Table 10

Data related to salary structure of 5 individuals from different Organizations in September 2016

Persons Basic Salary Total Allowance Total Deduction Net Salary
Harish 22000 24500
Manoj 3750 27000
Rajesh 9600 12000 2500 22500
Selva 11520 13200
Tiya 20300 6400

Total Deduction = Provident fund deduction(which is 10% of basic salary)+ other deduction
Net salary = Basic salary + Total allowance – Total deduction

Q1. If other deduction of Harish was Rs.4320, what was his net salary ?
1.Rs.39980         2.Rs.27560         3.Rs.32520             4.Rs.40,500             5.None of these

Q2. The basic salary of Selva is what % more than the basic salary of Rajesh ?
1.13.4%             2.18.7%             3.22.5%             4.20%             5.None of these

Q3. If Manoj’s total allowance was Rs.4250 more than his basic salary, what was his total allowance ?
1.Rs.18100            2.Rs.16200           3.Rs.17500            4.Rs.13740          5.None of these

Q4. If the respective ratio of Provident fund deduction and other deduction of  Selva was  6:11. Find his Other deduction ?
1.Rs.2212              2.Rs.1212              3.Rs.2112              4.Rs.1222              5.None of these

Q5. The difference between Total Allowance(TA) and Basic salary of Tiya is 2700.Find Tiya’s net salary ?
1.Rs.32,000            2.Rs.31,500               3.Rs.29,500               4.Rs.25,150                5.None of these


1. 1

2. 4

3. 3

4. 3

5. 2

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