QUIZ 120

QUIZ 120

Quant Quiz

Q1. The average of 3 prime numbers lying between 47 and 74 is 191/3.  The greatest possible difference between any two out of the 3 prime numbers is:
(a) 12                 (b) 14                 (c) 18                 (d) 24                 (e) can’t be determined

Q2. The average score of Dhoni after 48 innings is 48 and in the 49th innings Dhoni scores 97 runs. In the 50th innings the minimum number of runs required to increase his average score by 2 than it was before the 50th innings:
(a) 99                 (b) 149                 (c) 151                 (d) 171                 (e) can’t be determined

Q3. In a village the average age of n people is 42 years. But after the verification it was found that the age of a person had been considered 20 years less than the actual age, so the new average, after the correction, increased by 1. The value of n is:
(a) 21                 (b) 20                 (c) 22                 (d) 24                 (e) none of these

Q4. Bhupesh sells two types of tea viz. Desi Chai and Videshi chai. He sells Desi Chai at Rs. 18 per kg and incurs a loss of 10% whereas on selling the Videshi Chai at Rs. 30 per kg, he gains 20%. In what proportion should the Desi Chai and Videshi chai be mixed such that he can gain a profit of 25% by selling the mixture at Rs. 27.5 per kg?
(a) 3 : 2                 (b) 2 : 3                 (c) 2 : 5                 (d) 3 : 5                 (e) none of these

Q5. The diluted wine contains only 8 litres of wine and the rest is water. A new mixture whose concentration is 30%, is to be formed by replacing wine. How many litres of mixture shall be replaced with pure wine if there was initially 32 litres of water in the mixture?
(a) 4                  (b) 5                  (c) 8                  (d) 10                  (e) none of these

Q6. A milk man had a mixture of milk in which ratio of milk and water is 5 : 3. He sells 40 litres of milk i.e, mixture then the adds up 15 litres of pure water. Now the ratio of milk and water is 5 : 4. What is the new quantity of mixture?
(a) 72 litres                  (b) 270 litres                  (c) 135 litres                  (d) data insufficient                  (e) none of these

Q7. Rs. 960 were distributed among A, B, C and D in such in way that C and D together gets half of what A and B together gets and C gets one-third amount of B. Also D gets 5/3 times as much as C. What is the amount of A?
(a) Rs. 240                  (b)  Rs. 280                  (c) Rs. 320                  (d) data insufficient                  (e) Rs. 4500

Q8. The cost of packaging of the mangoes is 40% the cost of fresh mangoes themselves. The cost of mangoes increased by 30% but the cost of packaging decreases by 50%, then the percentage change of the cost of packed mangoes, if the cost of packed mangoes is equal to the sum of the cost of fresh mangoes and cost of packaging:
(a) 14.17                  (b) 7.14%                  (c) 6.66%                  (d) 8.64%                  (e) none of these

Q9. Abhinav scores 80% in Physics and 66% in chemistry and the maximum marks of both the papers are 100. What per cent does he score in Maths which is of 200 marks, if the scores 80% marks in all the three subjects:
(a) 74 %                  (b) 84 %                  (c) 87 %                  (d) 83 %                  (e) none of these

Q10. A dishonest trader marks up his goods by 80% and gives discount of 25%. Besides he gets 20% more amount per kg from wholeseller and sells 10% less per kg to customer. What is the overall profit percentage?
(a) 80 %                  (b) 60 %                  (c) 70 %                  (d) 65 %                  (e) none of these

Q11. A merchant earns 25% profit in general. Once his 25% consignment was abducted forever by some goondas. Trying to compensate his loss he sold the rest amount by increasing his selling price by 20%. What is the new percentage profit or loss?
(a) 10 % loss                  (b) 12.5 % loss                  (c) 12.5 %    profit                  (d) 11.11% loss                  (e) none of these

Q12. Akbar lends twice the interest received from Birbal to chanakya at the half of the interest at which he lent to Birbal. If Akbar lent Rs. P @ r% per annum for 1 year to Birbal then the interest received by Akbar from Chanakya is:
(a) Pr2/100                  (b) (Pr/10)2                  (c) P (r/10)2                  (d) P (r/100)2                  (e) none of these

Q13. The ratio of the amount for two years under CI annually and for one year under SI is 6 : 5. When the rate of interest is same, then the value of rate of interest is:
(a) 12.5 %                  (b) 18 %                  (c) 20 %                  (d) 16.66 %                  (e) none of these

Q14. Sunidhi borrowed Rs. 10815, which is to be paid back in 3 equal half yearly installments. If the interest is compounded half yearly at 40/3% per annum, how much is each installment?
(a) 2048                  (b) 3150                  (c) 4096                  (d) 5052                   (e) none of these

Q15. The difference between simple and compound interest for the fourth year is Rs. 7280 at 20% p.a. What is the principal sum?
(a) 10000                  (b) 5000                  (c) 1 lakh                  (d) 4000                  (e) 8275

Answer & Explanation

1. (c) Since there are 6 prime between 47 and 74 as

53, 59,61,67,71,73

& there are two combination of sum of 191 is (53 + 67 + 71) & (59 + 61 + 71)

Difference between largest & smallest no. of both sets are 18 & 12 respectively

Hence 18 is possible difference.


2. (b) Avg. score of Dhoni after 49th Innings = (48 + 48 + 97)/49 i.e. 49

Now requirement of Avg. after 50th innings = (49 + 2)

Hence Score in 50th innings = (50 * 51) – (49 * 49) = 149

3. (b) (n* 42) + 20 = (n* 43)

= x = 20




6. Milk Water

5x                                 3x                        (Initially)

(5x – 25)                      (3x + 5)              (After selling 40 litre of mixture)

5x – 25                        (3x – 15 + 15)   (On adding 15L pure water)

Now Given that…..

(5x – 25)/3x = 5/4

X = 20

New quantity of mixture = 5x – 25 + 3x = 135 litre


7. (b) from question

C + D = (A + B)/2

Since, C = B/3 ……………………..(i)and

D = 5/3 C ………………………….(ii)

From (i) and (ii)

B : C : D = 9 : 3 : 5

Let B,C,D  are 9x, 3x and 5x respectively

Since,  A + B = 2 (C + D)

A + 9x = 2 (3x + 5x)

Hence A = 7x

Therefore, Share of A = (7x/24x)* 9600

= 280 Rs.


8. CP of fresh mango + Packaging cost = Total cost

1 + 0.4 = 1.4 (initial cost)and

1.3 + 0.2 = 1.5 (final cost)

Hence, Increase in cost = [(1.5 – 1.4)/1.4]* 100 = 7.14%


9. Let he scores ‘x’ marks in Math


80 + 66 + x = 80% of (100 + 100 + 200)

X = 320 – 146

= 174

% of math marks = (174 * 100)/ (200 = 87%


10. (a) CP = 100/120 = 10/12 (Since he purchase 120 g & pays Rs.100)

And, SP = 135/90 = 3/2

Actual MP = 180 & Actual SP = [135 with 25% discount]

Therefore, Profit % = (18/12 – 10/12)* 100/ (10/12) = 80%


  1. (c)
  2. (d)
  3. (c)
  4. (c)
  5. (b)


Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): In each of the following questions a question is followed by information given in three statements. You have to study the question along with the statements and decide the information given in which statements(s) is sufficient to answer the questions:

Q1. Among P, Q, R, S, T and U, who is smaller than only the tallest ?
I) Q is taller than P and T.
II) U is smaller than R and S but taller than Q.
III) T is smaller than R, who is not the tallest.
1) Only I and II                  2) Only I and III                  3) Only II and III                  4) All I, II and III are necessary                 5) None of these

Q2. How is P related to Q ?
I) R, S and Q are siblings.
II) R is the only maternal aunt of U, who is the only daughter of S.
III) S’s father is married to P’s wife, who has three children.
1) Only I and II                  2) Only I and III                  3) Only II and III                  4) All I, II and III are necessary                 5) None of these

Q3. Who among A, B, C and D is in white shirt ? Each of them is wearing a shirt of different colour viz. Red, Yellow, White and Green but not necessarily in the same order ?
I) A is not wearing Red shirt.
II) B is in Yellow shirt but C is neither in Red nor in Green shirt.
III) D is either in Red or Yellow shirt.
1) Only I                  2) Only II                  3) Only I and III                  4) Only I and II                  5) Only II and III

Q4. How many students are there between X and Y in a column of 50 students ?
I) Y is twenty first from the last and X is twenty second from the top.
II) X is two places away towards last from Z, who is sixth from the top, and Y is second from the last.
III) Y is sixteen places away from V, who is sixteen from the last.
1) Only I                  2) Only II                  3) Only III                  4) Both I and II                  5) Either I or II

Q5. In a certain code language ‘you are fine’ is written as ‘no la so’. How is ‘fine’ written in that code language ?
I) ‘ A fine dramatic story’ is written as ‘la jo ni da’.
II) ‘Fine creative art’ is written as ‘qa la yo’.
III) ‘New wonderful fine illusion’ is written as ‘chi su la tic’.
1) Only I                  2) Only II                  3) Only III                 4) Only I and II                  5) Any of I, II and III is sufficient

Direction (Q. 6-10): In the following questions, assuming the given statements to be true find out which conclusion(s) is/are definitely true and give answer:
1) If only conclusion I is true. 
2) If only conclusion II is true.
3) If either conclusion I or II is true. 
4) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II is true.
5) If of both conclusion I and II are true.

Q6. Statement: K < L            L = Q              Q > S
Conclusion: I. K < S           II. S > K

Q7. Statement: N > O          R ≥ T            O ≤ R
Conclusion: I. N > R              II. O ≥ T

Q8. Statement: Q < S              S = M              M ≤ U
Conclusion:  I. M > Q             II. Q < U

Q9. Statement: D = E           E ≤ Q               L > Q
Conclusion:  I. D ≤ Q               II. E < L

Q10. Statement: D > E             E = N             N < M
Conclusion: I. D = N                II. M < D

Q11. Statements: Under the reverse repo rate the commercial banks gives loans to the Reserve Bank of India for short period of time for which the commercial banks gets interest from the RBI, on the other hand the commercial banks has the option to give the money as loan to the people through which they can earn more money but still the commercial bank prefer giving the loan to the RBI and not the people. So, what could be the main reason behind this ?
I) The commercial banks of India follow the concept of the universal banking.
II) The people can be defaulter and giving the money to the people can be a risk of increasing NPA.
III) Giving money to RBI is a more safer option.
IV) The monetary policy of India says that the Commercial Banks of India has to give some part of their total money to the RBI as the loan.
1) Only I               2) Only I and II               3) Only II               4) Only III               5) All I, II, III and IV

Q12. Statements: India during the month of July to September in the reason of Monsoon receives the heavy rainfall but the Western part of Rajasthan i.e. Thar Desert receives very less amount of rainfall or we can say it receives almost no rainfall. so what could be the main reason that thar Desert receiving such low rainfall ?
I) The South western monsoon which comes from the Arabian sea side when reaches Rajasthan moves parallel to the Aravallis.
II) The South Western monsoon which comes from the Bay of Bengal side when reaches the Thar Desert, it is out of moisture.
III) The Thar Desert lies in the high pressure zone due to which very fast winds blow away the clouds.
IV) The monsoon winds on India don’t move towards the Thar Desert in Rajasthan.
1) Only I                2) Only II               3) Only III               4) Only I and II               5) Only I, II and III

Q13. Statements: In the recent past we have seen that the demand of gold in the Indian market is continuously increasing and the people are purchasing huge amount of gold but on the other hand the government of India is continuously asking the people of India not to buy the gold as it is hampering the economic growth of the country. What could be the negative effect of the rising demand of gold on the economy of the country.
I) People in the India has to pay in rupees for the gold where as the country needs to pay in dollars in international market for the gold due to which the foreign reserve of India is continuously decreasing.
II) The country is paying more for the imports.
III) The demand of dollar is increasing in the international market due to which the value of Indian rupee is devaluating.
IV) Increasing demand of gold is promoting black marketing in India.
1) Only I and II                2) Only IV                3) Only III and IV               4) Only II,III and IV               5) Only I, II and III

Q14. Statements: Base rate is the minimum rate of interest at which the commercial banks gives loans to its any customer whether prime or ordinary customer. The base rate is decided by the individual banks but the RBI has made it mandatory for the banks to put the Base rate on the notice board of the banks. What could be the main reason behind the action taken by the RBI.
1) The RBI wants to make the market transparent.
2) The RBI wants to show its monopoly to other banks.
3) The RBI wants to reduce the bargaining in the commercial banks.
4) The RBI wants to divide the customers to other banks also.
5) None of these

Q15. Statements: Crime today is getting more diabolic than ever, especially the one perpetrated against women. The agony of the brutal gang rape and subsequent death of the paramedical student in New Delhi still haunts our collective conscience, while the country continues to reel under sexual assaults everyday. What course of Action government should take to reduce the sexual crime against the women in India.
1) The government should increase more female police force in the country.
2) The government should make a special women complaint cell where the women are more comfortable to come.
3) The government should work on making more strict laws and subsequently work on speedy trials against female related crimes.
4) The government should work on providing self defense training to the women’s in India.
5) All of thes

Answer & Explanation

1. 4

From I : Q > P > T or Q > T > P

From II : R > S > U > Q or S > R > U > Q

From III : R > T, but R is not the tallest.

From I, II and III : S > R > U > Q > T > P

Or S > R > U > Q > P > T



From I : R, S, Q are siblings.

From II : R is the only maternal aunt of U and S is either mother of father of U.

From III : P is S’s father and has three children.

From I and III: P is father of R, S and Q.



From: A notRed

From II: B —- Yellow

C –neither Red nor Green. Clearly C is in White shirt.

From III : D —- Either Red or Yellow. II alone is sufficient.



From I: Number of student between X and Y = 50 – (21 + 22) = 7

From II : Number of student between X and Y = 50 – ( 8 + 2) = 40

From III : Nothing is given about Y.

So, Either I alone or II alone is sufficient.



You are fine —- no la so …………. (i)

From I: a fine dramatic story —- la jo ni da ………….. (ii)

From II: fine creative art —- qa la yo……………. (iii)

From III: new wonderful fine illusion —- chi su la tic …………… (iv)


from (i) and (ii) fine —- la ( I alone is sufficient).

from (i) and (iii) fine —– la (II alone is sufficient).

from (i) and (iv) fine —- la (III alone is sufficient).


6 .4

7. 4 

8. 5

9. 5

10. 4


  1. 3; The banks in India follow the concept of Narrow banking and since the customers are defaulters, the banks prefer giving the money to the RBI and earn little interest so that there NPA (Non Performing Assets) are not increased.


  1. 4; The South West monsoon in India comes in two branches the Arabian Sea branch and Bay of Bengal branch, the Arabian Sea branch strikes the Aravallis and due to the height of the mountains they are unable to cross the mountains and the Thar desert lies on the leeward side. The Bay of Bengal after striking with the Himalayas moves towards the northern part of India but till the time it reaches the Thar desert, it is out of moisture.


  1. 5;The huge demand of gold is forcing India to buy more gold from the international market for which they are paying dollars which is reducing the foreign reserves of India and promoting the imports due to which the demand of dollar increases in the international market leading to the devaluation of the Indian rupee.


  1. 1;Before the advent of Base Rate the banks were giving loans to the customers at the rate of interest they desire. So, in order to make the market more transparent the RBI introduced the Base Rate.


  1. 3;Lack of strict laws and speedy trails in India is the only main reason behind the increasing of female crimes in India because the criminals are aware of the flexible judicial system of India and also the slow process of Judiciary.


English (Mix Quiz)

Directions (Q. 1- 5): Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.
(A) There are a number of items in the atomic energy programme which are being made indigenously.
(B) Given the overall energy situation in India, the use of nuclear power in some measure is inescapable even while thermal and hydro power continue to be the dominant elements.
(C) However, commercial aspects of exploiting nuclear capabilities, especially for power-generation programmes, have been recently given high priority.
(D) Atomic energy programmes have been subject to severe restrictions for very obvious reasons as the Department of Atomic Energy is becoming self-reliant in areas in which only a few countries have such capability.
(E) Even to meet these nuclear power requirements, India critically requires a commercial-level power-generation capability, with its commensurate safety and nuclear waste management arrangements.
(F) Thus, in the Indian context energy security is also crucial, perhaps much more than it is for the USA, because India imports a good part of its crude oil requirements, paying for it with precious foreign exchange.

Q1. Which of the following will be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?
(1) A               (2) B               (3) C               (4) D               (5) E

Q2. Which of the following will be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
(1) A               (2) B               (3) C               (4) D               (5) E

Q3. Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
(1) A               (2) B               (3) C               (4) D               (5) E

Q4. Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
(1) A               (2) B               (3) C               (4) D               (5) E

Q5. Which of the following will be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement? 
(1) A               (2) B               (3) C                (4) D               (5) E

Directions (6- 10): Which of the phrase (1), (2), (3), (4) given below each sentences should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (5) is ‘No correction required’ as the answer.

Q6. He has visited many places all over the city looked at the perfect location to set up his factory.
(1) looking out               (2) looking for               (3) looking after               (4) looked forward to               (5) No correction required

Q7. No traffic will be allowed in this area since the minister visit scheduled today.
(1) minister’s visit                  (2) minister is visiting                 (3) minister’s visit is                   (4) visit of the minister
(5 ) No correction required

Q8. Medical treatment here is very expensive that they had to sell off their land to pay for it.
(1) quite expensive and               (2) too expensive for               (3) so expensive but               (4) more expensive
(5) No correction required

Q9. To be successful it is important to know why your failure in the past and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
(1) Why you had failed                   (2) because you have failed              (3) that your failure               (4) where you were failed
(5) No correction required

Q10. These hand woven shawls are much in demand in many European countries.
(1) were much demand                     (2) are lots of demand                 (3) demanded much                 (4) will be lot of demand                 (5) No correction required

Directions (Q. 11-15) In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers (1), (2), (3)), ,(4) and (5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningfully complete.

Q11. The _______ growth of Indian agriculture in the last three decades has earned_______from other countries. 
(1) pervasive, reputation                  (2) significant, deliverance                  (3) superior, regard                 (4) dynamic, accolades                 (5) distinctive, accolades

Q12. College-going students should ________ the spirit of service from the great men of ______.
(1) inculcate, power                      (2) develop, possession                 (3) invent, wisdom                 (4) analyze, distinction
(5) imbibe, yore

Q13. The planting of tree on the _____________of towns and villages helps the ___________of a country.
(1) surface, beautification                 (2) periphery, output                 (3) joints, production                 (4) vicinity, cultivation
(5) outskirts, afforestation

Q14. The human infant is a life- long bundle of energy with a ________ array of potentialities, and many.
(1) marvellous, vulnerabilities                 (2) peculiar, opportunities                  (3) critical, competencies
(4) vocational, strengths                 (5) perfect, peculiarities

Q15. His presentation was so lengthy and _____________ that it was difficult for us to find out the real _____________ in it.
(1) boring, planning                 (2) tedious, skill                 (3) verbose, skill                 (4) laborious, coverage                 (5) simple, meaning


1. 5               2. 1               3. 4               4. 2               5. 3               6. 2               7. 3               8. 1               9. 1               10. 5               11. 4               12. 5               13. 5               14. 5               15. 3


Computer Quiz

Q1.If you change Windows 98 to Windows XP, you are actually performing ………..
a)Upstart                 b)upgrade                 c)update                 d)patch                 e)None of these

Q2.Your position in the text is shown by a ……….
a)Blinker                    b)Cursor                 c)Causer                    d)Pointer                 e)None of these

Q3.When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off–
a)RAM                 b)Motherboard                 c)Secondary storage device                 d)Primary storage device                 e)None of these

Q4.A device, which is not connected to CPU, is called as …….
a)land-line device                 b)On-line device                 c)Off-line device                 d)Device                 e)None of the above

Q5.The first graphical web browser are?
a)Gopher                 b)WAIS                 c)CERN                 d)Mosaic                 e)None of these

Q6.Rotational delay time is also known as
a)Seek time                 b)Shift time                 c)Latency                 d)Access time                 e)None of these

Q7.Pascal is
a)A high-level programming language                 b)Named after Blaise Pascal
c)Named after mathematician that facilitates structured programming techniques              d)All of the above         e)None of these

Q8.EDVAC stands for_______
a)Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer                 b)Electronic Discrete Value Automatic Computer
c)Electronic Device Variable Automatic Computer                 d)Electronic Discrete Variable Advanced Computer
e)None of these

Q9.As you create documents, graphs and pictures your computer holds the data in—
a)Restore file                 b)Backup drive                 c)Clip board                 d)Memory                 e)None of these

Q10.………processing is used when a large mail-order company accumulates orders and processes them together inone large set.
a)Batch                 b)Online                 c)Real-time                 d)Group                 e)None of these


1.b               2.b               3.c               4.c               5.d               6.c               7.d               8.a               9.d               10.a

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