Table 2

Study the following table carefully to answer the given questions
The table gives the sales of  different Chocolates in a shop  in three days of the week

Number SoldSelling PriceNumber SoldSelling PriceNumber SoldSelling Price
Diary Milk23012126202655

Q1. What is the average selling price is Gems sold over the three given days?
1.Rs.11           2.Rs.10           3.Rs.13           4.Rs.12           5.None of these

Q2. If the seller gets 2% profit on Tuesday by selling Diary milk. Find the approximate total cost price of Diary milk on Tuesday?
1.Rs.2490           2.Rs.2471           3.Rs.2548           4.Rs,3124               5.None of these

Q3. How much amount will shopkeeper earn on Friday by selling chocolates alone ?
1.Rs.8050           2.Rs.8555            3.Rs.8545            4.Rs.8445               5.None of these

Q4. Find the difference between the total number of chocolates sold on Friday to the total number of chocolates sold on Sunday ?
1.202           2.125           3.243           4.193           5.None of these

Q5.The number of Gems chocolate is sold on Tuesday & Friday is how much  % more than the number of Polo sold on Sunday and Friday?
1.66%           2.56%           3.45%           4.65%           5.None of these


1. 3

2. 2

3. 4

4. 3

5. 1

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