Quant Quiz

Q1. When two is added to half of one-third of one-fifth of a number, the result is one-fifteenth of the number. Find the number.
(a) 40            (b) 50          (c) 60            (d) 70           (e) none of these

Q2. The monthly incomes of P and Q are in the ratio 4:3 and their monthly expenditures are in the ratio of 6:5. The monthly savings of P and Q are in the ratio 3:1. The monthly savings of P is Rs. 2500 more than twice the monthly savings of Q. Find the monthly expenditure of P.
(a) Rs. 35000           (b) Rs. 37500                        (c) Rs. 43500           (d) Rs. 31500          (e) none of these

Q3. In a jar, there are 15 white marbles and 35 green marbles. Find the number of green marbles to be removed from the jar so that 40% of its marbles are green (Assume that the marbles in the jar are all either white or green).
(a) 20          (b) 25        (c) 30        (d) 15       (e) none of these

Q4. A shopkeeper sold an article at 26% profit after giving a 30% discount. Had he not offered any discount, his profit percentage would have been …………….
(a) 60%             (b) 75%              (c) 80%         (d) 90%          (e) none of these

Q5. A cetain sum yields Rs. 840 more interest if it is invested at 18% p.a. than at 12% p.a. for two years. Find the sum.
(a) Rs. 7000         (b) Rs. 85000         (c) Rs. 8000         (d) Rs. 7500          (e) none of these

Q6. The average score of a class of 60 students in a test is 55. If the score of the highest scorer and that of the least scorer are excluded, the average score of the class would decrease by 1. The score of the highest scorer is 88 more than that of the least scorer. Find the score of the lease scorer.
(a) 40              (b) 43           (c) 37          (d) 46          (e) none of these

Q7. E, F and G can complete a job in 20 days, 30 days and 40 days respectively. All of them started the job together. Six days before the completion of the job, E left. F and G completed the remaining part of the job together. Find the total time taken to complete the job.
(a) 10 days          (b) 15 days           (c) 12 days             (d) 9 days            (e) none of these

Q8. A tank has three pipes P, Q and R. P can fill it in 2 hours. Q and R can empty it in 4 hours and 6 hours respectively. All the pipes were opened at 9 a.m. Q was closed at 10 a.m and R was closed at 11 a.m. Find the time when the tank would be filled.
(a) 11 : 40 a.m           (b) 12 : 20 p.m            (c) 12 : 30 p.m            (d) 12 : 10 p.m         (e) none of these

Q9. When Anil walked from his home to his school at 3 km/ hr, he reached his school 9 minutes late. When he walked (from his home to his school) at 5 km/hr, he reached his school 11 minutes early. Find the distance from his home to his school.
(a)  2. 5 km           (b) 1.5 km           (c) 2 km            (d) 3 km         (e) none of these

Q10. Antony, Ben and Charles enter into a business with investments in the ratio of 3: 4: 6. At the end of one year, they shared the profiles in the ratio of 6 : 4 : 3. Find the ratio of the respective time periods for which they invested.
(a) 1 : 2 : 4       (b) 4 : 2 :1        (c) 4 : 1 :2          (d) 1 : 4 :2         (e) none of these


1. c        2.b          3.b          4.c          5.d          6.a          7.c          8.d          9.a          10.b


Reasoning Quiz

Directions(Q.1-5):Read the following set of information and then answer the following questions.
1) There is a group of six persons living in a four storeyed building. The Persons are Anu, Bani, Chavi, Deep, Enna, Firoj. Each storey of the building has two flats; thus there are eight flats in all, two of them being empty.
2) The heaviest of the group lives onthe top floor while the lightest lives on the ground floor.
3) Chavi is heavier then Bani, Who, in turn is heavier than Firoj.Enna is lighter than deep.
4) Anu is neither the heaviest nor the lightest.
5)  There are only Two people heavier than Chavi; Anu is not one of them.
6) Bani shares the floor with the heaviest while Chavi shares with the lightest.

Q1.Who among the following is the heaviest of the group?
a.Deep         b.Chavi         c.Firoj         d.Can’t Say         e,None of these

Q2.Who does Chavi Share the floor with?
a.Firoj         b.Enna         c.Anu         d.Can’t say         e.None of these

Q3.On which floor does Anu live?
a.Ground floor
b.1st floor         c.2nd floor         d.Top floor         e.Can’t say

Q4.Enna and Anu lives ________ ?
a.on same floor
b.on two continuous floor         c.with one floor between their floors         d.with two floor between their floors         e.Can’t say

Q5.Starting from the heaviest of the group ,What is rank of Anu in order of weight?
a.4th         b.5th         c.6th         d.4th or 5th         e.5th or 6th

irections(Q.6-13):Read the following set of information and then answer the following questions.
1. There is a group of seven persons in a family, A,B,C,D,E,F and G. They all appeared in an I.Q. test to test their intelligence.
2. There are two married couple in the family and three females in total.
3. G, a female , is the most intelligent.
4. B, the father of E, is more intelligent than his son.
5. C has one son and one daughter. She is more intelligent than her husband.
6. The father of B is more intelligent then B himself.
7. E, the grandson of F, is the least intelligent. F the grandfather is the second most intelligent in the family.
8. The mother of B is less intelligent Than B.
9. The grandmother of G has two sons, one of whom is D, who is more intelligent than his brother but less intelligent than his sister in law.
10. Nobody is a widow or a widower in the family.

Q6.Who among them is a married couple?
a.AF         b.AE         c.AC         d.AD         e.none of these

Q7.how is G related to D?
a.cousin         b.daughter         c.daughter in law         d.niece         e.Can’t say

Q8.Who is third most intelligent in the family?
a.C         b.D         c.B         d.A         e.can’t say

Q9.How are C and A related?
a.daughter in law and mother in law         b.daughter in law and father in law         c.sister in law           d.mother and daughter         e.can’t say

Q10.Who among the following is not of the same generation as others ?
a.D           b.B          c,C          d.A          e.None of these

Q11.The one who is most intelligent is not a
a.Granddaughter         b.daughter         c.neice         d.sister         e.none of these

Q12.Who is the less intelligent than all but E?
a.A           b.B        c.C         d.D      e.can’t say

Q13.Who is B married to?
a.A          b.D         c.C         d.can’t say           e.none of these

Q14.In which of the following expressions will the expression ‘L < R’ be definitely true?
a.L ≥ M > N = R          b.L = M < N > R           c.L < M ≤ N ≤ R         d.R ≥ M = N < L       e.None of these

Q15.In which of the following expressions does the expression ‘D > A’ does not hold true?
a.A < B ≤ C = D           b.D ≥ B > C ≥ A         c.A ≤ B = C < D          d.D ≥ C ≥ B > A         e.A > B ≤ C = D

Answer & Explanation


D>E>C>A>B>F Or  D>E>C>B>A>F












Male- F, D, B, E

Female- A, C, G











English – Quiz

Find the Error in the following .If No error found select (E) as the answer. 

Q1. What to speak (A)/ of proper medical (B)/ treatment (C)/ even first aid was not given (D)/ to him. No error (E)

Q2.. The reason (A)/ why she is (B)/ absent today (C)/ is because (D)/ her husband is ill. No error (E)

Q3. I never (A)/ remember (B)/ to have met (C)/ this gentleman in (D)/ Baroda. No error (E)

Q4. Don’t worry (A)/, I shall (B)/ be back (C) in a few minutes (D)/ and join you. No error (E)

Q5. You are (A) / wrong, I never spoke (B)/to her (C)/ on telephone (D)/ this morning. No error (E)

Q6. The scenery (A)/ of Kodaikanal (B)/ are not (C)/ doubt very (D)/ beautiful. No error (E)

Q7. All the gentries (A)/ were invited (B)/ to the (C)/ college annual (D)/day function. No error (E)

Q8. She has been (A)/ advised to (B)/ live on vegetables (C)/ and fruits. (D)/ No error (E)

Q9. They have (A)/ purchased many (B) items of furnitures (C)/ for their new (D)/ bungalow. No error (E)

Q10. Dozen of (A)/ apples were (B)/ distributed among the (C)/ boys by the (D)/ class teacher. No error (E)

Q11. They had to (A)/ face much troubles (B) during their (C)/ journey to West (D)/ Bengal. No error (E)

Q12. Most of (A)/ the five-years (B)/plans of India (C)/ have been (D)/ successful. No error (E)

Q13. One of (A)/ my student (B)/ tells me (C)/ that she has failed (D)/in English. No error (E

Q14. She is (A)/ more cleverer (B)/ than any (C)/ other girl of (D)/ her age. No error (E)

Q15. Harder (A)/ you work (B)/, the better (C)/ division you (D)/ get. No error (E)

Answer & Explanation

1. (A) Not to speak of
2. (D) Replace ‘because’ with ‘that’
3. (A) I do not remember
4. (C) I shall come back
5. (B) I did not speak
6. (C) is no doubt
7. (A) All the gentry
8. (D) fruit (not fruits)
9. (C) of furniture (not furnitures)
10. (A) Dozens (not dozen)
11. (B) much trouble (not troubles)
12. (B) five year plans (not five-years)
13. (B) Students (not student)
14. (B) Delete ‘more’
15. (A) Add ‘The’ before ‘harder’ 


Computer – Quiz

Q1. Which of the following refers to a small, single site network? 
(1) CPJ     (2) DSL        (3) RAM       (4) USB        (5)  LAN

Q2. Computer connected to a LAN {Local Area Network) can
(1) share information and/or share peripheral equipment
(2) go on line       (3) run faster     (4)   E-mail     (5) None of these

Q3. Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation?
(1) modem         (2) satellite       (3) coaxial cable        (4) fiber optics     (5) none of the above

Q4. The sharing of a medium and its path by 2 or more devices is called _____.
(1) Multiplexing                (2) Encoxing        (3) Line discipline          (4) Modulation         (5) None of these

Q5. Which multiplexing technique transmits ariatog signals ?
(1) Asynchronous TDM              (2) Synchronous TDM          (3) FDM          (4) Both (2) and (3)            (5) None of these

Q6. Network   components   are connected to the same cable in the— topology,
(1) mesh              (2) ring             (3) bus                (4)   star           (5) mixed

Q7. Two or more computers connected to each other for shar-ing information form a —— 
(1) pipeline              (2) router              (3) server            (4) tunnel           (5) network

Q8. Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a corporate —— 
(1) CAN              (2) WAN            (3) DAN             (4) LAN           (5) TAN

Q9. For separating channels in FDM, it is necessary to use
(1) Differentiation               (2) Bandpass filters              (3) Time slots             (4) All of the above          (5) None of these

Q10. Encryption and decryption are functions of
(1) Transport layer               (2) None of these             (3) Presentation layer           (4) Allot the above           (5) Session layer


1. (5)           2. (1)             3. (1)            4. (1)            5. (3)             6. (4)            7. (5)            8.  (2)            9.  (3)            10. (5)

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