Quiz – 297

Quant Quiz

Direction : Following line graph shows the ratio of imports to exports of two companies over the years:

Q1. In how many of the given years were the imports more than the exports in case of company – A ?
1) 5           2) 3           3) 1           4) 2           5) 4

Q2. If the imports of company-B in year 2011 were Rs. 51.688 lakh, then what were the exports of company-B in the same year?
1) 64.26 lakh           2) 67.54 lakh           3) 71.36 lakh           4) 73.84 lakh           5) None of these

Q3. If the exports of company-A and Company-B were equal to 84 lakh in year 2012 then what will be the difference between
imports of company-B and imports of company-A in that year ?
1) 9.6 lakh           2) 8.4 lakh           3) 7.2 lakh           4) 6.8 lakh           5) 5.4 lakh

Q4. If the exports of company-A in year 2009 and exports of company-B in year 2012 were equal then the imports of company-
B in 2012 is approximately what percentage of imports of company-A in 2009 ?
1) 60%           2) 75%           3) 84%           4) 96%           5) 133.3%

Q5. In year 2009, If the export of company-B is increased by 100% and import is increased by 200%. Then what will be the new ratio of import to export of company-B in that year ?
1) 0.8           2) 1.0           3) 1.2           4) 0.6           5) 1.5

Q6. A cycle is sold at a profit of 15%. If both the cost price and selling price is decreased by Rs. 200 the profit would be 5% more what is the original cost price of cycle ?
1) Rs. 1200           2) Rs. 1000           3) Rs. 800           4) Rs. 600           5) None of these

Q7. A person lends Rs. 4200 to ‘A’ for 3 years and Rs. 6500 to ‘B’ for 7 years. If the person gets Rs. 8134 as interest then what is the rate of interest per annum ?
1) 6%           2) 8%           3) 10%           4) 12%           5) 14%

Q8. A sum amounts to Rs. 98010 in 2 years and to Rs. 107811 in 3 years compounded annually. What is the sum ?
1) Rs. 81000           2) Rs. 84000           3) Rs. 87000           4) Rs. 90000           5) Rs. 94000

Q9. How many different words can be formed with the letters of the word ”BREAKING”. So that the words begin with ‘B’ and end with ‘G’ ?
1) 120           2) 720           3) 5040           4) 2520           5) 1440

Q10. A bag contains 9 white and 7 black balls. Three balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that all the three balls are black ?
1) 1/8           2) 1/12           3) 1/16           4) 1/21           5) None of these

Answer & Explanation

 1. 4
Imports > Exports
Imports/Exports >1

2. 4
I/E = 0.7
E = I/0.7
= 51.688/0.7

3. 2
Ia/Ea = 0.8
Ia = 0.8 * 84 = 67.2lakh
Ib/Eb = 0.9
Ib = 0.9 * 84 = 75.6lakh
Diff = 8.4 lakh

4. 2
Ia/Ea = 1.2
Ib/Eb = 0.9
Let export of A and B are X
Ia = 1.2x
Ib = 0.9x
Req% = 0.9x/1.2x * 100 = 75%

5. 3
I/E = 0.8
I1 = I +200I/100 = 3I
E1 = E + 100E/100 = 2E
Ratio = I1/E1 = 3I/2E = 3/2 * 0.8 = 1.2

6. 3
Let the original cost proce is x, so SP is
115x/100 = 23x/20
Now CP = x – 200
SP = 23x/20 – 200
Profit = 23x/20 – 200 – (x – 200) = 23x/20 – x = 3x/20
% Profit = 3x/20 * 1/(x – 200) * 100 = 20
3x/(x – 200) = 4
3x = 4x – 800
x = 800

7. 5
Let the rate of interest is r% p.a.
4200*r*3/100 + 6500*r*7/100 = 8134
126r + 455r = 8134
r = 8134/581 = 14% p.a.

8. 1
P (1 + R/100)^3 = 107811
p(1 + r/100)^2 = 98010

1 + r/100 = 107811/98010
r/100 = 9801/98010
r = 10%

P = (1 + 10/100)^2 = 98010
p = 98010 * 100/121 = 81000

9. 2
B _ _ _ _ _ _ G

Now 6 letters are left for six different place
Req No. of wages = 6P6 = 6! = 720

10. 3
n(S) = Number of ways of selecting 3 balls out of 7 = 7C3 = 7!/3!4! = 35

p(E) = 35/560 = 1/16



Reasoning Quiz

Q1. Statement: Numbers of students qualified for IITs from state X are comparatively higher than the number of students from state Y.
Which of the following may indicate that the result of the state Y is not in line with the general trend?
1) The students of state X are qualitatively better than those of the State Y
2) The school curriculum of state Y is very tough
3) In the past years the share of seats in IITs from state Y were always remained high.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) Other than given options

Q2. Statement: Now a day most of the candidates recruited in private companies are directly hired from campuses of various business schools and engineering colleges.
Which of the following substantiates the fact stated in the above statement?
1) Most of the bright students only preferred campus interview.
2) Now campus interview becomes a trend in hiring process in the private companies
3) Campus interview is the only process to hire talented people
4) Both 1 and 2
5) Other than given options

Q3. Statement: The prices of the onion and other vegetables have substantially increased due to the prolonged drought situation in some part and heavy downpour in some other part of the country during the monsoon season.
Which of the following could be a logical course of action to be pursued?
1) The government should set up a committee to review the alarming situation
2) The government should ban on the export of the onion and vegetables
3) Government should import onion and vegetables in adequate amount
4) Only 2 and 3
5) Only 1 and 3

Q4. Statement: Due to oversupply in global markets, a slump in demand, and OPEC countries’ decision not to curb production, crude oil prices have fallen to a four-year low.
Which of the following may be an effect of the above cause?
1) Urban People will buy more vehicle as prices of the fuels has fallen.
2) The fall in international oil prices will reduce subsidies that help sustain the domestic prices of oil products.
3) Country’s current account deficit will substantially reduce.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) Only 2 and 3

Q5. Statement: Crops acreage in India during the current year has fallen substantially as the encroachment of human habitats over the cropland has increased and this will lead to fall in the production of food grains and vegetables.
Which of the following may be the effect of the above statement?
1) The prices of food grains and other essential commodities may increase compared to previous years
2) Government will import food grains in huge quantity from abroad
3) Lack of investments in agricultural development has played a crucial role in this levelling of yield decrease.
4) Only 1 and 2
5) All of the above

Directions (Q. 6-10) Read the following information carefully and answer the given questions:
The civic authority of city X has appealed that all those who have come in contact with the patient suffering from dreaded infectious swine flu disease be quarantined in their house and appealed to the people to take precautionary action.
(A) Nobody should be quarantined unless they are tested and found to be infected by the swine flu H1N1 virus.
(B) The local citizen group may respond to the appeal of the civic authority and will go for a test detecting such virus.
(C) Swine flu virus is highly contagious, allowing it to spread quickly from person to person. A simple sneeze may cause thousands of germs to spread through the air
(D) Quarantining people in their house may be control the spread of the dreaded disease which have claimed hundreds of lives across the nation.
(E) The civic authority has appealed to citizens to cooperate with the medical staff while they are in isolation ward.
(F) The government should spread awareness about the disease among the masses thorough campaigning and engagement at the community level through inter-personal communication.

Q6. Which of the statements (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) and (F) can be inferred from the facts/information given in the statement?
(An inference is something which is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given facts)
1) Only A            2) Only B            3) Only C            4) Only D            5) Only F

Q7. Which of the statements (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) and (F) would be a strong argument can be made on the basis of the above statement?
1) Only A and B            2) Only A and C            3) Only A            4) Only C            5) All A, B and C

Q8. Which of the statements (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) mentioned above can be an assumption from the facts/information given the statements? (An assumption is something that is supposed or taken for granted)
1) Only A            2) Only B            3) Only C            4) Only D            5) Only E

Q9. Which of the following could be a valid course of action to this problem?
1) Only A            2) Only B            3) Only C            4) Only D            5) Only F

Q10. Which of the following conclusion can be drawn from the facts stated in the above paragraph?
1) Only A            2) Only B            3) Only C            4) Only D            5) Only E

Answer & Explanation

 1. 3

2. 2; Because of the term only 1 and 3 are not valid answer.

3. 5; Banning export is not a valid course of action because of the nations usually have a commitment with others and have to have fulfil those commitments.

4. 5

5. 4

6. 2

7. 3

8. 3

9. 5

10. 4



English Quiz

Directions(1-10): In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the statements. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning.

Q1.He _______ become a teacher if he had gone to College.
A .has           B. could have           C. should have           D. would have           E. will have

Q2.If I met the Narendra  Modi, I ______ say hello.
A. can              B. will                     C. could           D. should           E. would

Q3. If I ____ perfect English, I would have a good job.
A. spoke                B. speak              C. will speak           D. should speak           E. would have spoke

Q4.What would you do if it ______  on your wedding day?
A. rained               B. will rain             C. would rain            D. should rain            E. could rain

Q5.If the baby  had slept better last night, I _____ so tired.
A. shouldn’t have been                  B. couldn’t have been                 C. could           D. wouldn’t have been           E. would

Q6.Lots of people come if Anita_______ a party.
A. had              B. has           C. have           D. will           E. could

Q7.If I were you, I _______ go out with that girl.
A. wouldn’t              B. shouldn’t                  C. couldn’t              D. willn’t           E. hasn’t

Q8.Snakes bite if they _____ scared
A. was              B. would                C. are           D. could           E. has

Q9.We __________ late again if we bought a new car.
A. should               B. could                 C. shouldn’t be           D. couldn’t be           E. wouldn’t be

Q10.If I ___ him, I’ll tell him.
A. have see                   B. has see C. see           D. saw           E. will see

Answer & Explanation


  1. D. would have

(if + past perfect, …would + have + past participle)

the third conditional can be make by using the past perfect after ‘if’ and then ‘would have’ and the past participle in the second part of the sentence

  1. E. would

(if + past simple, …would + infinitive)

The second conditional uses the past simple after if, then ‘would’ and the infinitive


  1. A. spoke

(if + past simple, … would + infinitive)

  1. A (if + past simple, …would + infinitive),The second conditional uses the past simple after if, then ‘would’ and the infinitive
  2. D. wouldn’t have been

(if + past perfect, …would + have + past participle)

  1. B.has.

If + present simple, …. present ,simple two present simple verbs (one in the ‘if clause’ and one in the ‘main clause’)

  1. A. wouldn’t


  1. C.are ,If + present simple, …. present simple.

The result of the ‘if clause’ is always the main clause

  1. E. wouldn’t be.

The second conditional uses the past simple after if, then ‘would’ and the infinitive

  1. C.see

The first conditional has the present simple after ‘if’, then the future simple in the other clause



Computer Quiz

Q1. What is the term to denote the smallest unit of information a computer can understand and process? 
(a) digit            (b) byte            (c) megabyte           (d) bit            (e) MB

Q2. Which among the following is not an operation of an operating system?   
(a) Communication manager            (b) Processor manager             (c) Device manager             (d) Memory manager
(e) None of the above

Q3. Which one of the following(s) is/are real time operating system?  
(a) VxWorks           (b) Windows CE           (c) RTLinux           (d) All of these           (e) None of these

Q4. How long is an IPv6 address? 
(a) 32 bits           (b) 128 bytes           (c) 64 bits           (d) 128 bits           (e) None of these

Q5. P2P stands for ______.
(a) Peer to peer           (b) Peek to peek           (c) Past to past           (d) Pair to pair           (e) All of these

Q6.  ______ is a collection of circuitry functions that together makes an important part of a computer system.  
(a) The platform           (b) Application software           (c) Operating system           (d) The motherboard           (e) None of these

Q7. Who is the founder of Microsoft? 
(a) Babbage           (b) Bill Gates           (c) Bill Clinton           (d) Bush           (e) None of these

Q8. Multi-user systems provide cost savings for small business as they use a single processing unit to link several ______.  
(a) Personal computers           (b) Workstations           (c) Dumb terminals           (d) Mainframe           (e) Laptop

Q9. What is backup?  
(a) Connect his network to more component           (b) Copy to save a data from original source to other destination
(c) Filter on old data from new data           (d) Access data from tape           (e) None of the above

Q10. Which layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment?  
1. Switch             2. NIC             3. Hub                4.           5. RJ45 transceiver 
(a) 1 only           (b) 1 and 3           (c) 3 and 4            (d) 5 only           (e) None of these

Q11. The main characteristic of fourth generation was ______.
(a) Transistor           (b) VLSI           (c) Vacuum tubes           (d) Circuit           (e) None of these

Q12. How many write cycles are allowed to EEPROM?  
(a) 10           (b) 100           (c) 1000           (d) 10000           (e) 100000

Q13. Which among the following is the first general purpose electronic computer? 
(a) EDVAC           (b) ADVAC           (c) Mac           (d) IBM-PC           (e) UNIVAC

Q14. Which memory appears to exist as main storage although most of it is supported by data held in secondary storage?
(a) Core memory           (b) Virtual memory           (c) RAM           (d) Dynamic memory           (e) None of the above

Q15. Rabdology was the technology used for calculation purpose introduced in which year?
(a) 1617           (b) 1801           (c) 1824           (d) 1901           (e) 1917


 1.d            2.a           3.d           4.d           5.a           6.d           7.b           8.c           9.b           10.c


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