Bar Diagram 2

Bar Diagram 2

Direction (1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given question

For a company ABC Ltd, the turnover(in lakhs) and profitability (in %) are given for the year 2015 for its five products P, Q, R, S and T



Note : Investment + Profit = Turnover

Q1. If profit % of R is 5% greater than Q. What is the approximation profit earned by Product R?
1.1.5 lakh           2.3.2 lakh            3.2.6 lakh           4.4.3 lakh         5.None of these

Q2. Product P and Product T together enjoys approximately what percentage share of the total Profit(Profit % of P and T are equal)?
1.52%      2.61%      3.37%      4.45%      5.None of these

Q3. Which Product has contributed the maximum Total earning of ABC Ltd?
1.T      2.S      3.P      4.5.None of these

Q4. What is the approximate total profit of ABC ltd in the year 2015? ?
1.22.6 lakh      2.26.5 lakh      3.25 lakh      4.24.7 lakh      5.None of these

Q5The profit earned by Product Q is Approximately what % of the profit earned by product T?
1.17%         2.36%          3.27%      4.31%      5.None of these


1. 3

2. 1

3. 1

4. 4.

5. 2


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