Quant Quiz

1. A man sold an item for RS 6,750 at a loss of 25%. What will be the selling price of same item if he sells it at a profit of 15% ?

(1) RS 10,530         (2) RS 9,950       (3) RS 10,350         (4) RS 11,340        (5) None of these

2. The sum of the circumference of a circle and the perimeter of a rectangle is 132 cm. The area of the rectangle is 112 sq cm and breadth of the rectangle is 8 cm. What is the area of the circle ?

(1) 616 sq cm      (2) 540 sq cm       (3) 396 sq cm        (4) Cannot be determined          (5) None of these

3. The cost of 5 kg of apple is equal to the cost of 12 kg of rice. The cost of 3 kg of flour is equal to one kg of rice. The cost of one kg. of flour is RS 17.50. What is the total cost of 3 kg of apple, 2 kg of rice and 4 kg of flour together ?

(1) RS 543            (2) RS 527          (3) RS 563         (4) RS 553        (5) None of these

4. Thirty-five per cent of 740 is 34 more than a number. What is two-fifth of the number ?

(1) 45           (2) 90           (3) 180          (4) 120          (5) None of these

5. The ratio between the angles of a quadrilateral is 6 : 3 : 4 : 5. The smallest angle of a triangle is one-fourth the largest angle of the quadrilateral. Largest angle of the triangle is 10° more than second largest angle of the triangle. What is the second largest angle of the triangle ?

(1)80°             (2)60°              (3)70°         (4)Cannot be determined         (5)None of these

6. A train covered a distance of 1235 km in 19 hours. Also, the average speed of a car is four-fifth the average speed of the train. How much distance will the car cover in 22 hours ?

(1)1234 km         (2) 1144 km        (3)1134 km          (4) 1244 km         (5) None of these

7. The ratio between the present ages of Meera and Priya is 3 : 4 respectively. Ten years ago the ratio between their ages was 4 : 7 respectively. What will be Meera’s age after 5 years ?

(1)18 years           (2)24 years         (3)23 years       (4)29 years        (5)None of these

8. The average marks of nine students in a group is 63. Three of them scored 78, 69 and 48 marks. What are the average marks of remaining six students ?

(1) 63.5          (2) 64           (3) 63            (4) 62.5           (5) None of these

9. A bag contains 7 red balls, 4 green balls and 5 yellow balls. What is the probability that 3 balls drawn at random are either green or yellow ?

(1) 1/140        (2) 1/60       (3) 3/280        (4) 3/40            (5) None of these

10. Six boys or four men can complete a piece of work in 24 days. In how many days will 3 boys and 10 men together complete the same piece of work ?

(1) 6            (2) 8           (3) 12         (4) Cannot be determined      (5) None of these

Answer & Explanation

1. (3)
C.P. of the item = ( 6750 ×100 )/75 = Rs 9000
So, Reqd. S.P. of the item = (9000 × 115)/100=Rs 10350

2. (1)
Length of the rectangle = 112/8 = 14 cm, so  perimeter= 44 cm,
Circumference= 132-44=88 cm,
R = (88 × 7 )/(2 ×22)  = 14cm

3. (4)

4. 2)
Number = 740 × 35/100 – 34 = 225
2/5  of the number=90

5. (3)
The largest angle of the quadrilateral (6 ×360)/(6+4+3+5) = 120 degrees
Smallest angle of the triangle = 120 × 1/4 = 30 degrees
If second largest angle of the triangle = (x + 10)
So 30+ x+ x+10 = 180 , x = 70 degrees

6. (2)

7. (3)

8. (5)

9. (5) Total ways = 16C3   = 16!/(13!×3!) = 560
Favourable ways = 4C3 + 5C3  = 4!/(3!×1!) + 5!/(3!×2!)
Required probability = 1/40

10. (2)



In each question below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true and on the basis of the information given in the statement, decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing.

Give answer

(A) If only I follows              (B) If only II follows              (C) If either I or II follows            (D) If neither I nor II follows

(E) If both I and II follow.

1.Statement: Many medical and engineering graduate are taking up jobs in administrative services nd in Banks.

Courses of Action:

All the professionals should be advised to refrain from taking up such jobs.

The Government should appoint a committee to find out the reasons for these professionals taking up such jobs and to suggest remedial measures.

A. Only I follows           B. Only II follows                C. Either I or II follows            D. Neither I nor II follows           E. Both I and II follow

Statement: A large number of people in ward X of the city are diagnosed to be suffering from a fatal malaria type.

Courses of Action:

The city municipal authority should take immediate steps to carry out extensive fumigation in ward X.

The people in the area should be advised to take steps to avoid mosquito bites.

A. Only I follows         B. Only II follows            C. Either I or II follows           D. Neither I nor II follows         E. Both I and II follow

3.Statement: Since its launching in 1981, Vayudoot has so far accumulated losses amounting to Rs 153 crore.

Courses of Action:

Vayudoot should be directed to reduce wasteful expenditure and to increase passenger fare.

An amount of about Rs 300 crore should be provided to Vayudoot to make the airliner economically viable.

A. Only I follows           B.Only II follows            C. Either I or II follows           D. Neither I nor II follows            E. Both I and II follow

4.Statement: A large number of people die every year due to drinking polluted water during the summer.

Courses of Action:

The government should make adequate arrangements to provide safe drinking water to all its citizens.

The people should be educated about the dangers of drinking polluted water.

A. Only I follows             B. Only II follows             C. Either I or II follows             D. Neither I nor II follows            E. Both I and II follow

5. Statement: Fou districts in state A have been experiencing serve drought for the last three years resulting into exodus of people from these districts.

Courses of Action:

The government should immediately start food for work  program in the district to put a halt to the Exodus.

The government should make effort to provide drinking / potable water to these district.

A.Only I follows            B. Only II follows          C. Either I or II follows           D. Neither I nor II follows          E. Both I and II follow

6.Statement: Most of those who study in premier engineering colleges in India migrate to developed nations for better prospects in their professional pursuits.

Courses of Action:

All the students joining these colleges should be asked to sign a bond at the time of admission to the effect that they will remain in India at least for ten years after they complete education.

All those students who desire to settle in the developed nations should be asked to pay entire cost of their education which the government subsidises.

A. Only I follows           B. Only II follows              C. Either I or II follows            D. Neither I nor II follows            E. Both I and II follow

7. Statement: There is an unprecedented increase in migration of villagers to urban areas as repeated crop failure has put them into precarious financial situation.

Courses of Action:

The villagers should be provided with alternate source of income in their villages which will make them stay put.

The migrated villagers should be provided with jobs in the urban areas to help them survive.

A. Only I follows           B. Only II follows           C. Either I or II follows          D. Neither I nor II follows                E. Both I and II follow

8. Statement: If the retired Professors of the same Institutes are also invited to deliberate on restructuring of the organisation, their contribution may be beneficial to the Institute.

Courses of Action:

Management may seek opinion of the employees before calling retired professors.

Management should involve experienced people for the systematic restructuring of the organisation.

A. Only I follows        B. Only II follows          C. Either I or II follows           D. Neither I nor II follows           E. Both I and II follow

9.Statement: The sale of a particular product has gone down considerably causing great concern to the company.

Courses of Action:

The company should make a proper study of rival products in the market.

The price of the product should be reduced and quality improved.

A. Only I follows           B. Only II follows        C. Either I or II follows          D. Neither I nor II follows            E. Both I and II follow

10.Statement: The Minister said that the teachers are still not familiarised with the need, importance and meaning of population education in the higher education system. They are not even clearly aware about their role and responsibilities in the population education programme.

Courses of Action:

Population education programme should be included in the college curriculum.

Orientation programme should be conducted for teachers on population education

A. Only I follows           B. Only II follows              C. Either I or II follows          D. Neither I nor II follows             E. Both I and II follow


1- ( B),      2- ( E),     3-  ( A),     4- ( E),     5- (E),     6- ( B),       7-  ( A),      8- ( B),      9- (A),      10- ( B)


English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-8): In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case:

India’s (1) over the past half century since independence has been unique and (2) in many ways. Yet the record is (3) in relation to what the country set out to achieve and could certainly have been (4). It is (5) to look at both sides; the alternative is to be (6) down by unrelieved gloom or unwarranted (7). The fact is that after eight 5-year plans, about 40 per cent of population is (8) below the poverty line. The human development indices are deplorably low, placing India at the 126th position in the world table, far below many countries that came into being much later than it did.

(1) 1) development         2) domination            3) predicament           4) history            5) excellence

(2) 1) dubious                2) insignificant           3) desperate              4) special            5) commendable

(3) 1) outshining             2) broken                3) disappointing             4) brighter            5) played

4) 1) underplayed          2) accomplished          3) tampered              4) noteworthy      5) exaggerated

5) 1) proposed              2) futile           3) impracticable           4) necessary           5) suggested

6) 1) laid              2) struck           3) cooled            4) weighed            5) brought

7) 1) progress             2) debating           3) meticulousness            4) haste            5) complacency

8) 1) much            2) still           3) Obviously              4) found          5) far

Directions (Q.9-15). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is ‘5’. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).

9)  No sooner did 1)/ I reach 2) Delhi railway station than 3)/ the train departed. 4)/ No error 5)

10) As soon as I will 1) reach Patna I will 2)/ send you the books 3)/ you have asked for. 4)/ No error 5)

11) One of my good quality 1)/ is that I do not 2)/ take things like 3)/ this very seriously. 4)/ No error 5)

12) Our housing Society comprises of 1)/ eight blocks and 2)/ forty-eight flats in an 3)/ area of about thousand square meters 4)/ No error 5)

13) It being a 1)/ pleasant morning I 2) decided to go out   3)/ on walking in the garden. 4)/ No error 5)

14) He is certainly a man 1)/ whom I know very well 2)/ is trustworthy beyond doubt 3)/ and meticulous in his habits. 4)/ No error 5)

15) I am sure about it, 1)/ nobody has lived 2)/ in that house 3)/ for a hundred years. 4)/ No error 5)


1.(4)      2.(5)       3.(3)      4.(2)        5.(4)       6.(1)       7.(5)       8.(2)        9.(5)        10.(1)         11.(1)       12.(1)        13.(4)       14.(3)       15.(2)


Computer Quiz

Q1. The basic units of a excel spreedsheet where we enter data is called
(a) Tab         (b) Box         (c) Cell         (d) Field          (e) None of the above

Q2. The maximum number of rows supported by Excel 2003 spreadsheet is
(a) 10,000           (b) 35,356        (c) 55,782      (d) 65,536        (e) None of these

Q3. The maximum number of rows supported by Excel 2007 spreadsheet is
(a) 9,68,576           (b) 12,15,857        (c) 13,42,554           (d) 10,48,576        (e) None of these

Q4. Which one is a ‘text editor’ for Microsoft Windows
(a) MS Word            (b) Ms Excel          (c) WordPad          (d) Notepad          (e) None of these

Q5. Which one is the default ‘Word Processor’ for Microsoft Windows
(a) MS Word           (b) Ms Paint         (c) WordPad             (d) Notepad           (e) None of these

Q6. What is the maximum size of a word document created
(a) 1 MB       (b) 32 MB       (c) 16MB       (d) 999KB      (e) None of these

Q7. What is the maximum number of Primary Partitions that can be created on a Hard-disk
(a) 2         (b) 3         (c) 4        (d) 1      (e) None of these

Q8. How many layers in the TCP/IP protocol layers
(a) 7       (b) 5     (c) 4      (d) 11       (e) None of these

Q9. What is the binary value of ‘A’
(a) 01000100           (b) 11000001        (c) 01100001         (d) 01000001            (e) None of these

Q10. Which key combination is used to minimize all open windows and displays in the screen
(a) Alt+M         (b) Shift+M           (c) Windows Key+D          (d) CTRL+D         (e) None of these

Q11. How many users can access a share folder simultaneously from a Windows XP machine
(a) 20          (b) 10         (c) 15         (d) Unlimited        (e) None of these

Q12. How many users can access a share folder simultaneously from a Windows 7 machine
(a) 10           (b) 15         (c) 20          (d) 50         (e) None of these

Q13. Which key combination is used to close a open application in Windows machine
(a) Alt+F8         (b) CTRL+X         (c) Alt+F4        (d) Shift+P         (e) None of these

Q14. Total number of function keys in a computer keyboard
(a) 10            (b) 12          (c) 14           (d) 8        (e) None of these

Q15. Which one is the latest release of Windows Client Operating System
(a) Windows XP            (b) Windows 7          (c) Windows Me         (d) Windows 8.1 or 8         (e) None of these


1. C         2. D          3. D       4. D      5. C      6. B       7. C      8. C     9. E      10. C       11. B       12. C        13. C          14. B       15. D

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