Quiz – 315

Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5):Study the following information to answer the given questions. 
A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement. (All the numbers are two-digit numbers.)
Input: yogurt joining 48 cabinet total 20 correct sunny thief 78.
Step I: 20 total yogurt joining 48 cabinet correct sunny thief 78.
Step II: 20 total 48 joining yogurt cabinet correct sunny thief 78.
Step III: 20 total 48 joining 78 thief yogurt cabinet correct sunny.
Step IV: 20 total 48 joining 78 thief yogurt sunny cabinet correct.
Step V: 20 total 48 joining 78 thief yogurt sunny correct cabinet.
Steps V is the last step of the rearrangement.
As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the following input.
Input: unique mangoes 89 chair 21 airlift Liverpool beneath humble 11 everyday.

Q1. Which step number will be the following output?
11 humble 21 chair 89 mangoes unique airlift Liverpool beneath everyday.
a) Step II b) Step III c) Step IV             d) There will be no such step.             e) None of these

Q2. How many steps will be required to get the final output?
a) Five              b) Six              c) Seven             d) Four                e) None of these

Q3. Which word/number would be the fifth from the right in Step V?
a)mangoes             b) unique             c) 89             d) Liverpool             e) None of these

Q4. What is the position of ‘beneath’ in Step IV?
a) 9th from the left b) 11th from the left c) 2nd from the right             d) 4th from the right             e) None of these

Q5. If in a certain way ‘humble’ is related to ‘airlift’ and ‘chair’ is related to ‘beneath’ then ‘mangoes’ would be related to which of the following in the last step? 
a)21             b) unique             c) everyday             d) liverpool              e) None of these

Directions (Q. 6 – 10): Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II are given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the Statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both statements and
Give answer (1) if the data Statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question.
Give answer (2) if the data in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question.
Give answer (3) if the data is Statement I alone or in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.
Give answer (4) if the data in both the Statements I and II are not sufficient to answer the question.
Give answer (5) if the data in both the Statement I and II together are necessary to answer the question.

Q6. Tower ‘P’ is in which direction with respect to tower ‘Q’?
P is to the West of H, which is to the South of Q. II. F is to the West of Q and to the North of P.

Q7. What is Suneeta’s rank from top in the class?
In the class of 42 children Suneeta is 29th from the bottom. II.Suneeta is ten ranks below Samir.

Q8. How is K related to N?
N is the brother of M, who is the daughter of K. II.F is the husband of K.

Q9. Who reached the station first among L, M J, T and R if no two persons reached together ?
M reached only after J and T. II.L reached before R.

Q10. What is the code for ‘walks’ in the code language?
In the code language ‘she walks fast’ is writter as ‘he ka to’ II. In the code language ‘she learns fast’ is written as ‘jo ka he’

Answer & Explanation

first arrange one number and one word in each step till all the number are arranged in ascending order. The words that are arranged together with numbers are those words which are preceding the numbers in inputs. Rest of the words are arranged in reverse alphabetical order.

Input : unique Mangoes 89 chair 21 airlift Liverpool beneath humble 11 everyday.

Step I:11 humble unique mangoes 89 chair 21 airlift Liverpool beneath everyday.

Input II:11 humble 21 chair unique Mangoes 89 airlift Liverpool beneath everyday.

Input III:11 humble 21 chair 89 mangoes unique airlift Liverpool beneath everyday.

Input IV:11 humble 21 chair 89 mangoes unique Liverpool airlift beneath everyday.

Input V:11 humble 21 chair 89 mangoes unique Liverpool everyday airlift beneath.

Step VI:11 humble 21 chair 89 mangoes  unique  Liverpool  everyday  beneath  airlift.













English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-5). Rearrange the following five sentences (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E)  in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.
A) Both studies hail from Australia, a land rich in ancient rocks.
B) “The past is a foreign country and they do things differently there”, so wrote L.P.Hartly, in “The Go-Between”.
C) Just how foreign has been shown by two geological studies published this week.
D) Hartly was speaking of human affairs, but replaced the word “country” with “planet” and you have a succinct description of Earth almost 3 billion years ago.
E) Viewed from the present it was then, indeed, a foreign planet

Q1. Which of the following would be the fourth sentence? 
(a) A               (b) B             (c) C               (d) D             (e) E

Q2. Which of the following would be the first sentence?
(a) A               (b) B              (c) C               (d) D             (e) E

Q3. Which of the following would be the third sentence? 
(a) A               (b) B             (c) C               (d) D             (e) E

Q5. Which of the following would be the fifth sentence? 
(a) A               (b) B             (c) C                (d) D              (e) E

Q6. Which of the following would be the second sentence? 
(a) A               (b) B             (c) C                (d) D              (e) E

Directions (Q6-10): In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Five alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the five alternatives

Q7. The subject was the ……… of Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil company.
a) part-privatisation  b) Industrialisation c) mollification             d) cultivation             e) intensification

Q8. The restructuring of the airlines had become ………. as the organisation had been in the red for the past eight years. 
a) invasive b) invincible c) invitees             d) inevitable              e) unattainable

Q9.The Supreme Court barred nine ……. Congress legislators from participating in the confidence vote. 
a) assented b) dissident  c) sedentary              d) amendment              e) some

Q10. The government is pursuing a two pronged strategy on ………… sources, while trying to cut energy dependence.
a) rectifying b) amplifying              c) diversifying              d) pacifying             e) sedulousness

Q11. The ……… actor was surrounded by a huge crowd of gossip mongers.
a) celebrated b) intended c) parable            d) emulate            e) in stride


1.c     2.b     3.e     4.a     5.d     6.a     7.d     8.b     9.c     10.a


Computer Quiz

Q1. Which among the following option does DBMS helps to achieve?
(a) Data independence             (b) More redundancy             (c) Centralised manner to control of data            (d) Both (a) and (c)            (e) None of the above

Q2. Which among the following is a Super computer series developed by Indian scientists?
(a) Param               (b) Super30l               (c) Compaq Presario            (d) Cray YMP            (e) Blue Gene

Q3. DBMS ensures data integrity by managing transactions through ACID test. What does ACID stands for in computer science?
(a) Artistic, collaborative, inference, durability               (b) analytic, consistency, inference, duration
(c) Atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability               (d) Atomicity, collaborative, inference duration
(e) Adherence, consistency, isolation, durability

Q4. Table of contents can be prepared by using:
(a) macros               (b) headings as H1, H2, H3 and more in the document               (c) by table of contents in tools menu
(d) (b) and (c)               (e) By File menu

Q5. Who developed the basic architecture of Computers?
(a) Charles Babbage                 (b) Blaise Pascal                (c) Steve Newton                (d) John Von Neumann                (e) Henery Johns

Q6. Which bar is usually located below the Title Bar that provides categorized options?
(a) Menu Bar                (b) Status bar               (c) Toolbar                (d) Scroll Bar               (e) None of the above

Q7. Inheritance is the ability of an object to pass on its characteristics to its ____________.
(a) subclasses                (b) off-spring               (c) super classes               (d) parents               (e) none of the above

Q8. What does the computer Motherboard contains that houses setting configurations and is powered by the onboard battery?
(a) CMOS                (b) RAM                (c) DRAM               (d) CPU                (e) None of these

Q9. Which type of system can learn and adjust to new circumstances by themselves?
(a) Database management system               (b) Expert systems               (c) Geographical systems
(d) Neural networks                (e) File based systems

Q10. The default and maximum size of text filed in Access is ______.
(a) 266 characters & 6400 characters                (b) 288 characters & 6880 characters                (c) 299 characters & 6499 characters               (d) 50 and 255 characters                (e) None of these

Q11. Which among the following term is used for: Unauthorized copying of software to be used for personal gain instead of personal backups? 
(a) program thievery               (b) data snatching               (c) software piracy               (d) program looting               (e) data looting

Q12. Type _______to start a numbered list, and then press SPACEBAR or the TAB key.
(a) 1#                (b) 1$               (c) 1.                (d) 1*               (e) None of these

Q13. A/(n) ___________ is an object embedded in a web page or email, which unobtrusively (usually invisibly) allows checking that a user has accessed the content.
(a) email               (b) virus               (c) web beacon               (d) spam               (e) firewall

Q14. Non-physical components of the computer are referred to as  _______.
(a) CPU               (b) Software                (c) Hardware                (d) Program                 (e) None of these

Q15. How many rows are there in latest version of MS Excel?  
(a) 65536               (b) 16,384               (c) 1,048,576               (d) 1,050,000               (e) 2,001,000


1.d             2.a              3.c               4.b            5.d          6.a         7.a        8.a        9.d        10.d        11.c       12.c        13.c       14.b       15.c

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