Table 1

Study the following table carefully to answer the given questions

Parts/Country Body Wheels Engine Others
India(INR) 28580 25000 55850 23700
Japan(Yen) 25000 18500 23200 17000
Russia(Ruble) 26500 6580 36500 35000
German(Euro) 600 550 400 485
China(Yuan) 1500 1000 1200 1600

In the table given below the Exchange rates of different currencies against the Rupee are given. An Indian Motor Vehicle manufacturing company ‘Tata’ gets its spare parts from different vendors in different countries. The above table gives the prices of these parts in each country, in terms of the currency of that country. There is no other additional cost involved in manufacturing a Vehicle.

Country       Currency  INR Equivalent
India INR 45
Japan Yen 0.59
Russia Ruble 1.15
German Euro 70.66
China Yuan 9.73

Q1. The manufacturing company Tata wants to manufacture the most expensive Motor Vehicle then company will prefer vendors from which country based on manufacturing cost in INR?
1.Japan            2.India            3.German            4.Russia            5.None of these

Q2. If Tata wants to manufacture a Vehicle at the least cost then what would be the expenditure in INR ?.
1.Rs.62370          2.Rs.54550         3.Rs.51569            4.Rs.49383            5.None of these

Q3. Tata Company is plants to buy all spare parts either from China or from Russia. What will be the difference in Manufacturing cost (in Euro-approximate value )?.
1.972            2.456            3.560            4.678            5.None of these

Q4. The company plans to design a new vehicle, for that Tata buy Body from German, Wheels from Russia, Engine from China and others from India. Find the total manufacturing cost in INR?
1.85338            2.86380            3.80269            4.88900            5.None of these

Q5. Apart from the cost of spare parts, an additional cost of INR 10,000 is required to produce each Vehicle. If the company Spent Rs.5938300 to buy parts from Japan then how many vehicle will be manufactured with this cost?
1.110            2.100            3.115            4.150            5.None of these


1. 3

2. 4

3. 1

4. 1

5. 2

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