Quiz – 208

Quant Quiz

Q1.The area of a rectangular field is 460 square metres. If the length is 15 per cent more than the breadth, what is breadth of the rectangular field? 

(1) 15 metres                 (2) 26 metres                 (3) 34.5 metres               (4) Cannot be determined              (5) None of these
Q2.What will be the cost of gardening 1 metre broad boundary around a rectangular plot having perimeter of 340 metres at the rate of Rs. 10 per square metre? 

(1) Rs. 3,400/-                (2) Rs. 1.700/-                (3) Rs. 3440/-               (4) Cannot be determined              (5) None of these

Q3.What would be the cost of building a 7 metres wide garden around a circular field with diameter equal to 280 metres if the cost per sq. metre for building the garden is Rs. 21? 

(1) Rs. 1,56,242                 (2) Rs. 2,48,521                (3) Rs. 1,11,624               (4) Rs. 2,06,118                 (5) None of these

Directions (4-8): Study the given information carefully 

A basket contains 6 blue, 2 red, 4 green and 3 yellow balls. 

Q4.If 2 balls are picked at random, what is the probability that either both are green or both are yellow?

(1) 2/5                  (2) 3/35                 (3) 1/3              (4) 3/91                 (5) None of these

Q5.If 5 balls are picked at random, what is the probability that at least one is blue? 

(1) 137/145                  (2) 9/91                 (3) 18/455              (4) 2/5                 (5) None of these

Q6.If 2 balls are picked at random, what is the probability that both are blue? 

(1) 1/5                  (2) 8/91                 (3) 2/15              (4) 2/27                 (5) None of these

Q7.If 4 balls are picked at random, what is the probability that 2 are red and 2 are green?

(1) 4/15                  (2) 5/27                 (3) 1/3              (4) 2/455                 (5) None of these

Q8.If 3 balls are picked at random, what is the probability that none is yellow? 

(1) 3/455                  (2) 1/5                 (3) 44/91              (4) 4/5                 (5) None of these

Q9.Vipul decided to donate 5% of his salary. On the day of donation he changed his mind and donated Rs. 1687.50 which was 75% of what he had decided earlier. How much is Vipul’s salary?

(1) Rs. 37.500                 (2) Rs. 45,000               (3) Rs. 33,750                 (4) Cannot be determined                (5) None of these

Q10.Two numbers are less than the third number by 50% and 54% respectively. By how much per cent is the second number less than the first number ? 

(1) 13                  (2) 10               (3) 12                  (4) Cannot be determined               (5) None of these


 1.5            2.3             3.5            4.2             5.5            6.5            7.4           8.3              9.2               10.5


Reasoning Quiz

Directions(1-4) : Read the following information and answer the questions  given below:-
(i) Seven friends P, Q, R, S, T, U and W have gathered at the Mumbai airport. Five of them are scheduled to go to five different places-Delhi, Chennai,  Lucknow, Bangalore and Calcutta.
(ii) Five of them are executives, each specialising in viz.Administration (admn.), Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing ,Systems and Finance.
(iii) T, an executive is going to Chennai and is neither from finance nor Marketing.
(iv) W is a system specialist and is leaving for Delhi. U is an executive but is not going to one of the five places.
(v) Q is an executive from HRM but has come at the airport to see his friends.
(vi) P is an executive but not from Marketing and is flying to one of the destinations but not to Bangalore or Calcutta.

Q1. Who is going to fly to Bangalore?
(a) Data inadequate              (b) R              (c) S                           (d) P              (e) None of these

Q2. Who among the following specialists in Marketing?
(a) S              (b) P              (c) U              (d) Data inadequate              (e) None of these

Q3. R has specialisation in which of the following fields?
(a) Finance              (b) Marketing              (c) Either Marketing or Finance              (d) None              (e) All of these

Q4. The one who is going to fly to Chennai is 
(a) Not an executive              (b) From administration              (c) S              (d) From Finace              (e) None of these

Direction (5-7): Read the information carefully and answer the questions:

Q5. Statements : All kites are trapeziums. All kites are quadrilaterals. Some quadrilaterals are squares.
Conclusions :
I. Some kites are quadrilaterals. II. Some trapeziums are quadrilaterals.               III. Some kites are squares.
IV. Some quadrilaterals are not squares.
(1) IV only              (2) I and IV only               (3) II and III only                (4) I, ii and III only               (5) I and II only

Q6. Statements : Some bulls are wools. Some wools are drills. No hook is a bull.
Conclusions :
I. Some wools are hooks.                 II. Some wools are not hooks.                 III. Some wools are not drills.
IV. Some hooks are wools.
(1) Either I or II              (2) II only               (3) Either III or IV and II              (4) III only              (5) None of these

Q7. Statements : All cheques are drafts. No coin is a draft. Some notes are cheques.
Conclusions : 
I. Some notes are coins.            II. Some notes are drafts.               III. Some coins are not notes.               IV. Some notes are not coins.
(1) Only II and III follow              (2) Only II and IV follow               (3) Either I or IV follow                  (4) Only IV follows
(5) None of these

Directions (8-10): In the questions given below, certain symbols are used with the following meaning:
A @ B means A is greater than B.
A * B means A is either greater than or equal to B.
A # B means A is equal to B
A $ B means A is either smaller than or equal to B
A + B means A is smaller than B
Now in each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the two conclusions I and II given below them is/are definitely True?
Give answer (a) if only conclusion I is true.
Give answer (b) if only conclusion II is true.
Give answer (c) if either conclusion I and II are true.
Give answer (d) if neither conclusion I nor II is true.
Give answer (e) if both conclusions I and II are true.

Q8. Statements: D + T ; E $ V ; F * T ; E @ D
Conclusions: I. D $ V              II. D + F

Q9. Statements: B + D ; E $ T ; T * P ; P @ B
Conclusions: I. P $ D              II. P @ D

Q10. Statements: T * U ; U $ W ; V @ L ; W + V
Conclusions: I.  V @ T              II. L # W

Answer & Explanation


Direction (1-4)




  1.  1
  2.  3
  3.  4
  4.  2
  5.  5
  6.  2
  7.  2
  8.  2
  9.  3
  10. 4


English Quiz

Q1. We have been retracing our steps to the log cabin ten minutes ago.
1. will be retracing              2. have to retrace              3. had to retrace              4. had retraced              5. No improvement

Q2. I hope you will be able to steer ahead of the antisocial elements.
1. steer clear              2. steer free              3. steer out              4. steer behind              5. No Improvement

Q3. He bowed down at the altar.
1. next to the altar              2. No Improvement              3. before the altar              4. infront of the altar              5. for the altar

Q4. They were being commanded to wait till the signal was given.
1. commanded              2. command              3. given command              4. No Improvement              5. taken command

Q5. River Damodar in West Bengal carry the effluents from the Durgapur Industrial complex for miles.
1. No Improvement              2. carries the effluents              3. carries the effluence              4. carried the effluents                                   5. had carried the effluents

Directions (Q. 6-10): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

Q6. ____________by popular support, the Supreme Court of Pakistan is trying to____________its independence.
empowered, sentence              governed, stamp              backed, assert               marked, rebel              geared, influence

Q7. One lesson that must be drawn from the grisly ____________of fake encounter killings is the need to ____________the police from its political masters.
1. incidence, govern             2. episode, insulate              3. crime, motivate              4. theory, widen              5. malaise, revolt

Q8. MP’s should, by all means, take the government to____________when it fails in ____________its responsibilities.
1. book, abdicating              2. proceedings, depicting              3. query, driving              4. criticism, abiding              5. task, discharging

Q9. No political party can claim____________to the trend of holding up parliamentary____________on some pretext or the other.
1. exception, proceedings              2. emancipated, debates              3. above, session              4. freedom, functions                                5.  supreme, dealings

Q10. It is pointless to legislate well-meaning laws if there is no fair and effective____________to ____________them.
1. monitoring, realising              2. transparency, forward              3. methodology, sentencing              4. mechanism, implement             5. screening, process


1.3              2.1              3.3              4.1              5.2              6.3              7.2              8.5              9.1              10.4


Computer Quiz

Q1. When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off.
1. RAM               2. Motherboard               3. Secondary storage device               4. Primary storage device               5. ALU

Q2.___________is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.
1. SaaS               2. OCR               3. MICR              4.  JRE               5. ENAIC

Q3.What does the SMTP in an SMTP server stand for ?
1. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol                2. Serve Message Text Process               3. Short Messaging Text Process
4. Short Messaging Transfer Protocol               5. Simple Messaging Text Process

Q4.What is known as knowledge discovery in database?
1. Encryption               2. Data Mining               3. Data Warehousing               4. Relational Database               5. None of the above

Q5.Bluetooth technology is used for?
1. Exchanging data over long range               2. Connecting to the network               3. Using cloud storage
4. Exchanging data over short range               5. None of the above

Q6. What is the shortcut key for duplicating the current slide in MS Powerpoint?
1. Ctrl+Alt+S               2. Ctrl+A               3. Ctrl+D               4. Ctrl+E               5. Alt+M

Q7.What is google?
1. Internet               2. Search engine               3. Browser               4. Both (b) and (c)               5. None of the above

Q8.Which of the following is any malicious computer program which is used to hack into a computer by misleading users of its true intent?
1. Worm               2. Spyware               3. Trojan horse               4. Keylogger               5. VGA file

Q9.In MS Excel what is the key combination to create a formula to sum all of the above cells.
1. Shift + =               2. Ctrl = +               3. Ctrl + =               4. Alt + =              5. Alt + Shift

Q10. Which among the following is the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system?
1. Windows 10               2. Windows 9               3. Windows 8.5               4. Windows 8.1               5. Windows 8



1.3              2.1              3.1              4.1              5.4              6.3              7.2              8.3              9.4              10.1

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