Circle 33

I.Study the following information Carefully to answer the given questions

Eight friends A, B, C, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. All of them have a different hobby viz Watching TV, Singing, Reading Writing, Painting, Dancing, Swimming and Cooking but not necessarily in the same order.

F is third to the right of D, who does not like Swimming or Cooking. The one who likes Dancing is an immediate neighbour of G and C. The one who likes Swimming is second to the left of F, who likes writing. The one who likes cooking is opposite to F. H is not an immediate neighbour either C or F but is third to the right of B.

The person who likes dancing and reading sit opposite each other. H likes Singing. The one who likes Swimming sits third to the left of the one who likes Reading. The one who likes Watching TV and the one who likes Cooking are immediate neighbours. A does not like watching TV. E is second to the right of A, who is an immediate neighbour of F and H.




1.Who among the following likes Painting ?
5.None of these


2.Which of the following is hobby of C ?
5.Either 1 or 2


3. If G is immediate left of B, then who among the following sits between D and E ?
5.None of these


4. Who among the following sits on the second to the right of F ?
1.One who like Painting
2.One who likes Dancing
3.One who likes Singing
4.One who likes Cooking
5.None of these


5. Which of the following is true ?
1.One who likes singing sit opposite to one who likes Dancing
2.A and F are immediate neighbours
3.D sits between one who likes cooking and Singing
4.H sits on the immediate left of one who likes painting
5.None of these


1. 4.B
2. 5.Either 1 or 2
3. 3.C
4. 3.One who likes Singing
5. 2.A and F are immediate neighbours


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