Quiz – 259

Quant Quiz

Direction : Following line graph shows the ratio of imports to exports of two companies over the years :

Q1. In how many of the given years were the imports more than the exports in case of company – A ?
1) 5               2) 3               3) 1              4) 2              5) 4

Q2. If the imports of company-B in year 2011 were ` 51.688 lakh, then what were the exports of company-B in the same year?
1) 64.26 lakh               2) 67.54 lakh              3) 71.36 lakh               4) 73.84 lakh               5) None of these

Q3. If the exports of company-A and Company-B were equal to 84 lakh in year 2012 then what will be the difference between imports of company-B and imports of company-A in that year ?
1) 9.6 lakh               2) 8.4 lakh               3) 7.2 lakh               4) 6.8 lakh               5) 5.4 lakh

Q4. If the exports of company-A in year 2009 and exports of company-B in year 2012 were equal then the imports of company- B in 2012 is approximately what percentage of imports of company-A in 2009 ?
1) 60%              2) 75%              3) 84%             4) 96%             5) 133.3%

Q5. In year 2009, If the export of company-B is increased by 100% and import is increased by 200%. Then what will be the new ratio of import to export of company-B in that year ?
1) 0.8              2) 1.0              3) 1.2             4) 0.6             5) 1.5

Q6. A cycle is sold at a profit of 15%. If both the cost price and selling price is decreased by Rs. 200 the profit would be 5% more what is the original cost price of cycle ?
1) Rs. 1200              2) Rs. 1000              3) Rs. 800              4) Rs. 600              5) None of these

Q7. A person lends Rs. 4200 to ‘A’ for 3 years and Rs. 6500 to ‘B’ for 7 years. If the person gets Rs. 8134 as interest then what is the rate of interest per annum ?
1) 6%              2) 8%              3) 10%              4) 12%              5) 14%

Q8. A sum amounts to Rs. 98010 in 2 years and to Rs. 107811 in 3 years compounded annually. What is the sum ?
1) Rs. 81000              2) Rs. 84000              3) Rs. 87000              4) Rs. 90000              5) Rs. 94000

Q9. How many different words can be formed with the letters of the word ”BREAKING”. So that the words begin with ‘B’ and end with ‘G’ ?
1) 120              2) 720              3) 5040              4) 2520              5) 1440

Q10. A bag contains 9 white and 7 black balls. Three balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that all the three balls are black ?
1) 1/8             2) 1/12             3) 1/16             4) 1/21             5) None of these

Answer & Explanation


  1. 4

Imports > Exports

Import/ Exports > 1


  1. 4

I/E = 0.7

E = I/0.7 = 51.688/0.7 = 73.84 lakh


  1. 2

Ia/Ea = 0.8

Ia = 0.8 * 84 = 67.2 lakh

Ib/Eb = 0.9

Ib = 0.9 * 84 = 75.6 lakh

Diff = 75.6 – 67.2 = 8.4 lakh


  1. 2

Ia/Ea = 1.2

Ib/Eb = 0.9

Let export of A and B are X

Ia = 1.2x

Ib = 0.9x

Req% = 0.9x/1.2x * 100 = 75%


  1. 3

I/E = 0.8

I1 = I + 200I/100 = 3I

E1 = E + 100E/100 = 2E


Ratio = I1/ E1 = 3I/2E = 3/2 * 0.8 = 1.2


  1. 3;

Let the original cost price is ‘x’, so selling price is

115 x/100 = 23 x/ 20


Now CP = x – 200,

S.P. = 23x/20 – 200


Profit = 23x/20 – 200 – (x – 200) = 23x/20 – x = 3x/20


% profit = 3x/20 * 1/(x – 200) * 100 = 20


3x/(x – 200) = 4

3 x = 4 x – 800

x = 800

  1. 5;

Let the rate of interest is r% p.a.

4200 * r * 3/100 + 6500 * r * 7/100 = 8134

126 r + 455 r = 8134

r = 8134/581 = 14% pa

  1. 1

Let the principal is P and rate of interest is r

P (1 + R/100)^3 = 107811

P (1 + R/100) ^2 = 98010

Dividing eq I by II

1 + R/100 = 107811/98010

R/100 = 9801/98010

R = 980100/98010 = 10% pa

P = (1 + 10/100)^2 = 98010

p = 98010 * 100/121 = 81000

  1. 2

Now 6 letters are left for six different place

Req No. of wages = 6P6 = 6! = 720

  1. 3

n(S) = 16C3 = 560

n (E) = Number of ways of selecting 3 balls out of 7 =

7C3 = 7!/3!4! = 35

P(E) = 35/560 = 1/16



Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-3): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:
“The   financial result of IT companies in the quarter ending December were ‘far ahead’ of estimates and very promising,” Som Mittal, President of Nasscom said. “These results,” he said, “reflected the ‘strong fundamentals’ of Indian IT companies.”
These questions are based on the information given above and the sentences labeled as (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) given below.
(A) Nasscom is an organization which keeps an eye on the performance of IT companies.
(B) IT companies form the crux of the Indian economy.
(C) The financial results of the previous three quarters were admirable.
(D) A strong financial position forms the backdrop of the overall health of the organization.
(E) The financial results of this quarter are dismal as compared to those of the last year.

Q1. Which of the statements, if true, would strengthen the statement of the speaker?
(a) Only A             (b) Only C             (c) Only E             (d) Both D and E             (e) Both A and D

Q2. Which of the following can be a conclusion from the above passage?
(a) Only A             (b) Only E             (c) Only B             (d) Only C             (e) Both B and E

Q3. Which of the following can be an assumption in the above passage?
(a) Only B             (b) Only E             (c) Only D             (d) Both B and C             (e) Both A and E

Directions (4-7): Study the following information to answer the given question.
There are six lectures to be given on six days of a week starting from Monday and ending on Saturday. The different lectures are on Maths, English, Reasoning, GK, Computer and GS. Moreover, some additional information is also given.Lecture on neither GK nor GS is scheduled on the first day and there are two lecture between them.There is one lecture between GK and Maths and that lecture is not on English.“The lecture on Reasoning is just before that on GS and not after English.” The lecture on Maths is not on the first   day.

Q4. Which of the following lectures is given on Thursday?
(a) English             (b) GK             (c) Computer             (d) Maths             (e) None of these

Q5. How many lectures are given between GK and Reasoning?
(a)  Three             (b) Two             (c) One             (d) None             (e) Can’t be determined

Q6. ‘Reasoning’ is related to ‘Maths’ in   a certain way on the basis of the above arrangement and ‘Computer’ is related to ‘English’ in the same way. Then, Which of the following is ‘GS’ related to, following the same pattern?
(a)  Maths             (b) Computer             (c) GK             (d) Reasoning             (e) English

Q7. Which of the lectures is definitely given on the last day?
(a)  Reasoning             (b) GS             (c) Computer             (d) Maths             (e) English

Directions (8-10): In each questions below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. A course of action is a step of administrative decision to be taken for improvement, follow-up or further action in regard to the problem, policy, etc. On the basis of the information given in the statement, you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow (s) for pursuing.
Give answer: 
(A) If only I follows             (B) If only II follows             (C) If either I or II follows             (D) If neither I nor II follows
(E) If both I and II follow

Q8. Statement: 
A very large number of students have failed in the final high school examination due to faulty questions in one of the  subjects.
Courses of action:
I. All the students who have failed in that subject should be allowedp to take supplementary examination.
II. All those who are responsible for the error should be suspended and an enquiry should be initiated to find out the facts.

Q9. Statement : 
The prices of foodgrains and vegetables have substantially increased due to a prolonged strike call given by the truck owners’ association.
Courses of action
I. The government  should immediately make alternative arrangement to ensure adequate supply of foodgrains and vegetables in the market.
II. The government should take steps to cancel the licenses of all the vehicles belonging to the association.

Q10. Statement:
A large number of people visiting India from country ‘X’ have been tested positive for carry viruses of a killer disease.
Courses of action:
I. The government of India should immediately put a complete ban on people coming to India from country ‘X’ including those Indians who are settled in country ‘X’.
II. The government of India should immediately set up detection centres at all its airports and seaports to identify and quarantine those who are tested positive.


 1.  b              2.  a             3.  c             4.  c             5.  a             6.  b             7.  e             8.  e             9.  a             10. b



English Quiz

Directions (1-5). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will he in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is ‘E’. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).

Q1. There will be no scrutiny (A)/ or enquiry of money declared, neither (B)/ under the Income-Tax Act or the Wealth Tax Act (C)/ and the declarants will have immunity (D)/ from prosecution. No error. (E)/.

Q2. The government have (A)/ decided to open a one-time (B)/ ,four-month compliance window (C)/ for domestic black (D)/ money- holders. (E).

Q3. The victim was presuaded (A)/ to recall back what had (B)/ happned with her but (C)/she was unable to (D)/ recollect anything. (E).

Q4. The process to be adopted by the government (A)/ for these activities has to be defined (B)/ because the government is responsible for (C)/ any objects put up in space and for (D)/ what happens to it in orbit or because of it. (E).

Q5. The carbonic acid (A)/ thus produced leads to (B)/ ocean acidification by decreasing the pH of the ocean (C), reducing the concentration of (D)/ the carbonate ion. (E).

Q6. Should have been nice (A)/ if we could have (B)/ played this game before (C)/ the Australia one, would have (D)/ had a better idea of the conditions. (E).

Q7. The Constitution granted (A)/ the right to citizens (B)/ to join such bodies to (C)/ pursue their interest in (D) sports, religion, culture and art etc. (E).

Q8. We swap up to the drowning man, (A)/ caught hold of his clothes, (B)/ before he could go down (C)/ again and pulled him, (D)/ out safe to the shore. (E).

Q9. The scheme which (A)/ will be launched during (B)/ the next two years (C)/ require an additional investment (D)/ of one hundered crores. (E).

Q10. Household spends will support (A)/ real domestic growth of 2 percent or perhaps (B)/ more, because real earnings are rising at 2 percent (C)/, house prices are increasing (D)/ even faster in real terms and employment prospects are good. (E)/.

Answer & Explanation

  1. B, Neither should be repaced by Either.
  2. A, Has.
  3. B,Back will be removed.
  4. D, Objects will be removed by object.
  5. E, The should be removed.
  6. A, Should replaced by Would.
  7. A ,Grants replace Granted.
  8. C,Would replace could.
  9. D, Requires will be placed in the place of require.
  10. Ans-A ,Spends will be replaced by Spending.



Computer Quiz

Q1. What is the number of function keys on a keyboard?
a) 15             b) 12               c) 11             d) 16             e) 10

Q2. Which of the following scrambles a message by applying a secret code?
a) Encryption              b) Audits                 c) UPS             d) Firewalls             e) None of these

Q3. What is MP3?
a) A mouse            b) A Printer                  c) A Scanner               d) A Sound format              e) None of the above

Q4. Chip is a common nickname for a(n) ______   
a) Transistor                b) Semi-conductor               c) Resister              d) Hard disk              e) Integrated circuit

Q5. What is Remote Desktop Connection?
a) It was known as Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 and earlier, it is one of the components of Microsoft Windows.
b) a technology that allows you to carry your computer in remote areas.
c) a technology that allows you to sit at the client computer and connect to the host remote computer in a different location
d) both (a) and (c)
e) All of the above

Q6. How can we perform tasks on computer without using the Windows graphical interface?
a) By using command prompt window              b) By using Office 360              c) By using control panel
d) By connecting through internet                  e) None of the above

Q7. In CSMA/CD, the computer sends a fixed unit of data called a(n)_______
a) Node             b) Packet               c) Override             d) Token             e) None of the above

Q8. Which of the following is true about coaxial cable?
a) The inner conductor and the outer shield share a geometric axis.
b) It is the means to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber
c) Common applications of coaxial cable include video and CATV distribution, RF and microwave transmission
d) Both (a) and (c)
e) None of the above

Q9. How many classes of private IP addresses are there?
a) Three              b) Two              c) Four             d) Ten             e) None of the above

Q10.  Which of the following statement is true about Password?
a) It is a code by which a user gains access to a computer system                  b) It is an entrance without paying something
c) It is a pass for viewing movie               d) All of the above              e) None of the above


1.b             2.a             3.d             4.e             5.d             6.a             7.b             8.d             9.a             10.a

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