Quiz – 355

Quant Quiz

Q1. A tradesman marks his goods 40% above the cost price. If he allows a discount of 25%, then his gain % is-

1) 5%           2) 7 1/2%           3) 12 1/2%           4) 6%           5) None of these

Q2. 10 kg of superior quality of sugar is mixed with 50 of inferior quality of Sugar. The price of Superior quality and inferior quality of sugar is `18 and `12 respectively. The average price per kg of mixture is –

1) Rs. 13           2) Rs. 15           3) Rs. 14           4) Rs. 16           5) None of these

Q3. Salaries of A, B and C are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3. Salary of B and C together is ` 9000. By what % is salary of C more than that of A?

1) 100           2) 150           3) 125           4) 200           5) None of these

Q4. A contractor employed 50 men to complete the project in 100 days. But later on he realised that just after 25 days only 20% of the work had been completed. How many extra days, than the scheduled time are required?

1) 25           2) 30           3) 22           4) 28           5) None of these

Q5. The base radius of a cylinder is 7 cm and its height is 40 cm. Find curved surface area. (in cm2)

1) 2460           2) 1760           3) 1640           4) 1720           5) 1580

Q6. If A is 90% of B. What % of A is B.

1) 101.1%           2) 190%           3) 111.1%           4) 119%           5) None of these

Q7. A student has to secure 40% marks to pass. He gets 144 marks and fails by 16 marks. The maximum marks are-

1) 400           2) 360           3) 300           4) 480           5) 500

Q8. The difference between simple and compound interest on a sum of money at 10% per annum is Rs. 40. What is the sum?

1) Rs. 5000           2) Rs. 12000           3) Rs. 8000           4) Data insufficient           5) None of these

Q9. A sum of money becomes 3/2 of itself in 5 years at a certain rate of simple interest. Find the rate of interest.

1) 10%           2) 12.5%           3) 15%           4) 8%           5) None of these

Q10. Anjali goes to office at a speed of 12 km/h and returns to her home at a speed of 6 km/h. If she takes 8 hours in all, what is the distance between her office and her home?

1) 36 km           2) 32 km           3) 56 km           4) 24 km           5) None of these

  1. 1  2. 2                  3. 4                  4. 1                  5. 2                  6. 3                  7. 1                  8. 4                  9. 1                  10. 2


Reasoning Quiz

Directions ( Q.1-5):Study the information below and answer the given questions:
In a certain code 
‘men has mortal’ is coded as ‘lo pe he’
‘mortal of women’ is coded as ‘he zo kh’
‘women in men’ is coded as ‘kh ma lo’ and 
‘has big mortal’ is coded as ‘pe sy he’
Q1. How will ‘in the men’ be coded? 
(a) ma lo sy             (b) ma pe he             (c) lo he pe           (d) ma lo ki             (e) lo ma sy
Q2. How will ‘big mortal of women’ be coded? 
(a) sy zo kh ma           (b) he ma zo kh           (c) sy he pe lo             (d) sy lo zo pe            (e) None of these
Q3. What is the code for ‘mortal’? 
(a) pe             (b) he              (c) lo           (d) sy             (e) None of these
Q4.What does the code ‘zo’ stand for? 
(a) in              (b) men             (c) has           (d) of             (e) None of these
Q5.What is the code for ‘women’? 
(a) kh             (b) ma              (c) Pe           (d) he             (e) None of these
Directions ( Q.6 – 10): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
‘land me market’ is written as ‘ve ka ro’,
‘market for his’ is written as ‘se ve di’,
‘for variety  money’ is written as ‘ba di la’ and
‘money to me’ is written as ‘ro ba yo’
Q6. What is the code for ‘variety’?
(a) ba             (b) di             (c) la           (d) yo             (e) Cannot be determined
Q7. What does the ‘ro’ stand for?
(a) me             (b) matters            (c) money           (d) lend             (e) Either ‘to’ or ‘lend’
Q8. Which of the following ‘market money most?
(a) ve ba yo            (b) ve se ba            (c) ba zi di           (d) ba ka zi             (e) ba fe ve
Q9. What is the code for ‘land’?
(a) ve             (b) ka             (c) ro           (d) di             (e) Either ‘di’ or ‘ro’
Q10. What is the code for ‘to’?
(a) ba             (b) ro             (c) yo           (d) se              (e) Cannot be determined

Answer & Explanation

Directions (1-5):



  1. (d)
  2. (e)
  3. (b)
  4. (d)
  5. (a)


Directions (6-10):


Code are as follows:

money – ba

Land – ka

me – ro

market – ve

for – di

variety – la

his – se

to – yo


  1. (c)
  2. (a)
  3. (e) market money most – ba fe ve
  4. (b)
  5. (c)



English Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 5). (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q1. 1) If we are indeed a democracy /2) then politicians would do well /3) to remember that tolerance and free speech /4) is the hallmark of democracy. /5) No error

Q2. 1) These efforts will help bring /2) the people of the two countries /3) closer together paving the way /4) for greater people-to-people contact. /5) No error

Q3. 1) Not only commerce undergraduates /2) though engineers and science graduates /3) also seem to be eager /4) to flow with the management stream. /5) No error

Q4. 1) If India was to become a developed country /2) this sectional imbalance has /3) to be corrected which is /4) possible by improving the quality of education. /5) No error

Q5. 1) There are ways and measures /2) to be followed if we /3) really mean to enhancing agricultural /4) growth in the years to come. /5) No error

Directions (Q. 6-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate words.

At the core of the privatisation debate is the key …(6)… of labour …(7)…. One of the long-standing demands of industry, both Indian and foreign, has been to …(8)… labour laws as …(9)… under the Industrial Disputes Act. These laws do not allow industry to reward merit and punish non-performers. Also, in the …(10)… of an economic slowdown or shifting market preferences, they do not permit a downsizing of the work force. Ideally, industry should be free to contract or expand with changing technology, competition and obsolescence.

Q6. 1) role            2) emergence            3) reality                       4) task            5) issue

Q7. 1) reforms            2) agenda            3) concerning            4) manpower            5) stigma

Q8. 1) hold            2) freeze            3) refrain            4) relax            5) challenge

Q9. 1) defined            2) sentenced            3) generated            4) initiated            5) subjected

Q10. 1) resurgence           2) event            3) advent            4) aftermath           5) miracle

Answer & Explanation
  1. 4; Replace ‘is’ with ‘are’.
  2. 5
  3. 2; Replace ‘though’ with ‘but’.
  4. 1; It should be ‘were’ in place of ‘was’.
  5. 3; It should be ‘enhance’ in place of ‘enhancing’.
  6. 5
  7. 1
  8. 4
  9. 1
  10. 2


Computer Quiz

Q1. A ______ is a collection of computers and device connected together.   

(a) Network            (b) Protocol           (c) Memory card           (d) CPU           (e) None of these

Q2. To create a ______, personal computers can be connected together. 

(a) Server            (b) Super computer            (c) Enterprise            (d) Network            (e) None of these

Q3. Servers are computers that provide resources to the other computers connected to a ______. 

(a) Network            (b) Mainframe            (c) Super computer           (d) Clients            (e) None of these

Q4. Which of the following terms is associated with network?

(a) MS Excel           (b) Mouse            (c) Word            (d) Connectivity            (e) Plotter

Q5. If refers to a set of rules that co-ordinates the exchange of information. 

(a) Transmission mode           (b) Protocol           (c) Half-duplex           (d) Full-duplex           (e) None of these

Q6. ______ is a technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line.   

(a) Digital transmission                   (b) Infrared transmission                   (c) Digitising                   (d) Streaming                  (e) Multi-plexing

Q7. In a client/server network, the user’s computer is considered as the-  

(a) Client                   (b) Website                   (c) Library                   (d) Server                   (e) Hoster

Q8. The OSI model consists of _____ layers.   

(a) Nine                   (b) Eight                   (c) Seven                   (d) Five                   (e) Eleven

Q9. The advantage of a LAN is-    

(a) Sharing peripherals                   (b) Backing up your data                   (c) Saving all your data

(d) Accessing the web                   (e) Automatic printing of data

Q10. Full form of NIC- 

(a) Network Interface Card                   (b) Network International Connection                   (c) Network Inter Connection

(d) National Interface Card                   (e) None of these

Q11. Network components are connected to the same cable in the _____ topology. 

(a) Star                  (b) Ring                   (c) Bus                  (d) Mesh                   (e) Mixed

Q12. If you wish to extend the length of the network without having the signal degrade, you would use a _____.

(a) Repeater                  (b) Router                   (c) Gateway                   (d) Switch                   (e) None of these

Q13. The common name for a modulator-demodulator is-  

(a) Modem                   (b) Joiner                   (c) Networker                   (d) Connector                   (e) Demoder

Q14. In a ring topology, the computer in possession of the _____ can transmit data. 

(a) Token                   (b) Packet                   (c) Data                   (d) Access method                   (e) None of these

Q15. _____ bits are there in the Ethernet address. 

(a) 16 bits                   (b) 32 bits                   (c) 48 bits                   (d) 64 bits                   (e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

S1. Ans.(a)

Sol. A computer network is a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is connection to the Internet.


S2. Ans.(d)

Sol. To create a network personal computers can connect together.


S3. Ans.(a)

Sol. Servers are computers that provide resources to the other computers connected to a network.


S4. Ans.(d)

Sol. Network connectivity is also a kind of metric to discuss how well parts of the network connect to one another.


S5. Ans.(b)

Sol. A set of guidelines for implementing networking communications between computers is called computers.


S6. Ans.(e)

Sol. Multiplexing (or muxing) is a way of sending multiple signals or streams of information over a communications link at the same time in the form of a single, complex signal;


S7. Ans.(a)

Sol. In a client/server network, the user’s computer is considered as the client.


S8. Ans.(c)

Sol. OSI model consist of 7 layers.


S9. Ans.(a)

Sol. LAN can be used for sharing the peripherals (such as external hard drives and printers). You can share one microphone and set of speakers between all your connected computers.


S10. Ans.(a)

Sol. A network interface card (NIC) is a computer circuit board or card that is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a network.


S11. Ans.(c)

Sol. A bus topology is a network setup in which each computer and network device are connected to a single cable or backbone.


S12. Ans.(a)

Sol. Repeaters are used in transmission systems to regenerate analog or digital signals distorted by transmission loss.


S13. Ans.(a)

Sol. A combined device for modulation and demodulation.


S14. Ans.(a)

Sol. The computer in possession of the token can transmit data in a network topology.


S15. Ans.(c)

Sol. 48 bits are there in the Ethernet address.


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