Quiz – 301

Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1 – 5): In each question below are given two/three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer
(1) If only conclusion I follows.
(2) if only conclusion II follows.
(3) if either conclusion I or II follows.
(4) if neither conclusion I nor II follows.
(5) If both conclusions I and II follow.
Statements: No carom is a corner.              Some corridors are caroms.              All classes are corners.

Q1. Conclusions: I. All corridors being corners is a possibility.              II. All carroms being classes is a possibility.

Q2. Conclusions: I. Some corners are not corridors.              II. No class is carrom.

Q3. Statements:  Some oceans are lakes.              Some ponds are rivers.              All rivers are lakes.
Conclusions: I. All oceans being rivers is a possibility.              II. Some lakes are not ponds is a possibility.

Q4. Statements: All blue are brown.              All black are bags.              Some brown are not bags.
Conclusion: I. Some brown are not black.              II. No blue is a big

Q5. Statements: No train is a truck.              Some trains are tumblers.              All trucks are toys.
Conclusion: I. All trucks being tumblers is a possibility.              II. Some toys are not trains.

Directions (Q. 6 – 8): Study the following information to answer the given questions.
In a certain code language ‘they have grown up’ is written as ‘sit pit dip ra’, ‘grown up people’ is written as ‘pit ra tik’, ‘they are up again’ is written as ‘pit sit ja ka’.

Q6. How is ‘people’ written in that code language?
(1) ra              (2) tik              (3) pit              (4) Can’t be determined              (5) None of these

Q7. How is ‘have’ written in that code language?
(1) sit              (2) pit              (3) ra              (4) dip              (5) Can’t be determined

Directions (Q. 8 – 10): Study of the following information and answer the question that follow:
Six friends – Deepak, Varun, Anit, Nilesh, Rajesh and Siddharth are studying six different 
specializations of engineering which are – metallurgy, telecommunication, software, mechanical, electrical and hardware not necessarily in the same order. Each one likes a different sport – hockey, cricket, swimming, football, badminton and tennis again not in the same order. Nilesh is not studying hardware. Rajesh is studying software and likes hockey. Anit likes swimming and is not studying hardware. The one who likes football is studying electrical. Siddharth is studying mechanical and does not like tennis. The one who likes badminton is studying telecommunication. Deepak and Varun do not like badminton. Deepak does not like tennis. 

Q8. Which specialization is Varun studying?
(1) Metallurgy              (2) Mechanical              (3) Hardware              (4) Electrical              (5) None of these

Q9. Which sport does Deepak like?
(1) Football              (2) Cricket              (3) Hockey              (4) Cannot be determined              (5) None of these

Q10. Which of the following person-specialisation combination is correct according to the given information?
(1) Nilesh-Hardware              (2) Varun-Electrical              (3) Anit-Metalurgy              (4) Siddharth-Software              (5) None is correct


1. 4              2. 2              3. 5              4. 1              5. 5              6. 2              7. 4              8. 3              9. 1              10.3


English Quiz

Q1.They was later joined by a bigger Madhesi alliance that had the blessings of India.
A. later                 B. alliance                   C. was               D. blessings              E. no error

Q2. Are malaria caused by a virus?
A. are                 B. caused                 C. virus              D. malaria              E. no error

Q3.Many a boy dreams about becoming famous one day.
A. dreams             B. about                 C. famous                D.boy              E. no error

Q4.The jury have awarded the punishment to the women.
A. punishment                   B. women                  C. awarded              D. have              E. no error

Q5.Either the elephant and the tiger has escaped from zoo.
A. Either               B. has                 C. escaped              D. and              E. no error

Q6.10,000 miles are the distance from India to the USA.
A. miles               B. distance                 C. India              D. are              E. no error

Q7.Neither the teacher nor the students is following the  rules closely.
A. students              B. is                C. rules                D. Neither              E. no error

Q8.Some of the salt are on the floor.
A. salt               B. floor               C. are               D. on              E. no erro

Q9.Every man , women and child participates in the game.
A. Every man               B. and                  C. game              D. participates              E. no error

Q10. Science considers this normal but the way these faraway disasters are being talk about on social media.
A. considers                B. disasters                  C. talk               D. are              E. no error


1.c              2.a              3.e              4.d              5.d              6.d              7.b              8.c              9.e              10.c


Computer Quiz

Q1. The IP address belongs to which class?
(a) Class z              (b) Class B              (c) Class c              (d) Class D              (e) Class F

Q2. The CPU in a computer is an example of ______.
(a) Hardware              (b) Software              (c) Input Device              (d) A program              (e) An Instruction

Q3. Which button makes alphabets/letters in uppercase and lowercase and numbers to symbols?
(a) Caps Lock              (b) Num Lock              (c) Shift              (d) Tab              (e) Esc

Q4. RAM is a part of _________.
(a) Internet              (b) Keyboard              (c) System unit              (d) Monitor              (e) None of the above

Q5. Which of the following is not a valid memory unit?
(a) ILB              (b) KB              (c) YB              (d) PB              (e) Byte

Q6. What is the software frequently utilized by end users called (like Word, PowerPoint)?
(a) System Software              (b) System Appliances              (c) Application Software              (d) Operating System
(e) None of the above

Q7. To protect your system from computer hackers you must turn on a(n) _______.
(a) USP              (b) VLC              (c) Another system              (d) Script              (e) Firewall

Q8. Which of the following is not an example of a Web Browser?
(a) Outlook              (b) Internet Explorer              (c) Safari              (d) Chrome              (e) Firefox

Q9. XML stand for?
(a) Extra Markup Language              (b) Extensible Markup Language              (c) Excellent Markup Language
(d) Xerox Markup Language              (e) Xenome Markup Language

Q10. What is a joy stick primarily in computers used for?
(a) Editing Text              (b) Processing Input              (c) Printing               (d) Computer gaming              (e) All of the above

Q11. What is a half byte also called as?
(a) Nibble              (b) Bit              (c) Bits              (d) Data              (e) Information

Q12. In hexadecimal number system F denotes, _____ in decimal.
(a) 11              (b) 15              (c) 10              (d) 6              (e) 66

Q13. What is an operating system?
(a) A System software              (b) An Application Software              (c) A messaging app              (d) A Communication portal
(e) A Network

Q14. Which of the following is not permitted in an e-mail address?
(a) Period (.)              (b) Underscore (_)              (c) Lowercase alphabets (a-z)              (d) Uppercase alphabets (A-Z)              (e) Space ( )

Q15. Avast is an example of ________.
(a) Virus              (b) Antivirus              (c) Worm              (d) Messaging app              (e) Photo Editor


1.b               2.a              3.c              4.c              5.a              6.c              7.e              8.a              9.b              10.d              11.a              12.b              13.a              14.e             15.b

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