Table 12

Study the following table carefully to answer the following questions given below

CompanyTotal no of EmployeesOut of Total no of employees
% of Science Graduates% of Commerce Graduates% of Engineering Graduates

Q1. The average no of Engineering graduates and commerce graduates in CTS was 520. What was the total no of employees in CTS ?
1.960               2.1920               3.1250               4.1600               5.None of these

Q2. If the ratio of no of commerce graduates to that of Engineering  graduates in Wipro was 9:6, what was the no of engineering graduates in Wipro ?
1.588               2.466               3.755               4.634               5.None of these

Q3. If the difference between the no of Engineering graduate employees in Infosys and that in HCL was 300. What was the total no of employees in HCL. Assume no of employees in HCL and Infosys are same ?
1.760               2.1120               3.900               4.1000               5.None of these

Q4. The total no of employees in TCS is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%, what is the total number of Science graduates in TCS ?
1.201               2.195               3.312               4.106               5.None of these

Q5. If the total no of employees in Infosys is equal to  twice the number of students in HCL .What is the ratio of number of commerce graduates in TCS to the no of engineering graduates in Infosys(Total no of employees in HCL is 1000) ?
1.217:400               2.21:20               3.4:7               4.135:317               5.None of these


1. 4

2. 1

3. 4

4. 2

5. 1

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