Quiz – 304

Quant Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?
Q1. 3.5% of 40+3.5% of 80=?% of 10
1) 30            2) 32            3) 36            4) 40            5) 42

Q2. {(15)^6.5÷(15)^(-1.5)÷(15)^5 }-15^2=?
1) 15            2) 225            3) 3375            4) 3150            5) None of these

Q3. 1 7/9+2 5/3+3 1/9-4 1/5=?
1) 213/45            2) 317/45            3) 2106/45            4) 2103/45            5) None of these

Q4. 12.50×14÷8.75+12=20+?
1) 10            2) 12            3) 14            4) 16            5) 18

Q5. 735.75+621.65-257.40=550+?
1) 510            2) 520            3) 530            4) 540            5) 550

Directions (Q. 6-10): What approximate value should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?

Q6. 456500=?
1) 72            2) 75            3) 77            4) 79            5) 81

Q7. 2/9×3/7×5/8×1780=?
1) 103            2) 106            3) 109            4) 112            5) 115

Q8. 2.55% of 440+0.366% of 4880=?
1) 23            2) 25            3) 27            4) 29            5) 31

Q9. (3537.988÷18.005)×1.999=? 
1) 389            2) 393            3) 397            4) 401            5) 407

Q10. 1135÷(7/5×3/7×2/9)=?
1) 8500            2) 8510            3) 8520            4) 8530            5) 8540

Q11. Three substances A, B and C are mixed together. Their volumes are proportional to 4, 3 and 2 respectively and the weights of equal volumes are proportional to 5, 4 and 3 respectively. What is the weight of substance A if the weight of the mixture is 114 kg?
1) 30 kg            2) 40 kg            3) 50 kg            4) 60 kg            5) 70 kg

Q12. How many numbers lying between 3000 and 4000 and divisible by 5 can be made with the digits 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8? (The digits are not to be repeated in any number).
1) 10            2) 12            3) 14            4) 16            5) 18

Q13. The probability of A’s winning a game of chess against B is 1/3. What is the probability that A will win at least once in a total of 3 games?
1) 19/23            2) 19/25            3) 19/27            4) 19/29            5) None of these

Q14. The CI on Rs. 1800 at the rate of 4% for 2 years 9 months is nearly 
1) Rs. 150            2) Rs. 205            3) Rs. 250            4) Rs. 300            5) None of these

Q15. Kishore lends Rs. 9000 on condition that the loan is repayable in 10 months by 10 equal instalments of Rs. 1000 each. Find the rate %.
1) 262/3%            2) 5%            3) 10%            4) 20%            5) None of these


1.5             2.4             3.3             4.2             5.5             6.3             7.2             8.4             9.2             10.2          11. 4             12.2             13.3             14.2     15.1


Reasoning Quiz

Q1. In a certain code ‘mystery of better life’ is written as ’53 97 79 21′, ‘ life is a mystery’ is written as ’24 27 79 53′ and ‘she is playing better’ is written as ’24 21 12 22′. How is ‘life’ written in that code language?
1) 97             2) 21             3) 22             4) 52             5) Data Inadequate

Q2. If ‘÷’ means ‘+’; ‘–’ means ‘×’; ‘×’ means ‘÷’ and ‘+’ means ‘–’; then
111 – 21 ÷ 7 × 2 + 4 – 127 = ?
1) 3651/2            2) 3215/2             3) 3316/9            4) 3652/5            5) 3653/2

Q3. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘BODYGUARD’, each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English Alphabet?
1) Two             2) Three             3) Four             4) One             5) Five

Q4. Each of the questions below consists a question and two statements numbered I and II are given. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statement and given answer.
1) If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question. While the data in statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question.
2) If the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question.
3) If the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.
4) If the data in both the statement I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question.
5) If the data in both the statement I and II together are necessary to answer the question.
Six person Adil, Berth, Chandani, Donna, Erik and Frank were playing a game of cards. Who won the game?
I. Adil’s mother, father and aunt were in a group in which there were two male. Berth, the father of Adil, got more points than his wife. Donna got more points than Erik but less than Frank. Mother of Adil got more points than Frank but could not win the game.
II. Nephew of Erik got the lowest points.

Directions: Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions:
Seven participants Amit, Arjun, Deepak, Hari, Gaurav, Nilesh and Pawan from seven different countries, viz. Algeria, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cuba and Fiji, but not necessary in the same order, participate in a dance competition. All of them perform seven different dance style, viz Chhau, Bush, Brukdown, Samba, Horo, Rumba and Gavotte. The one who perform Brukdown does not belong to Bulgaria. Arjun is from Belize and does not perform Samba. The one who is from Brazil performs Chhau. The one who is from Australia performs neither Samba nor Horo. Amit is from Fiji. Gaurav is from Algeria and perform Rumba dance. Deepak performs Gavotte but he is neither from Cuba nor from Bulgaria. Hari perform Bush and Pawan performs Brukdown.

Q5. Who performs Samba?
1) Nilesh             2) Pawan             3) Gaurav             4) Amit             5) Deepak

Q6. Which of the following combination is true?
1.Algeria – Bush             2. Bulgaria – Horo             3. Cuba – Brukdown            4. Cuba – Rumba            5. Other than given options

Q7. Arjun performs which of the following dance?
1) Samba             2) Chhau             3) Horo             4) Rumba             5) Gavotte

Q8. Who is from Australia?
1) Nilesh             2) Deepak             3) Amit             4) Pawan             5) Hari

Q9. Nilesh is from which country?
1) Algeria             2) Belize             3) Fiji            4) Brazil             5) Cannot be determined

Answer & Explanation
  1. 5;

From (i) mystery of better life – 53 97 79 21

From (ii) life is a mystery – 24 27 79 53

From (iii) she is playing better – 24 21 12 22

From (i) and (ii) life mystery – 79 53

From (ii) and (iii) is – 24

But, we cannot find the code for ‘life’ from combination

of all three.


  1. 5;

111 – 21 ÷ 7 × 2 + 4 – 127 = ?

By changing the symbols, we get,

111 × 21 + 7 ÷ 2 – 4 × 127

= 111 × 21 + 7/2 – 4 × 127

= 2331 + 7/2 – 508 = (4669 – 1016)/2 = 3653/2


  1. 4;



  1. 5; From I. Berth is father of Adil

Berth > Berth’s wife …… (i)

Frank > Donna > Erik …..(ii)

Adil’s mother > Frank ….(iii)

Combining (i), (ii) and (iii); we get

Berth > Chandani > Frank > Donna > Erik

Clearly Chandni is Adil’s mother and Berth’s wife.

But Adil’s score is not mentioned. Hence I is not

sufficient alone.

From II. Nephew of Erik has lowest score.

From I and II together

Berth > Chandani > Frank > Donna > Erik > Adil

Bertha is the winner.

Hence, both I and II are required to answer.


  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 3
  4. 2
  5. 4


English Quiz

Directions: Read Each Sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake  error  in it. The error ,if any ,will be in one part of the sentence. Mark the number of the part with error as your answer. 

Q.1 He is going (A)/not only to open a shop (B)/but also (C)/an orphanage.
(D)./No error(E) 
Option-A            Option-B            Option-C            Option-D            Option-E

Q.2 Seldom or(A)/ ever have I tried my(B)/ best to defend my friends, who are after (C)/ all guilty to some extent.(D) /No error.(E)
Option-A            Option-B            Option-C            Option-D            Option-E

Q.3 Hardly had he (A)/ come out of the bus (B)/ then the bomb exploded(C)/ and shattered the bus into pieces.(D) No error. (E)
Option-A            Option-B            Option-C            Option-D            Option-E

Q.4 Both Hari(A)/ as well as his wife(B)/ are determined to bring(C)/ about some changes in the plan.(D)/ No error.(E)
Option-A            Option-B            Option-C            Option-D            Option-E

Q.5 Neither the doctor (A)/nor his assistants(B)/ were asleep when(C) the phone rang up.(D) No error.(E)
Option-A            Option-B            Option-C            Option-D            Option-E

Directions(1 to 5):Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Q6. My brother is only five feet tall. If he ______ a foot taller, he would be a great basketball player.
a.was            b.is            c.were            d.was being            e.were being

Q7. Nisha graduated from college last spring. If she ____________, I think her mother would have told her to leave the house.
a.was not graduated            b.is graduating            c.had not graduated            d. were not graduated              e. is not graduated

Q8. I am terribly afraid of heights. If I _____________ that tall tree in the front yard, I would die.
a.climb            b.climbed            c.both of the previous two responses are correct            d.Will climb            e. am climbing

Q9. Rohan is a very smart lad. If he ________ to work hard, he is going to be the class valedictorian.
a.continuesv            b.continued            c.will continued.            d. should continued            e. is continuing

Q10. This is a perfect spring day. If it __________, I would stay home and study.
a.rains            b.will rain            c.rained            d.would rain            e. is raining


1.b             2.b             3.c             4.b             5.c             6.c             7.c             8.b             9.a             10.c


Computer Quiz

Q1. Digital computers use a ________ system to encode data and programs. 
(a) Semiconductor            (b) Decimal            (c) Binary            (d) RAM            (e) ROM

Q2. A main characteristic of computer system is ______, that can perform different types of tasks at the same time. 
(a) Diligence            (b) Versatility            (c) Accuracy            (d) Speed            (e) No IQ

Q3. Something which has easily-understood instructions is said to be:
(a) Information            (b) Word processing            (c) Icon            (d) User friendly            (e) None of these

Q4. Information that comes from external source and fed into computer software is called  _______.
(a) Output              (b) Input            (c) Throughout            (d) Reports
(e) None of these

Q5 The control unit initiates a series of sequential steps of __________.
(a) Macro instruction            (b) Minicode            (c) micro operations            (d) Micro circuit            (e) None of these

Q6. Which of the following is a term related with scanner? 
(a) Laser            (b) TWAIN            (c) Cartridge            (d) Media            (e) None of these

Q7. A bit refers to
(a) A farm of storage            (b) A value equal to a kilobyte            (c) A value equal to a megabyte
(d) The smallest unit of digital information            (e) The same things as a pixel

Q8. Which of the following component is a part of RAM?
(a) Magnetic cores            (b) Micro-Processors            (c) Photoelectric cells            (d) Floppy disks            (e) Mouse

Q9. Which among the following is a software that uses a pattern-matching technique to examine all files on a disk looking for harmful code?
(a) Operating system             (b) Backup software            (c) Utility programs            (d) Driver imaging            (e) Antivirus Software

Q10. The software that is used to create text based documents is referred as-
(a) DBMS            (b) Suits            (c) Spreadsheets            (d) Presentation software            (e) Word processor

Q11. ______ is a set of keywords, symbols and a system of rules for constructing statements by which human can communicate the instructions to be executed by a computer.
(a) A computer program            (b) A programming language            (c) An assemble            (d) Syntax            (e) None of these

Q12. ______ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with computer.
(a) The platform            (b) The operating system            (c) Application software            (d) The motherboard
(e) None of the above

Q13. Which of the following is a requisite to ‘boot’, the system?
(a) Complier            (b) Loader            (c) Operating system            (d) Assembler            (e) None of these

Q14. Which of the following is/are file extension(s) in DOS? 
(a) EXE            (b) BAT            (c) COM            (d) All of these            (e) None of these

Q15. A ______ is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program of file.
(a) Kernel            (b) Buffer            (c) Shortcut            (d) Spooler            (e) None of these


1.c             2.b             3.d             4.b             5.c             6.a             7.d             8.a             9.e             10.e             11.b             12.b             13.c             14.d   15.c

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