Quiz – 238

Quant Quiz

Directions:(1-5) Read the following table to answer the following question:

MerchantCost priceSelling priceMarked PriceDiscountProfit%Lost%


Q1.Find the average of selling price of Anand, Gopal and Prashant?
(1) Rs. 729.75              (2) Rs. 875.67              (3) Rs. 697.5              (4) Rs. 576.75              (5) None of these

Q2.Find difference in profit percentage of Arti and discount percentage of Neeraj?
(1) 15%              (2) 10%              (3) 22%              (4) 12%              (5) None of these

Q3. Ratio between cost price of Aniket and Gopal together and selling price of Prashant and Anand?
(1) 35230 : 20701              (2) 23437 : 70802              (3) 137 : 197              (4) 2023 : 2782              (5) None of these

Q4. Find discount percentage of Prashant?
(1) 42%              (2) 28%              (3) 34%              (4) 13%              (5) None of these

Q5.Find average of marked price of all the merchant?
(1) Rs.823.65              (2) Rs.875.76              (3) Rs.579.87              (4) Rs.781.67              (5) None of these

Directions (Q.6-10): Study the table carefully to answer the questions that follow:
Number of animals in grassland of four different countries in five different years



EnglandSri LankaSouth AfricaChina


Q6.What is the average of the number of tigers in grassland of Sri Lanka over all the years together?
(1) 386              (2) 389              (3) 369              (4) 276              (5) None of these

Q7.What was the difference between the total number of lions and bears in the grassland of England in the year 2005 and the number of tigers in the grassland of South Africa in the year 1995?
(1)   597              (2)   558              (3)   677              (4)   668              (5)   None of these

Q8.Total number of animals together in grassland, of China in the year 1990 was approximately
what percent of total number of bears in the grassland of Sri Lanka overall the years together ?
(1) 44%              (2) 56%              (3) 41%              (4) 47%              (5) 51%
Q9.If 35 percent of the total number of animals in the grassland of China in the year 2010 died due to an epidemic, how many animals remained in the grassland of China in the year 2010?
(1)   976              (2)   952              (3)   986              (4)   962              (5)   None of these
Q10.What was three fourth of the total number of lions in the grassland of all the four countries in the year 2000?
(1) 848              (2) 868              (3) 804              (4) 824              (5) None of these


1.3         2.2            3.1          4.3        5.4          6.5          7.5         8.1         9.5         10.3


Reasoning Quiz(IBPS PO)

Directions (Q. 1 – 5): In each question below are given three statements followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III, You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

Q1.Statements: No home is an office              All offices are houses              Some houses are huts
Conclusions: I.All homes being huts is a possibility              II.Some offices are huts              III.At least some huts are houses
1) Only I and III follow              2) Only III follows               3) All I, II and III follow              4) Only II follows              5) None of these

Q2.Statements: No radio is a magazine              No television is a magazine              Some televisions are newspapers
Conclusions: I.No radio is a television              II.Some newspapers are not magazines
III. All newspapers are definitely not televisions
1) Only II and III follow              2) Only I and II follow               3) Only II follow              4) All, II and III follow              5) None of these

Q3.Statements:  All chairs are tables                No table is a bed              Some doors are beds
Conclusions: I.Some doors are definitely not tables              II.  All beds are not tables              III. No chair is a bed
1) Only II and III follow              2) Only I and II follow              3) Only II follows               4) All, I, II and III follow              5) None of these

Q4. Statements: Some clothes are watches              All watches are shoes              No shoe is a slipper
Conclusions: I.  Some slippers are not clothes              II. All shoes being clothes is a possibility              III.At least some slippers are shoes
1) Only I follows              2) Only I and II follow              3) Only II and III follow              4) All follow              5) None of these

Q5.Statements: Some minutes are hours              No hour is a second              Some periods are seconds
Conclusions: I.All periods are definitely not hours              II.Some minutes are not seconds              III.Some seconds are not hours
1) Only I and III follow              2) Only II follows              3) Only II and III follow              4) Only I and II follow              5) None of these

Directions (Q. 6-10): In the given questions, assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the given four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV is/are definitely true and give your answer accordingly.
Q6.Statements: D≤A<C, N≥B=E, N=F>D
Conclusions: I.F ≥E              II.C <D              III.N ≥A              IV. B ≤F
1) Only I is true              2) Only III is true               3) Only II and IV follow              4) Only I and IV are true              5) None of these

Q7.Statements:B >E≥L,N=G≥B,M≤P<L
Conclusions: I.G ≥L              II.E >P              III.B>M              IV. M <N
1) Only I, II and III are true              2) Only II, III and IV are true               3) Only III and IV are true              4) Only I is true
5) None of these

Q8.Statements:H <A≤V<L,M=H,J>K≥M
Conclusions: I.L > M              II.A ≤ K              III.J > V              IV. K < L
1) Only II and III are true              2) Only I and II are true              3) Only III and IV are true              4) Only I, II and IV are true
5) None of these

Q9.Statements:E ≤N≥T≤R,P≥Q=R
Conclusions: I.P ≥ T              II.Q ≤ N              III.R ≥ E              IV. N ≤ P
1) Only I is true              2) Only II and III are true               3) Only II and IV are true               4) Only I and IV are true
5) None of these

Q10.Statements: R > S = T ≤ U, P = K > M ≥ U
Conclusions: I.R > K              II. M ≥ T              III.P > U              IV.S ≤ M
1) Only II and IV are true              2) Only II , III and IV are true               3) Only I and III are true              4) All  are true              5) None of these


 1. 1             2.  3                3.  4              4.  5             5.  3             6.  4             7.  2             8.  5            9.  1           10.2



English Quiz

DIRECTIONS (1-5) :Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the
sentence is correct as it is given and ‘No correction is required, mark (e) as the answer

Q1. As it was a dark and stormy night, Lata was too scared to go home alone.
(a) very scary to               (b) much scared to              (c) as scared to               (d) to scared too              (e) No correction required

Q2. Since it was her engagement party, Riya was dress to kill.
(a) dresses to kill               (b) dressed to kill              (c) dressed to killings              (d) dressing to killed
(e) No correction required

Q3. Ramesh worries endlessly about his son’s future as he was so poor in studies.
(a) worry endless               (b) worried endless              (c) worried endlessly              (d) worries endless
(e) No correction required

Q4. Now that the actual criminal had been caught, Kunal was happy that he was finally let of the hook.
(a) off the hook               (b) of the hookings              (c) off the hooks               (d) of the hooks              (e) No correction required

Q5. The little boy appeared all of a sudden out of nowhere and take everyone by surprise.
(a) took everyone as surprised              (b) take everyone with surprised              (c) took everyone by surprises
(d) took everyone by surprise              (e) No correction required

Directions (Q. 6-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is 5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q6. 1) Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry ordered /2) the arrest of sixteen people /3) involved in the case /4) including prime minister. /5) No error

Q7. 1) Before I start spouting off, / 2) it’s only fair to bring you a little closer / 3) into my confidence and let you /4) know something about myself. / 5) No error

Q8. 1) Now that the passing years have given me /2) plenty to say and the courage to say it, /3) I hope you can find something /4) in my words that serve you. /5) No error

Q9. 1) Talks between the Water Secretaries of India and Pakistan /2) scheduled to begin in Islamabad have been put off /3) due to the wake of tension / 4) over ceasefire violations along the LoC. /5) No error

Q10. 1) The Chairman of Tea Board inaugurated /2) the factory set up by a SHG of small / 3) tea growers in Jalpaiguri district / 4) of West Bengal. / 5) No error


 1. e           2. b           3. c           4. a           5. d           6. 4           7. 5           8. 4           9. 3           10. 5



Computer Quiz

Q1. What is a common medium used by thieves to steal others’ identities?
1. Email             2. Pick pocketing             3. Burglary             4. Telephone              5. None of the above

Q2. To select a column the easiest method is to?
1. drag from the top cell in the column to the last cell in the column                2. double click any cell in the column
3. click the row heading                4. click the column heading                5. None of the above

Q3. Which of the following is the valid subnet mask for class B IP Address?
1.              2.               3.              4.              5.

Q4. Functions of keys F1, F2 and F3 are _____________ respectively.
1. activating menu bar, search and renaming selected icon              2. search, reboot and activating menu bar
3. activating help, renaming selected icon and search             4. reboot, activating help and refresh
5. activating help, reboot, renaming selected icon

Q5. ____________is a set of interface specifications for high speed wired communication between electronics systems peripherals.
1. Universal Serial Bus             2. Unique Serial Port               3. Universal Stationary Bus              4. Unique Serial Bus
5. None of the above

Q6. Which among the following is not legitimate type of computer virus?
1. Macro Virus             2. File infector Virus              3. Resident Virus              4. Boot Virus              5. Hangout Virus

Q7. __________ is a self-contained step-by-step set of operations to be performed.
1. System Software            2. Algorithm              3. Network topology              4. Application software              5. Utility software

Q8. What is Windows 10?
1. Processing system               2. Microsoft Office suite                3. Drawing system               4. Graphics System
5. Operating System

Q9. What does MODEM stands for?
1. Modulator-Demodulator              2. Multiplexing Other Device Encoding Message              3. Main of Domain End Machine
4. Multiplexing On Demultiplexed Embedded Machine               5. None of the above

Q10. What type of internet technology sends you the information without your request?
1. J2SE SDK             2. Adware              3. Wiki              4. Push              5. None of the above


 1.1           2.4           3.2           4.3           5.1           6.5           7.2           8.5           9.1           10.4


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