Quant Quiz

Q1. Prashant invested a certain sum at simple interest & Vikram invested same sum at compound interest. The ratio of rates (in % per annum) of simple and compound interest is 2:1. After 2 year two of them receive equal amounts, then at what rate did Vikram invest ?
1)50 %          2)100 %           3)150%          4)200 %          5)Can’t be Determined.

Q2.In a school there are total of 50 students in class X, who are divided in three sections A, B and C. Section A and B have equal  no. of  students. All the students of the class wrote a test. The average marks obtained by the section A and B together is 52.5. The average marks obtained by the section A and C together is 60. The average marks obtained by the section B and C together is 70. The average marks obtained by the  students of sections A, B and C together is 60. How many Students are there in Section C.
1)10          2)15          3)20          4)Can’t be determined          5)None of these

Q3.A group consists of m equally efficient workers. A piece of work was started by one of them. The p’th worker (where 2 less than or equal to p  less than or equal to  m) joined the work  (p-1)x days after the (p-1)’th worker joined The work was completed in mx days after the m’th worker joined. The 1’st worker received a share of Rs.5500 out of total Rs. 38500 paid to the group for completing the work . Find m ?
1)8          2)9          3)10          4)11          5) None of these

Q4.A car travelled a distance of 900 km. it developed an engine problem after travelling of Some distance. It travelled remaining distance at 3/5th of its speed.it reached 2 hours late.if the engine problem had developed after it had travelled for another 150 km. it would have reached 1 hour late than the time it actually reached . Find the distance it travelled without any problem and its speed over that part of journey (in km, kmph)
1)500 , 100             2) 600, 100            3) 500 150          4) 600, 150

Q5.The price of radio at the beginning of a year was Rs. 3000. It increased by x %  and then decreased by y % over the year. It increased by x %  and then decreased by y % over the next year too. At the end of the second year, the price of radio was Rs. 3000. Which of the following can be true ?
1) x>y            2) x=y            3) x<y            4) none of these

For question (6- 9) Each of the questions given below consists of a question followed by three statements. You have to study the question and the statements and decide which of the statement(s) is/are necessary to answer the question.

Q6.What is the rate of interest p.c.p.a.?
I. An amount doubles itself in 5 years on simple interest.
II. Difference between the compound interest and the simple interest earned on a certain amount in 2 years is Rs. 400.
III. Simple interest earned per annum is Rs. 2000.
1)I  & II only           2)II and III only          3)I only           4)All I, II and III          5)I only or II and III only

Q7.What is the percent profit earned by the shopkeeper on selling the articles in his shop?
I. Labelled price of the articles sold was 130% of the cost price.
II.Cost price of each article was Rs. 550.
III. A discount of 10% on labelled price was offered. 
1)Only I          2)Only II and III          3)Only I and III          4)All I,II and III          5) Can’t be answered with I, II  and III

Q8.What is the length of a running train P crossing another running train Q?
I.These two trains take 18 seconds to cross each other.
II.These trains are running in opposite directions.
III.The length of the train Q is 180 metres.
1)I only           2)II and III  only           3)I and III only          4)All I,II and III only           5)Can’t be answered  with I, II and III.

Q9.How many marks did Tarun secure in English?
I. The average mark obtained by Tarun in four subjects including English is 60.
II. The total marks obtained by him in English and Mathematics together are 170.
III. The total marks obtained by him in Mathematics and Science together are 180.
1)I and II only           2)II and III only           3)I and III only           4)All I, II and III.           5)None of these .

Q10.A bag contains 4 white, 5 red and 6 blue balls. Three balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are red, is:
1)  3/91           2) 1/22            3) 5/24              4) 2/91            5) 3/24

Q11.Two partners invested Rs. 1250 and Rs.850 respectively in a business. Both the partners distribute 60% of profit equally and distribute the rest 40% as the interest of their capitals .If one partner received Rs. 30 than other.Find the total Profit .
1)Rs. 400          2)Rs. 375.84          3)Rs. 393.75          4)Rs. 380.25          5)none of these

Q12.If the circumference  of one circle is 5/2 times that of other , how many times  the area of smaller circle  is the bigger one ?
1)4/25          2)25/24          3)25/4          4)24/25

13.if (p/q)-(q/p)=21/10 then what is the value of(4p/q)+(4q/p) ?
1)58/5          2)59/5          3)121/105           4)21/105           5)105/121

Q14.A tank has a leak, which would empty it in 8 hours. A tap is turned on which fills at the rate of 4 liters per minute and the tank is now emptied in 12 hours. Find the capacity of the tank.
1)5670 lit          2)5760 lit          3)6570 lit          4)6750 lit          5)None of these

Q15.By Selling a article for Rs. 8260, A merchant has a profit of 18%, but due to fall of demand he sell  at only 2/3 of the profit %. Find the new Selling Price.
1)7000          2)7500          3)7800          4)7840


1) 4          2) 1          3) 3          4)  2          5)1          6)5          7)3          8)5          9)5          10) 4          11) 3          12) 3          13) 1          14) 2

15) 4


Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q.1-5) Some statements are given followed by some conclusions. You have to consider the statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at varience from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the following conclusions if any, follow from the given statements:

Q1. Statements: Some A are H.          All H are G.          All G are K.          All K are B
Conclusions :   1. Some H are B          2. All K are A.          3. All B are G.          4. All H are K.
1) Only 4 follow          2) Either 2 or 3 follow          3) Only 3 follow          4) Only 1 follows          5) None of these

Q2.Statements: Some G are B.          All B are P.          All P are C.
 Conclusions :   1. Some C are G.          2. All P are B.
1) Only 2 follow          2) Only 1 follows          3) None follow          4) Both follow          5) None of these

Q3. Statements: All B are PA.          Some PE are PA.          All PE are R.
Conclusions :   1. Some R are PA.           2. Some B are PA.
1) Only 1 follow          2) Only 2 follows          3) None follow          4) Either 1 or 2 follows          5) Both follow

Q4. Statements: Some M are P.          Some P are PG.          No PG is W.
Conclusions :   1. Some W are M.          2. some P are not W.
1) Only 1 follows          2) None follows          3) Only 2 follow          4) Both follow          5) None of these

Q5. Statements: All C are T.          Some T are B.           Some B are S.
Conclusions :   1. All B being T is a possibility      2. Some S are not B.
1) Only 2 follow 2) Either 1 or 2 follow          3) None follows          4) Only 1 follows          5) None of these

Directions (Q.6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions asked:
The questions given below contain two statements giving some information. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions? 
Give answer 1) : If statement A is sufficient but B alone is not sufficient.
Give answer 2) : If statement B is sufficient but A alone is not sufficient.
Give answer 3) : If statement each statement alone is sufficient.
Give answer 4) : If both statements A and B together are not sufficient.
Give answer 5) : If both statements A and B are sufficient but neither statement alone is sufficient.                     

Q6.Eight people A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are seated around a circular table and are equidistant from each other. Who is in front of F?
1) F is second to the left of D who is neighbor of A and C.          2) G is in front of D and neighbor of B and E.

Q7. What is the color of black hair in a color code?
1) White is called red, red is called orange          2) Blue is called green, Green is called black, black is called white.

Q8. On which date is Ramavtar’s Father’s marriage anniversary?
1) Ramavtar’s sister correctly remembers that their father’s anniversary is after 7th but  before 11th may.
2) Ramavtar correctly remembers that his father’s marriage anniversary is after 5th but before 10th may.

Q9. Among A, B, C, D and E, who is the lightest?
1) C is heavier than D but lighter than A.          2) B is lighter than D but heavier than E.

Q10. How is L related to Z?
1) M has two daughters and F is one of them who is married to L.          2) M is the mother of Z, who is younger sister of F.


1. 5          2 .2          3. 5          4. 3          5 .4          6. 5          7. 2          8. 4          9. 5          10. 5


English (Mix Quiz)

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.
The strength of a personal history lies in human detail. The effortless, if understated, descriptions of an elite in a mode of (1) will leave you reeling: judicial (2) where (3) like Justices Bhagwati and Chandrachud caved in (4), the pathetic (5) of almost all Congress politicians, the zeal of civil servants like Navin Chawla who, while being personally (6), fed Sanjay Gandhi’s most destructive institutional tendencies. LK Advani recently said that there had been no (7) for the Emergency. He was stating a deep truth. Not only have very few of the participants admitted their mistake, but, (8) a large number of them, there was also no mistake. They (9) slipped into whatever role the state assigned them, and slipped out when circumstances changed. This is, in part, because social networks (10) all differences of principle.

Q1.  1) accomplice          2) complicity          3) ignorance          4) innocence          5) absolve

Q2.1) mendacious          2) mendicant          3) mendaciousness          4) truthfulness          5) tenaciousness

Q3. 1) disvalue          2) demerit          3) lowland          4) eminences          5) paucity

Q4.1) atrocity          2) atrociousness          3) atrociously          4) horridness          5) repugnant

Q5. 1) feebleness          2) invigorate          3) enfeeblement          4) attenuate          5) desiccate

Q6. 1) gracious          2) uncongenial          3) courteousness          4) discourteous          5) churlishness

Q7. 1) censure          2) repudiation          3) apology          4) indictment          5) defiance

Q8. 1) on          2) in          3) with          4) by          5) for

Q9. 1) tiresomely          2) tediously          3) effortlessly          4) banally          5) tedium

Q10. 1) elapse          2) surmount          3) surmountable          4) transcended          5) transgress

DIRECTIONS (Q. 11-15): In each one of the following sentences, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks .n the sentence in the same sequence to make it, meaningfully complete.

Q11. He advised his son not doing anything which is against his conscience.
1) never to do            2) not done          3) to not doing            4) no doing of           5) No correction required

Q12. Even after talking the matter for hours we could not arrive at a decision.
1) talking to            2) talking over          3) talked about            4) talk through          5) No correction required

Q13. Every employee is entitled to those benefits from the late regulations.
1) underneath the later           2) below the latest           3) within the lately           4) under the latest          5) No correction required

Q14.Recently there has been suddenly increased the price of oil.
1) suddenly increasing           2) sudden increase from          3) a sudden increase in           4) increased suddenly           5) No correction required

Q15.That company is our rival since it provides similar services to ours in a lowest rate. 
1) with lowest of rate          2) in low rates           3) for as lower rates            4) at lower rates          5) No correction required


1. (2)          2.(3)          3. (4)          4. (3)          5. (3)          6. (1)          7. (3)          8. (5)          9. (3)          10. (4)           11. (1)           12. (2)          13. (4)        14. (3)       15. (4)


Computer Quiz

Q1. A set of information that defines the status of resources allocated to a process is
(1) Process control          (2) ALU          (3) Register Unit          (4) None of these           (5) Process description

Q2. Any method for controlling access to or use of memory is known
(1) Memory map          (2) None of these          (3) Memory management          (4) Memory instruction          (5) Memory protection

Q3. A disk storage medium in the form of an assembly containing a single rigid magnetic disk permanently is
(1) Fixed disk          (2) Card reader          (3) Card punch           (4) Disk cartridge          (5) None of these

Q4. A memory that is capable of determining whether a given datum is contained in one of its address is
(1) ROM          (2) CAM          (3) PROM          (4) RAM          (5) None of these

Q5. A method of implementing a memory management system is
(1) All of the above           (2) Bridgeware          (3) Broadband coaxial system          (4) Buddy system          (5) None of these

Q6. The use of spooler programs and/or ……… Hardware allows personal computer operators to do the processing work at the same time a printing operation is in progress
(1) Registered mails          (2) Buffer          (3) CPU          (4) Memory          (5) None of these

Q7.Which chips using special ex-ternal equipment can reprogram
(1) PROM          (2) ROM          (3) SAM          (4) RAM          (5) None of these

Q8. Interface electronic circuit is used to interconnect I/O devices to a computer’s CPU or 
(1) ALU          (2) Register          (3) Buffer          (4) Memory          (5) None of these

Q9. Which term is used to describe RAM?
(1) Dynamic RAM (DRAM)          (2) Static RAM (SRAM)          (3) Videc RAM (VRAM)          (4) None of these          (5) All of the above

Q10. Which is the type of memory for information that does not change on your computer?  
(1) ROM          (2) RAM          (3) ERAM          (4) RW/RAM          (5) None of these


1.   (5)          2.   (5)          3.   (4)          4.   (2)          5.   (4)          6.   (2)          7.   (1)          8.   (4)          9.   (5)          10. (1)

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