Table 6

Refer the table and answer the given questions.
Total Population in Five Cities = 30,00,000

CitiesTotal Population

(In Lakhs)

Rural /UrbanMale/ FemaleLiterate /Illiterate% of Graduate total population

Q1. The total population of Mumbai and Hyderabad is 12,25,000. The difference between the total population of Mumbai and Hyderabad is 55000. If the Hyderabad has more population than Mumbai then the urban population of Mumbai and Hyderabad together is approximately what percent of total population of these two Cities?
1.36%              2.41%              3.54%              4.62%              5.65%

Q2. If the population of Mumbai is 105000 more than Bangalore then approximately, by what percent of urban population of Mumbai less than its Rural population?
1.15%             2.17%             3.25%             4.28%            5.None of the Above

Q3. One – fourth of total population of Hyderabad is 1,60,000.  If the total number of Literate in Chennai and Bangalore are 48% and 44% of their population.The total number of literates in these cities is approximately what percentage compared to the total population of the same?
1.30%             2.35%             3.40%             4.45%             5.50%

Q4.What is the sum of male population in Chennai and female population in Bangalore together ?
1.5,70,000             2.6,20,500             3.6,40,500             4.6,60,000                5.None of the Above

Q5. If the percentage of literate graduates in Hyderabad is 1/5 th of literate graduates in Chennai then what is the difference between the number of literate graduates from Bangalore and Hyderabad?
1.234550            2.243550            3.244350            4.255340            5.255550


1. 2

2. 2

3. 4

4. 3

5. 3

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