Table 10

Data related to salary structure of 5 individuals from different Organizations in September 2016

PersonsBasic SalaryTotal AllowanceTotal DeductionNet Salary

Total Deduction = Provident fund deduction(which is 10% of basic salary)+ other deduction
Net salary = Basic salary + Total allowance – Total deduction

Q1. If other deduction of Harish was Rs.4320, what was his net salary ?
1.Rs.39980         2.Rs.27560         3.Rs.32520             4.Rs.40,500             5.None of these

Q2. The basic salary of Selva is what % more than the basic salary of Rajesh ?
1.13.4%             2.18.7%             3.22.5%             4.20%             5.None of these

Q3. If Manoj’s total allowance was Rs.4250 more than his basic salary, what was his total allowance ?
1.Rs.18100            2.Rs.16200           3.Rs.17500            4.Rs.13740          5.None of these

Q4. If the respective ratio of Provident fund deduction and other deduction of  Selva was  6:11. Find his Other deduction ?
1.Rs.2212              2.Rs.1212              3.Rs.2112              4.Rs.1222              5.None of these

Q5. The difference between Total Allowance(TA) and Basic salary of Tiya is 2700.Find Tiya’s net salary ?
1.Rs.32,000            2.Rs.31,500               3.Rs.29,500               4.Rs.25,150                5.None of these


1. 1

2. 4

3. 3

4. 3

5. 2

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