Quiz – 150

Quiz – 150

Quant Quiz

Directions (1-5): Following table shows the total population and ratio of male and female among them of five cities A, B, C, D and E. Table also shows the literate population and ratio of male and female among them. Answer these questions based on this table.

CityTotal population

(in lakhs)

Male – Female  ratioTotal literate population

(in lakhs)

Ratio of literate male and female
A704 : 3401 : 1
B641 : 1446 : 5
C727 : 5482 : 1
D805 : 3501 : 1
E607 : 5367 : 5


Q1.What is the total number of literate females in all five states?
(1) 72 lakhs                (2) 84 lakhs                (3) 96 lakhs                (4) 102 lakhs               (5) None of these

Q2.What is the total number of males in City D who are not literate?
(1) 12 lakhs                (2) 15 lakhs                (3) 20 lakhs                (4) 24 lakhs                (5) None of these

Q3.What is the ratio of total females in City A and literate females in the same city?
(1) 2 : 1                (2) 1 : 2                (3) 3 : 2                (4) 2 : 3                (5) 1 : 1

Q4.The number of literate males in City C is what percentage of total number of males in City A?
(1) 72%                (2) 75%                (3) 80%                (4) 84%                (5) 96%

Q5.Number of total females in City B is how much percentage more than that of number of literate females in City A?
(1) 25%                (2) 40%                (3) 60%                (4) 30%                (5) 36%

Q6.The sum of five consecutive odd numbers is equal to 165. What is the product of the largest and the smallest numbers? 
(1) 1514                 (2) 1073                (3) 1123               (4) 1200                 (5) None of these

Q7.Ajay got 86 marks in Hindi, 56 marks in Science, 76 marks in Maths, 48 marks in Social Science and 92 marks in English. The maximum marks of each subject are 100. How much overall percentage of marks did he get? 
(1) 73.8                 (2) 72.6                 (3) 71.6                 (4) 84.8                (5) None of these

Q8.12 men can complete a piece of work in 20 days. In how many days will 15 men complete the same piece of work? 
(1) 10                 (2) 8                 (3) 14                 (4) 16                (5) None of these

Q9.Find the highest number of three digits which on dividing by 10, 12 and 15 leaves remainder of 1 in each case?
(1) 901                 (2) 961                 (3) 991                 (4) 999                 (5) None of these

Q10.Even after giving a discount of 20%, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 10%. Find the mark-up%?
(1) 30%                   (2) 35%                  (3) 37.5%                 (4) 40%                 (5) None of these


1.3            2.5           3.3           4.3              5.3                 6.2           7.3          8.4          9.2        10.3


Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-4): Read the following information carefully and give the answer of the following questions: 
In a family, Q is the daughter of M who is the son of  J who is the wife of K who is the father of O who is the mother of P. D is the son of C who is the wife of N who is the son of L who is the brother of K. P is not a male person.

Q1. How is Q related to P?
(1) Mother                 (2) Daughter                 (3) Brother                  (4) Cousin                 (5) None of these

Q2. How is C related to O?
(1) Mother                 (2) Sister-in-law                 (3) Daughter                  (4) Sister                 (5) None of these

Q3. What is the relation of D with K?
(1) Grand-father                 (2) Father                 (3)Grand-son                 (4) Son                 (5) None of these

Q4. How is J related to P?
(1) Mother                 (2) maternal Grand-father                 (3) Mother-in-law                 (4) Cousin                  (5) None of these

Directions (5-10) : Study the following information and answer the questions. 
Seven friends, namely L, M, N, O, P, Q and R. like different animated movies, namely Finding Nemo, Rio, Frozen, Up, Lion King, Shrek and Cars, but not necessarily in the same order. Each friend also has a presentation on topics of different subjects, namely Civics, History, English, Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biology but not necessarily in the same order.
Q has a presentation on Civics and likes neither Frozen nor Up. The one who likes Finding Nemo has a presentation on History. L likes Rio and has a presentation neither on Geography nor on Chemistry. The one who likes Cars has a presentation on Biology. M has a presentation on Physics and does not
like Up. The one who likes Up does not have a presentation on Chemistry. O likes Lion King. R does not have a presentation on History and does not like Up. P does not like up.

Q5. On which of the following subjects does P have a presentation? 
1) Chemistry                 2) English                 3) Biology                  4) Other than those given as options                 5) Geography

Q6. Four of the following five form a group as per the given arrangement. Which of the following does not belong to that group? 
1) R – Cars                 2) Q – Shrek                 3) N – Up                  4) M – Frozen                 5) P – Rio

Q7. Which of the following combinations is definitely correct? 
1) N – chemistry                   2) R – History                   3) L – English                 4) All the given combinations are definitely correct               5) P – Geography

Q8. Which of the following combinations of movie and subject is definitely correct with respect to N?
1) Up – Chemistry                  2) Other than those given as options.                 3) Shrek – Geography                   4) Up – Geography           5) Finding Nemo – History

Q9. Four of the following five form a group as per the given arrangement. Which of the following does not belong to that group?
1) Biology – Cars             2) Chemistry – Lion King                 3) Civics – Shrek                  4) English – Frozen                 5) Geography – Up

Q10. Which of the following given option is not correct?
1) Shrek-Q                 2) Other than those given as options.                 3) Finding Nemo-History
4) Lion king – Chemistry                  5) Cars -Geography


1. 4               2. 2               3. 3              4. 5              5. 4               6. 5              7. 3              8. 4              9. 4            10.5


English Quiz

Directions: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’ the answer is 5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any)

Q1. In an attempt to boost their profits, 1)/ many tea producing companies 2)/ have engaging themselves in propaganda against commonly used tea 3)/ and promoting expensive varieties of tea. 4)/ No error 5)

Q2. Indians with accounts in some Swiss banks 1)/ and other European bank have been asked 2)/ from their banks 3)/ to disclose their accounts to Indian tax authorities. 4) /No error 5)

Q3. Union finance Minister has virtual 1)/ denied the annual revision of pension, 2)/ a demand 3)/ of the protesting ex-service men. 4)/No error 5)

Q4. E-commerce giant Flipkart 1)/ has launched the instant refund facility 2)/ it will allow customers 3)/ to get refunds within 24 hours of returning the product. 4)/ No error 5)

Q5. 70% of the revenue department posts 1)/ are lying vacant 2)/ which is impacting its foreign investigation 3)/ and probes in sensitive cases. 4)/ No error 5)

Directions: Which of the phrases 1), 2), 3) and 4) given below each statement should replace the phrase which is underlined in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and No correction is required, mark 5) as the answer.

Q6. Today, emerging markets account of more than half of world GDP on the basis of purchasing power.
1) accounts of                 2) account for                 3) accounting of                 4) accounted of                 5) No correction required

Q7. There is no points in fear from death because it will come today or after hundred years.
1) point of fear                 2) point to fear                 3) point like fear                 4) point in fearing                 5) No correction required

Q8. The powerful upper caste prejudice again reservations.
1) against reservations                 2) again reservation                 3) against to reservation                 4) again to reservation
5) No correction required

Q9. The structure had its failures.
1) have had its                  2) had have its                  3) had their                  4) had the                 5) No correction required

Q10. City planning has undergone several changes from Independence.
1) far Independence                   2) since Independence                  3) for Independence                  4) from the Independence
5) No correction required


1. 3; Add ‘been’ after ‘have’

2. 3; Replace ‘from’ with ‘by’

3. 1; Replace ‘virtual’ with ‘virtually’

4. 3; Replace ‘it’ with ‘which’

5. 4; Replace ‘in’ with ‘into’

6. 2

7. 4

8. 1

9. 5

10. 2


Computer Quiz

Q1.To select a column the easiest method is to
a)double click any cell in the column                 b)drag from the top cell in the column to the last cell in the column
c)click the column heading                 d)click the row heading                 e)None of the above

Q2.In which version of DOS, CHKDSK command has been changed to SCANDISK?
a)5.0                 b)5.2                 c)6.0                 d)6.2                 e)None of these

Q3.The cell accepts your typing as its contents, if you press
a)Enter                 b)Ctrl + Enter                 c)Tab                 d)Insert                 e)None of these

Q4.Which of the following bypasses the print dialog box when printing individual slides or an entire presentation?
a)File, print preview                 b)Print button                 c)File, print                 d)Ctrl + p                 e)None of these

Q5.To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use the
a)title master                 b)slide master                 c)handout master                 d)All of these                 e)None of these

Q6.Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view?
a)Esc key                 b)Spacebar                 c)Enter key                 d)Mouse button                 e)None of these

Q7.Which of the following is the greatest advantage of coaxial cabling?
a)High security                 b)Physical dimensions                 c)Long distances                 d)Easily tapped                 e)All of these

Q8.In MS-Access, a table can have primary Key/keys.
a)One                 b)Two                 c)Three                 d)Four                 e)None of these

Q9.Which of the following is not a property of twisted-pair cabling?
a)Twisted-pair cabling is a relatively low-speed transmission                 b)The wires can be shielded
c)The wires can be unshielded                  d)Twisted-pair cable carries signals as light waves                 e)All of the above

Q10.The most familiar output device for the micro computers is
a)screen                 b)TV                 c)printer                 d)monitor                 e)None of these


1. c           2. d            3. a            4. b              5. c              6. a             7. c             8. a              9. d             10.d

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