold these virtues with commitment against the powerful effects of evil.
D) She expounds the God’s various names that describe his infinite nature as well as his various forms and auspicious qualities.
E) She now accedes to the God’s bidding, knowing this to be God’s wish.
F) The highest religion that can relieve one from the cycle of birth and the only solace in this modern age is to worship God with devotion.
G) Saluting the God with love and reverence, Sheelu says that by God’s grace, she feels inspired to speak on religion that is the basis of universal order.

Q6. Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement ?
1) F                2) G                3) A                4) C               5) E

Q7. Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement ?
1) F                2) G                3) A                4) C                5) B

Q8. Which of the following should be the SIXTH sentence after rearrangement ?
1) E                2) D                3) A                4) G                5) B

Q9. Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement ?
1) A                2) C                3) D                4) F                5) E

Q10. Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement ?
1) A                2) D                3) G                4) F                5) C


1. 2              2. 4            3. 3                4. 1               5. 2              6. 1               7. 4              8. 2             9. 5             10. 1


Computer Quiz

Q1. Windows operating system was developed by:
(a) Apple Inc.               (b) Microsoft               (c) Wipro               (d) IBM               (e) Sun Enterprises

Q2. Windows 98 (codename : Memphis) was developed in-
(a) 1989               (b) 1998               (c) 2005               (d) 2006               (e) 2007

Q3. __________ is when the more power-hungry components, such as the monitor and hard drive, are put on idle.
(a) Hibernation               (b) Powerdown               (c) Standby mode               (d) The shutdown procedure               (e) None of the above

Q4. The general term peripheral equipment is used for ————
(a) Any device that attached to a computer system               (b) Large scale computer system               (c) A program collection                                                (d) Other office equipment               (e) None of these

Q5. Which device can understand the difference between data and programs?
(a) Input device               (b) Output device               (c) Memory               (d) Processor               (e) None of these

Q6. The simultaneous execution of two or more instructions is called ……………
(a) Sequential access               (b) Reduced instruction set               (c) Multiprocessing               (d) disk mirroring               (e) None

Q7. The standard protocol of the Internet is 
(a) TCP/IP               (b) Java               (c) HTML               (d) Flash               (e) None of these

Q8. Which of the following term is associated with Internet/E-mail
(a) Plotter               (b) Slide presentation               (c) Bookmark               (d) Pei chart               (e) Microsoft Excel

Q9. The IP address belongs to address class
(a) A               (b) B               (c) C               (d) D               (e) None of these

Q10. Which of the following describes programs that can run independently, travel from system to system and disrupt computer communication?
(a) Trojans               (b) Viruses               (c) Worm               (d) Droppers               (e) All of these

Q11. The first Computer Virus is __________.
(a) Creeper                (b) Sasser               (c) Blaster               (d) All of the above               (e) None of these

Q12. McAfee is an example of __________.
(a) Virus               (b) Antivirus               (c) Word Processing Software               (d) Photo Editing Software               (e) None of these

Q13. LISP is suitable for _______ operations. 
(a) Numeric                (b) Arithmetic                (c) Both (a) and (b)                (d) Character                (e) None of these

Q14. _______ is a mathematically oriented high level language frequently used in time sharing. 
(a) ASCII               (b) ANSI                (c) ADA               (d) APL               (e) None of these

Q15. What is the full form of APL?  
(a) A Programming Language                (b) Procedure Language                (c) Array Programming Language
(d) Array Programming Level               (e) None of the above

Answer & Explanation

S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. Microsoft Windows (or simply Windows) is a metafamily of graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. It consists of several families of operating systems

S2. Ans.(b)
Sol. Windows 98 (June 1998) offers support for a number of new technologies, including FAT32, AGP, MMX, USB, DVD, and ACPI. Its most visible feature, though, is the Active Desktop, which integrates the Web browser (Internet Explorer) with the operating system

S3. Ans.(c)

Sol. Stand By. Alternatively referred to as sleep mode, Standby or Stand by is a mode the computer monitor, or other device, enters when idle for too long.

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. Peripheral equipment (also called: input and output devices) connects a computer to other things.

S5. Ans.(d)
Sol. Processor can only understand the difference between data and programs.

S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. Multiprocessing operating systems enable several programs to run concurrently. UNIX is one of the most widely used multiprocessing systems

S7. Ans.(a)
Sol. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet

S8. Ans.(c)
Sol. A bookmark is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that is stored for later retrieval in any of various storage formats.

S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Class A range starts from to
Class B range starts from to
Class C range starts from to
Class D range starts from to
Class E range starts from to

S10. Ans.(c)
Sol. A computer worm is a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. Often, it uses a computer network to spread itself, relying on security failures on the target computer to access it.

S11. Ans.(a)
Sol. Creeper virus is a computer virus that is most commonly recognized as the first computer virus.

S12. Ans.(b)
Sol. McAfee is an Antivirus.

S13. Ans.(c)
Sol. LISP is used in Artificial Intelligence programs and it is suitable for both numeric and Arithmetic operations.

S14. Ans.(d)
Sol. APL is a set of powerful built-in functions, which can be combined by indefinitely “nesting” functions and it is frequently used in time sharing.

S15. Ans.(a)
Sol. APL stands for A Programming Language.

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