Quant Quiz

Study the following bar chart and answer the questions carefully.

Sales Turnover of 5 Companies (in Rs. crores)

Q1. What is the percentage change in the overall sales turnover of the five companies together between 2001 – 2002 and 2002 – 2003 ?
17.21 % B. 14.68 % C. 12.67 %      D. 21.24 %     E. 20.25 %

Q2. What is the absolute change in overall sales turnover of the five companies together between 2001 – 2002 and 2002 – 2003 ?
712.43 B. 142.48 C. 683.53     D. 522.78     E. None of these

Q3. Which of the companies shows the maximum percentage difference in sales turnover between the two years ?
Honda B. GM C. Hyundai     D. Maruti     E. Hindustan Motors

Q4. What should have been the sales turnover of GM in 2002 – 2003 to have shown an excess of the same quantum over 2001 – 2002 as shown by the sales turnover of Maruti ?
953.76 B. 963.76 C. 952.76     D. 962.76     E. 786.78

Q5.What is the approximate difference between the average sales turnover of all the companies put together between the years 2001 – 2002 and 2002 – 2003 ?
133.45 B. 142.48 C. 117.6     D. 201.9     E. None of these

The circle-graph given here shows the spendings of a country on various sports during a particular year. Study the graph carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Q6. What percent of total spending is spent on Tennis?
25/2% B. 25% C. 45%     D. 45/2%     E. 40%

Q7.How much percent more is spent on Hockey than that on Golf?
27% B. 35% C. 37.5%      D. 75%     E. 70%

Q8.If the total amount spent on sports during the year be Rs. 1,80,00,000 , the amount spent on Basketball exceeds on Tennis by:
Rs. 2,50,000 B. Rs. 3,60,000 C. Rs. 3,75,000     D. Rs. 4,10,000     E. Rs. 5,00,000

Q9.How much percent less is spent on Football than that on Cricket?
22% B. 27% C. 100/3%     D. 40%     E. 30%

Q10. If the total amount spent on sports during the year was Rs. 2 crores, the amount spent on Cricket and Hockey together was:
 Rs. 8,00,000 B. Rs. 80,00,000 C. Rs. 1,20,00,000     D. Rs. 1,60,00,000     E. Rs. 1,50,00,000


1. B      2. A        3. C      4. D      5. B      6. A      7. D      8. E      9. C      10. B


Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-5): These questions are based on the following information.
Six friends met for dinner, and their names are Shruti, Yukt, Kanika, Paras, Ayush, and Rekha. They are working with 6 different designations. These designations are IT, Sales Agent, Specialist Officer, Analyst, Engineer, and Teacher. They took dinner at a round table. Their arrangement is in following manner-
1. Yukt is in front of Sales Agent. Teacher is second right of Ayush.
2. Kanika is opposite to Shruti, who is immediate left of Specialist Officer.
3. Paras is not a Specialist Officer, but opposite of Analyst.
4. Ayush is immediately right of Engineer and Sales Agent is immediately left of Shruti.
5. IT is between Engineer and Sales Agent.
Q1. Who is in front of Teacher? 
(a) Shruti     (b) Yukt     (c) Rekha     (d) Kanika     (5) None of these

Q2. Who is the second right of Analyst?
(a) Specialist Officer     (b) Sales Agent     (c) IT     (d) Engineer     (5) None of these

Q3. Who is the Specialist Officer?
(a) Rekha     (b) Ayush     (c) Paras     (d) Shruti     (5) None of these

Q4. What is the sitting position of Yukt?
(a) 2nd left of Shruti     (b) 3rd right of Ayush     (c) diagonally opposite of IT     (d) 2nd right of Shruti     (5) None of these

Q5. Who among the following is the Engineer?
(1) Rekha     (2) Kanika     (3) Shruti     (4) Paras     (5) Cannot be determined

Directions (6-8): Study the following arrangement of numbers, letters and symbols carefully and answer the questions given below:
P   A   5   $   7   6   S   T   X   !   Y   2   #   3   H   K   *   @   G   4   M   C   1   =   ?

Q6. Which of these should come in place of question mark in the following question?
7$6        XT!     #23     @? G       CM1
(1) K     (2) *     (3) M     (4) #     (5) none of these

Q7. How many such symbols are there in the series which are immediately followed by a number and preceded by an alphabet?
(1) none     (2) one     (3) two     (4) three     (5) four

Q8. How many letter and symbol combination are there?
(1) None     (2) one     (3) Two     (4) three     (5) four

Q9. In a certain code MORNING is written as SPNMFMH. How is SOULFUL written in that code? 
(1) VPTKKTE     (2) VPTKETK     (3) TPVKKTE     (4) TNRKMVG     (5) None of these

Q10. The positions of how many digits in the number 59164823 will remain unchanged after the digits are rearranged in descending order within the number? 
(1) None     (2) One     (3) Two     (4) Three     (5) More than three


1. (4)       2. (3)       3. (1)       4. (4)       5. (2)      6. (2)       7. (1)        8. (3)       9. (1)        10. (3)


English Quiz

Find out which part of a sentence has an error.
Q1.  The families /(a) are living in Gulmohar Park / (b) for the last two decades./(c) No error./ (d)

Q2.  Two lakhs of people /(a) attended the meeting/(b) held in Parade grounds./(c) No error./(d)

Q3.   There is a Bach’s violin concerto /(a) on the radio / (b) at 6 p.m. this evening./ (c) No error/(d)

Q4.   Lay your books aside and / (a) lay down to rest / (b) for a while. / (c) No error / (d)

Q5.   We went / (a) with Guptas to a /(b) movie called ‘Deewar’ . /(c)  No error / (d)

Q6.   Once an old hermit / (a) saw a cat /(b) pounce upon a rat./ (c) No error. /(d)

Q7.   A computer virus works exactly / (a) like the biological variety / (b) which invade the human body/ (c) No error. / (d)

Q8.  When I first    started my school / (a) my boys had / (b) no evident love for music. / (c) No error    / (d)

Q9.   My uncle / (a) has left / (b) for Bombay last Saturday. / (c) No error. / (d)

Q10.  Don’t think / (a) you can deceive me / (b) like you did my brother. / (c) No error. /(d)

Answer & Explanation

1.    (b)
Explanation: Change are living into have been living continuous + since / for + Unit of time are the features of perfect continuous tense.
2.    (a)
Explanation: Change lakhs into lakh. Hundred, thousand, lakh etc are used singular after numbers.
3.    (d)
4.    (b)
Explanation: Change lay into lie. These are to different words lay (रखना) laid, laid and lie (लेटना )lay, lain are the forms . Lie is used for living.
5.    (b)
Explanation: Insert the before Guptas. Guptas are known to the subject.
6.    (d)
Explanation: Pounce on / upon is a Phrasal word means move to attack quickly.
7.    (b)
Explanation: Exactly and like never go together.
8.    (b)
Explanation: Change boys into students or pupils.
9.    (b)
Explanation: Omit has. Last yesterday and ago refer to simple past.
10.  (c)
Explanation: change like into as. Like is used for similarity as is used


Computer Quiz

Q1. The combination of the operating system and the processor is referred to as the computer’s :

(1) CPU     (2) Platform     (3) BIOS     (4) CMOS     (5) None of these

Q2. The function of Key F4 is

(1) Delete     (2) Repeat last function     (3) Refresh     (4) Copy     (5) None of these

Q3. Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because tape is:

(1) A random-access medium     (2) A sequential –access medium     (3) A read –only medium

(4) Fragile and easily damaged     (5) An expensive storage medium

Q4. The ______ allows you to choose where to go and is located below the standards buttons toolbar.

(1) system menu     (2) Address bar     (3) Menu bar     (4) Task bar     (5) None of these

Q5. In windows XP, which shortcut is used you lock the computer?

(1) Ctrl + L     (2) Windows Key + k     (3) Ctrl + K     (4) Scroll Lock key     (5) Windows Key + L

Q6. A dot-matrix printer

(1) is an input-output device     (2) is an output device only     (3) is an input device only

(4) both 2 and 3     (5) None of these

Q7. A characteristic of card system is:

(1) slowness in processing data     (2) using cards as records of transactions

(3) needing a larger data staff     (4) all of these

(5) None of these

Q8. What is a ‘tuple’?

(1) another name for a table in an RDBMS.      (2) Another name for the key linking different tables in a database.

(3) Initial seed value of field.      (4) A row or record in a database table.

(5) An attribute attached to a record.

Q9. _______ is the ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time.

(1) Multitasking     (2) Streamlining     (3) Multiuser     (4) Simulation     (5) None of these

Q10. A spooler is a(n):

(1) location in memory that maintains the contents of a document until it prints out

(2) Print job

(3) Program that coordinates the print jobs that are waiting to print

(4) Message sent from the printer to the operating system when a print job is completed

(5) None of these

Q11. Which of the following is not a protocol in the application layer of TCP/IP suit:

(1) HTTP     (2) TCP     (3) HTTPS     (4) Telnet     (5) None of these

Q12. All of the following statements concerning files are true EXCEPT:

(1) A file is a collection of related pieces of information stored together for easy reference.

(2) Files can be generated from an application     (3) Files are stored in RAM

(4) Files should be organized in folders.      (5) None of these

Q13. The four main functions of a computer are:

(1) Input, processing, output and storage     (2) Learning, thinking, intelligence and virtuosity

(3) Data, information, bits and bytes     (4) Hardware, software, modeling and operations

(5) None of these

Q14. A scientific institution performing intensive mathematical operations for a complex model that required extremely powerful computing capabilities will most likely use a(n):

(1) Supercomputer     (2) PC     (3) mainframe     (4) ISP     (5) None of these

Q15. The ‘brains’ of the computer which executes the instructions, is called the:

(1) CPU     (2) RAM     (3) Motherboard     (4) System Unit     (5) None of these

Q16. The process ___ involves automated study of consumer buying patterns in order to support marketing, inventory replenishment and pricing decisions.

(1) transaction processing     (2) Data mining     (3) Simulation     (4) information processing     (5) None of these

Q17. The Principle advantage of adding memory to a printer is to increase:

(1) resolution     (2) Print Speed     (3) Number of colors in output     (4) DPI     (5) None of these

Q18. An operating system version designed for use with media Centre PC is Microsoft Windows XP ___.

(1) Home Edition     (2) Media Centre Edition     (3) Tablet PC Edition     (4) None of these     (5) None of these

Q19. Press the ___ button to have the window fill the entire screen.

(1) close     (2) Maximize     (3) Minimize     (4) All of the above     (5) None of these

Q20. What digits are representative of all binary numbers?

(1) 0     (2) 1     (3) both 0 and 1     (4) 3     (5) None of these


1. 2       2. 2        3. 5     4. 2     5. 5     6. 2     7. 4     8. 4     9. 1     10. 3     11. 2     12. 3     13. 1     14. 1     15. 1     16. 2     17. 2
18. 2     19. 2     20. 3

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