Table 17

Study the table carefully to answer the questions that follow:
Distance(in Km) travelled by six cars on six different days of the week.


Q1. What is the difference between the average distance covered by Car D in all the days together and the average distance covered by all the cars together on Saturday? 
1. 25.16                     2. 26.16                     3. 27.16                     4. 28.16                     5.None of the Above

Q2. If the speed of the car A on Monday was 19.2 Km/hr, and the speed on Wednesday was 20 Km/hr and on Friday was 30 Km/hr. What was the approximate average time taken(in hours) by it to cover the distance on given days?
1.16 hours                     2.15 hours                     3.18 hours                     4.13 hours                     5.None of the Above

Q3. If to travel the given distance, the time taken by Car B on all the days was 8 hours, What was the average speed of the Car on all the days together?
1. 45.27 kmph               2. 35.29 kmph               3. 25.27 kmph                4. 15.26 kmph                5.None of the Above

Q4. Total distance travelled by all the cars together on Friday and Saturday is what percent of total distance travelled by all the cars together on Monday and Tuesday?
1.94%                     2.92%                     3.90%                     4.93%                     5.None of the Above

Q5. If on Tuesday, Car C and Car E travelled at the same speed, what was the ratio of the time taken by Car C and that taken by Car E to cover their respective distances?
1. 161 : 173                     2. 173 : 159                     3. 154 : 159                     4. 161 : 154                     5. None of the Above


1. 3

2. 4

3. 2

4. 1

5. 3

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