Quiz – 138

Quiz – 138

Quant Quiz

Q1. 1728 / cuberoot(262144) * ? – 288 = 4491
1) 164              2) 167              3) 173              4) 187              5) None of these

Q2. (47 × 588) ÷ (28 × 120) = ?
1) 8.225              2) 8.160              3) 7.5              4) 7.115              5) None of these

Q3. 45 % of 224 × (?) % of 120 = 8104.32
1) 63              2) 87              3) 103              4) 67              5) None of these

Q4. 11960 ÷ ? = 65 × 23 × 2
1) 8              2) 3              3) 6              4) 4              5) None of these

Q5. 6 1/6 + 16 1/5 = ?
1) 22 11/30              2) 22 2/5              3) 222/11              4) 22 13/30              5) None of these

Directions: What should come in the place of question mark(?) in the following numbers series :

Q6. 14, 12, 21, 59, 231, ?
1) 812              2) 979              3) 1149              4) 1098              5) None of these

Q7. 121, 144, 190, 259, 351, ?
1) 466              2) 486              3) 473              4) 484              5) None of these

Q8. 12, 12, 18, 45, 180, 1170, ?
1) 9475              2) 11522              3) 11425              4) 12285              5) None of these

Q9. 380, 465, 557, 656, 762, 875, ?
1) 975              2) 968              3) 987              4) 990              5) None of these

Q10. 16, 24, 36, 54, ?, 121.5
1) 86              2) 81              3) 79              4) 92              5) None of these


1. 5           2. 1          3. 4          4. 4           5. 1           6. 3          7. 1          8. 4          9. 5            10. 2



Directions :- In the following questions a fact or situation is given followed by two suggested courses. A course of action is a step of administrative decision taken for improvement or follow- up action. Read the situation and then decide which of the given courses of action follows.
Give answer,
(a) if only course of action I follows
(b) if only course of action II follows
(c) if both the course of action follow
(d) if neither follows
(e) If the data given is inadequate

Q1) Statement : The officer in-charge of a company had a hunch that some money was missing from the safe.
Courses of Action :
I) He should get it recounted with the help of the staff and check it with the balance sheet
II) He should inform the police.

Q2) Statement : Doordarshan is concerned about the quality of its programmes particularly in view of stiff competition it is facing from Star and other satellite TV channels and is contemplating various measures to attract talent for its programers. 
Courses of Action :
I. In an effort to attract talent, the Doordarshan has decided to revise its fee structure for the artists.
II. The fee structure should not be revised until other electronic media also revise it.

Q3) Statement : Since its launching in 1981, Vayudoot has so far accumulated losses amounting to Rs. 153 crore during the last ten years. 
Courses of Action :
I) Vayudoot should be directed to reduce wasteful expenditure and to increase passenger fare
II) An amount of about Rs. 300 crore should be provided to vayudoot to make the airlines economically viable.

Q4) Statement : Youngsters are often found staring at obscene posters.
Courses of Action : 
I) Children should be punished and penalised if they are found doing so.
II) Any display of such materials should be banned.

Q5) Statement: Exporters in the capital are alleging that commercial banks are violating a RBI directive to operate a post shipment export credit denominated in foreign Currency at international interest rate from January this year.
Courses of Action : 
I) The officers concerned in the commercial banks are to be suspended.
II) The RBI Should be asked to stop giving such directives to commercial banks.

Q6) Statement : India’s performance in the recent Busan Asian – Games was very poor. Government has spent a few crores in training and deputing a team of players to participate in these games.
Courses of Action: 
I) India should stop sending players to the future Asian games.
II) Government should immediately set up an enquiry commission to find out the reason for India’s dismal performance.

Q7) Statement : Courts take too long in deciding important disputes of various departments. 
Courses of Action : 
I) Courts should be ordered to speed up matters.
II) Special powers should be granted to officers to settle disputes concerning their department.

Q8) Statement : A shop – keeper was reported to be selling adulterated grains.
Courses of Action : 
I) He should be fined and shop sealed.
II) He should be asked to leave the town and open a shop elsewhere.

Q9) Statement : A train has derailed near a station while moving over a bridge and fell into the river. 
Courses of Action : 
I) The Railway Authorities should clarify the reason of the accident to the Government.
II) The Government should allocate founds to compensate the destruction caused .

Q10) Statement : The librarian finds some case in which the pages from certain books issued from the library, are torn. 
Courses of Action : 
I) The Librarian should keep a record of books issued by each student, and if the pages are found torn, strict measures should be taken against the child who had been issued that book.
II) Some funds should be collected from the children collectively to renovate the library.


1) a Clearly, a suspicion first needs to be confirmed and only when it is confirmed , should an action be taken. So only course I follows.

2) a Clearly, the decision to revise its fee structure for artists is taken by Doordarshan as a remedy to the challenging problem that had arisen before it. It cannot wait till other media lack action. So only course I follows.

3) a Clearly, for better economic gain, losses should be reduced and income should be increased. So only course I follows.

4) b Bad things attract more and punishment after the act has been committed is no remedy. The act should be prevented so only II follows.

5) d The statement mentions that the commercial banks violate a directive issued by the RBI. The remedy is only to make the banks implement the act . So none of the courses follows.

6) b Clearly to compete against a challenge, the first step must be to find out where the lackening is . So only course II follows.

7) e For quick disposal of cases, either the matters in the court should be speeded up or the matters should be cleared up in their respective departments to prevent the delay. So both the courses follow.

8) a Clearly if allowed to continue without being punished , the shopkeeper would create the problem elsewhere. So course I shall follow.

9) d What is necessary is the preventive measures to protect the passengers and pay them adequate compensation. So, none of the courses follow.

10) a Clearly, Precaution should be taken to catch the guilty person and punish him for the act. This alone will help curb the wrong practice. So only course I will follow.



Directions (Q.1-5). Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.
(A) Would you steal a software program out of a retail shop?
(B) The industry on its part has formed an organisation to specially gather information, educate and  drag the software  pirates to courts.
(C) But more than the legality, there is always a different way of looking at piracy and that is in terms of morality.
(D) The Government on the other hand has initiated National Enforcement Committees.
(E) As far as the issue of tackling piracy is concerned, both the industry and the Government have already started initiating action.

Q1. Which of the following should be the third sentence?
a. E                  b. A                    c. B                d. D              e. C

Q2.Which of the following should be the first sentence?
a. B               b. C                   c. A              d. E              e. D

Q3.Which of the following should be the second sentence?
a. A              b. D                   c. C              d. E              e. B

Q4. Which of the following should be the last sentence? 
a. C             b. B                   c. E              d. A              e. D

Q5.Which of the following should be the fourth sentence?
a. D            b. B                 c. C              d. A               e. E

Directions (Q.6-10): In each one of the following sentences, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five pairs of words. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it, meaningfully complete.

Q6.Our country has been _______ with _______ because it was founded upon sound principles by people of strong moral   character.
a.Gifted, perfection              b.Expanse, vastness              c.Swept, politics              d.Blessed, greatness              e.Cultured, decency

Q7.Alcohol ______ is responsible for about 4 per cent of global _______ of disease
a.consumption, risk              b.waste, increase              c use, burden              d.growth, expansion              e.penetration, retention

Q8.While his _______ concerts are still somewhat rare, this album will keep his fans _______.
a.Big, gloomy              b.Live, happy              c.Live, engage              d.Apthatic, aware              e.Recent, happy

Q9.Time______rational and cool minds _______ prevail.
a.To, to              b.For, for              c.To, for              d.For, to              e.For, in

Q10.There is, ________, a breach of the requirements of fairness and transparency even at the _________ level.
a.Continuously, higher              b.Consequently, higher              c.Subsequently, lower              d.Consequently, basic              e.Subsequently, higher


1.  d            2.  d            3.  e            4.  d            5.  c               6.  d               7.  a               8.  b               9.  d               10.d


Computer Quiz

Q1.Memory unit is one part of
a)Input device               b)Control unit              c)Output device               d)Central Processing Unit              e)None of these.

Q2.A __________ is a small program embedded inside of a GIF image.
a)web bug               b)cookie              c)spyware application              d)spam              e)None of these.

Q3.This power protection device includes a battery that provides a few minutes of power.
a)surge suppressor               b)line conditioner              c)generator               d)UPS              e)None of these.

Q4.Dot matrix and band printers are __________ printers
a)laser               b)impact              c)ink jet               d)thermal              e)None of these.

Q5.In a laser printer, the __________ transfers the image to the paper
a)laser               b)roller              c)toner               d)drum              e)None of these.

Q6.What type of network is commonly used in a college lab environment?
a)WAN               b)MAN              c)LAN               d)CAN              e)None of these.

Q7.CPU’s processing power is measured in
a)Hours               b)Minutes              c)Million instructions per second               d)Second              e)None of these.

Q8.The first step in the transaction processing cycle is___________
a)database operations              b)audit              c)data entry               d)user inquiry              e)None of these.

Q9.What term is used to describe information coming into a computer that is in bad form, or is incorrect, andwill improperly affect the decision-making process?
a)GIGO               b)Tainted data              c)Dirty information               d)Scrubbed data              e)None of these.

Q10.Which one is the protocol?
a)Bus               b)Star              c)NetBEUI               d)Hybrid              e)None of these.


1.  d               2.  a               3.  d               4.  b               5.  d               6.  c               7.  c               8.  c               9.  A               10.c

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