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II.Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
Eight friends Arun, Bala, Gokul, Vinoth, Rima, Gayu, Selvi and Deepika are made to sit in 2 rows with 4 members in each row. Arun, Gayu, Selvi, Deepika are facing south and sit in row 1. Bala, Gokul, Vinoth and Rima are facing North and sit in row 2.There are 2 doctors, 2 engineers, 2 judges and 2 teachers in the group. No 2 persons belonging to the same profession sit in the same row.
The Engineer of row 1 sits on the immediate right of Deepika. The doctor of row 2 faces the immediate neighbour of the engineer in row 1. Vinoth faces the immediate neighbour of Gayu, who is not an engineer. There is only 1 person between the judge and the teacher in both rows. The teacher of row 1 faces the engineer of row 2. Bala is not a judge. Gayu sits on immediate left of Deepika, Gokul is not the judge and he does not sit at any ends of the row. The judge of row 2 faces Arun. Vinoth is not an immediate neighbour of  Rima




1. Which of the following is the pair of Engineer ?
A)Deepika, Gokul
B)Arun, Vinoth
E)None of these


2. Who among the following sits between Bala and Vinoth ?
E)None of these


3. Who among the following sits at the ends of the row ?

A)Deepika, Gayu
C)Vinoth, Arun
E)None of these


4. Who among the following sits opposite to Deepika ?

E)None of these


5. Which of the following does not belong to that group ?

A)Gayu, Gokul
B)Selvi, Vinoth
C)Arun, Rima
D)Arun, Vinoth
E)None of these


1. B)Arun, Vinoth
2. A)Gokul
3. C)Vinoth, Arun
4. C)Doctor
5. D)Arun, Vinoth


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