Analytical Reasoning (25)

I.Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are eight members of 3 different families who belong to 3 different cities such as Mumbai, Mysore and Thana. They go shopping in 3 different cars A, B and C. Out of 8 members 4 are female. Each member of a family is travelling in a different car. Each car carries at least one male, one female and each family has at least 2 members.
P belongs to Thana and he is travelling in car C. S is the wife of T and they are travelling in Car  A and B respectively. W is the son of Q who is the wife of V and they belong to Mysore. R is the daughter of U who is the wife of P. R is travelling in car B. V is not travelling with U.



Persons           City            Car 

P                  Thana           C
Q                  Mysore         C
R                  Thana           B
S                   Mumbai        A
T                   Mumbai        B
U                   Thana          A
V                   Mysore         B
W                  Mysore         A


1. Which of the following group belongs to Mumbai?
A) T, V
B) S, T
C) U, W
D) P, S
E) None of these


2. Which of the following group travelling in  Car B?

A) S,V,P
B) R,V,W
C) P,Q,R
D) R,T,V
E) None of these


3. V belongs to which city?

A) Mysore
B) Mumbai
C) Thanae
D) Either Mumbai or Mysore
E) None of these


4. Which of the following is true?

A) P travelling in Car B
B) R travelling in Car A
C) V travelling in Car B
D) T travelling in Car C
E) None of these


5. Which of the following combination is not true?

A) T – Mumbai – B
B) W – Mysore – A
C) P – Thane – C
D) W – Mumbai – B
E) None of these



1. B) S, T

2. D) R,T,V

3. A) Mysore

4. C) V travelling in Car B

5. D) W – Mumbai – B


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