Quant Quiz

Q1. A 280 metre  long train moving with an average speed of 108 km/h crosses a platform in 12 seconds. A man crosses the same platform in 10 seconds. What is the speed of the man?
(a) 5 m/s     (b) 8 m/s     (c) 12 m/s       (d) Cannot be determined

Q2. The compound interest on a certain sum of money for 20 years at 10% per annum is Rs. 420. Find the simple interest at the same rate and for the same time
(a) Rs. 400     (b) Rs. 500     (c) Rs. 450     (d) Rs. 550

Q3. A jar contains a mixture of 2 liquids A and B in the ratio 4:1. When 10 litres of the mixture is taken out and 10 litres of liquid B is poured into the jar, the ratio becomes 2:3. How many litres of the liquid A was contained in the jar?
(a) 17 litres     (b) 16 litres     (c) 18 litres     (d) 15 litres

Q4. Two men X and Y working separately can mow the field in 8 and 12 hrs respectively. If they work in stretches of one hour alternately, X beginning at 9a.m., when will the mowing be finished?
(a) 6p.m     (b) 15/2pm     (c) 7p.m     (d) 13/2pm

Q5. In what time would a cistern be filled by three pipes whose diameters are 1cm, 11/3cm, 2cm, running together, when the largest alone will fill it in 61minutes, the amount of water flowing in by each pipe being proportional to the square of its diameter?
(a) 36 minutes     (b) 37minutes     (c) 38 minutes     (d) 35minutes

Q6. Work done by A in one day is half of the work done by B in one day. Work done by B is half of the work done by C in one day. If C alone can complete the work in 7 days, in how many days will A, B and C together will complete the work?
(a) 28     (b) 14     (c) 4     (d) 21

Q7. Three  times  a number  is 20%  more  than  twice  another  number   when  increased  by  105.  If  twice the first  number increased  by 36  is 20%  less  than  three  times  of  the  second  number,  then  what  is  the  first  number?
(a)  150     (b) 162     (c) 180     (d) None of  these

Q8.The simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 25,000 at the end of three years is Rs. 7,500. What would be the compound interest accrued on the same amount at the same rate in the same period?
(a) Rs. 7,750     (b) Rs. 8,275     (c) Rs. 8,500     (d) Rs. 8,250

Q9. Aman won a competition and so he got some prize money. He gave Rs. 2000 less than the half of prize money to his son and Rs. 1000 more than the two third of the remaining to his daughter. If both they got same amount, what is the prize money Aman got?
(a) 20000     (b) 25000     (c) 26000     (d) None of these

Q10. The stream of a boat when travelling downstream is 32 km/hr, whereas when travelling upstream it is 28km/hr. what is the speed of boat in still water?
(a) 27km/hr       (b) 30km/hr     (c) 31km/hr       (d) Cannot be determined
Answer & Explanation


Speed of train = 108km/hr= (108*5/18) m/sec

If the length of the platform be x meters, then

x+280/12 =30

x+ 280 = 360


then 80/10 = 8 m/s




5.(a) In one minute the pipe of 2cm diameter fills 1/61  of the cistern.

In one minute the pipe of 1cm diameter fills 1/61* 1/4   of the cistern

In one minute the pipe of 11/3 cm diameter fills 1/61* 4/9   of the cistern

In one minute (1/61+1/(61*4)+4/(61*9))=1/36   of the cistern is filled.

The whole cistern is filled in 36 minutes

6.(c)Work done by C in one day = 1/7

Work done by B in one day =  1/2*1/7=1/14

Work done by A in one day = 1/2*1/14=1/28

Work done by A, B and C in one day = 7/28=1/4

7.(b)  Let  the  two  numbers  be  x  and  y.

3x  =  1.2( 2y +105)

3x   =  2.4y  +126     ………………..(1)

2x +36  =  0.8(3y)

2x +36  =2.4y            ………………..(2)

x   =    162


9.(c)  Assume Aman got x rupees.

He gave x/2 – 2000 to his son.

And 2/3 ( x/2 + 2000 ) + 1000 to his daughter.

x/2 – 2000 = x/3 + 7000/3

x = 26000


Speed of boat in still water=  1/2(32+28)=60/2=30km/hr


Reasoning: Quiz

In each of the following questions, three statements are given followed by four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Q1. Statements: Some pearls are stones. Some stones are diamonds. No diamond is a gem.
I  Some gems are pearls.       II Some gems are diamonds.       III  No gem is a diamond.       IV  No gem is a pearl.
A. Only I and II follow     B. Only III and IV follow     C. Only either I or IV and either II or III follow  D. Only III and either I or IV follow     E. None of these

Q2. Statements: All rods are bricks. Some bricks are ropes. All ropes are doors.
I  Some rods are doors.       II Some doors are bricks.       III  Some rods are not doors.       IV  All doors are ropes.
A. Only I and II follow     B. Only I, II and III follow     C. Only either I or III, and II follow     D. Only either I or III, and IV follow
E. None of these

Q3. Statements: All myths are fictions. No fiction is novel. All novels are stories.
I  No myth is novel.       II Some fictions are novels.       III  Some fictions are myths.       IV Some myths are novels.
A. Only either I or II and both III and IV follow     B. Only either I or IV and II follow
C. Only either I or IV and both II and III follow     D. All follow      E. None of these

Q4. Statements: No paper is pen. No pen is pencil. All erasers are papers.
I  Some papers are erasers.       II No pencil is eraser.       III  No pen is eraser.       IV All papers are erasers.
A. Only I and II follow     B. Only II and III follow     C. Only I, II and III follow     D. All follow     E. None of these

Q5. Statements: No man is sky. No sky is road. Some men are roads.
I No road is man.       II No road is sky.       III  Some skies are men.       IV  All roads are men.
A. None follows     B. Only I follows     C. Only II and III follow     D. Only I and III follow     E. None of these

In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement.
Give answer:
(A) If only conclusion I follows     (B) If only conclusion II follows     (C) If either I or II follows
(D) If neither I nor II follows and     (E) If both I and II follow.

Q6.  Statements: In Japan, the incidence of stomach cancer is very high, while that of bowel cancer is very low. But Japanese immigrate to Hawaii, this is reversed – the rate of bowel cancer increases but the rate of stomach cancer is reduced in the next generation. All this is related to nutrition – the diets of Japanese in Hawaii are different than those in Japan.
The same diet as in Hawaii should be propagated in Japan also.
Bowel cancer is less severe than stomach cancer.
A. Only conclusion I follows     B. Only conclusion II follows     C. Either I or II follows      D. Neither I nor II follows     E.Both I and II follow

Q7. Statements: The Government run company had asked its employees to declare their income and assets but it has been strongly resisted by employees union and no employee is going to declare his income.
The employees of this company do not seem to have any additional undisclosed income besides their salary.
The employees union wants all senior officers to declare their income first.
A. Only conclusion I follows B. Only conclusion II follows C. Either I or II follows D. Neither I nor II follows     E. Both I and II follow

Q8.  Statements: Monitoring has become an integral part in the planning of social development programmes. It is recommended that Management Information System be developed for all programmes. This is likely to give a feedback on the performance of the functionaries and the efficacy with which services are being delivered.
All the social development programmes should be evaluated.
There is a need to monitor the performance of workers.
A. Only conclusion I follows   B. Only conclusion II follows     C. Either I or II follows      D. Neither I nor II follows   E.Both I and II follow

Q9. Statements: The T.V. programmes, telecast specially for women are packed with a variety of recipes and household hints. A major portion of magazines for women also contains the items mentioned above.
Women are not interested in other things.
An average woman’s primary interest lies in home and specially in the kitchen.
A. Only conclusion I follows B. Only conclusion II follows C. Either I or II follows     D. Neither I nor II follows E. Both I and II follow

Q10. Statements: The distance of 900 km by road between Bombay and Jafra will be reduced to 280 km by sea. This will lead to a saving of Rs. 7.92 crores per annum on fuel.
Conclusions: Transportation by sea is cheaper than that by road.     Fuel must be saved to the greatest extent
A. Only conclusion I follows    B. Only conclusion II follows     C. Either I or II follows     D. Neither I nor II follows     E. Both I and II follow

1. D     2. C     3. E     4. E     5. E     6. D     7. D     8. E     9. B     10. B


English Quiz

Q1.Even though it is very large house, ……
there is a lot of space available in it for children B. there is hardly any space available for children
there is no dearth of space for children D. the servants take a long time to clean it
the municipal taxes on it are very happy

Q2. It was an extremely pleasant surprise for the hutment-dweller when the Government officials told him that ……
he had to vacate hutment which he had been unauthorisedly occupying
he had been gifted with a furnished apartment in a multi-storeyed building
he would be arrested for wrongfully encroaching on the pavement outside his dwelling
they would not accede to his request
they had received the orders from the court to take possession of all his belongings

Q3.In order to help the company attain its goal of enhancing profit, all the employees ……
urged the management to grant paid leave B. appealed the management to implement new welfare schemes
voluntarily offered to work overtime with lucrative compensation
voluntarily offered to render additional services in lieu of nothing
decided to enhance production at the cost of quality of the product

Q4. “Whatever Dev uttered was without rhyme or reason” means ……
Dev could not recite any poem or speech B. Dev said something which has no meaning, it was totally baseless
Dev was talking something which was beyond our experience D. Dev spoke flatly without any emotion or reason
Dev did not refer to any poem to support his statements

Q5. He tames animals because he ……
is fond of them B. hates them C. is afraid of them      D. want to set them free     E. seldom loves them
Q6. Mahesh need not have purchased the bag, means ……
it was not necessary for Mahesh to purchase the bag but he has purchased it
it was necessary for Mahesh to purchase the bag and he has not purchased it
it was not necessary for Mahesh to purchase the bag and he has not purchased it
it was necessary for Mahesh to purchase the bag but he has not purchased it
Mahesh already has a bag but still he purchased another one

Q7.In order to raise company’s profit, the employees ……
demanded two additional increments B. decided to go on paid holidays
requested the management to implement new welfare schemes D. offered to work overtime without any compensation
decided to raise the cost of raw material

Q8.The officer who had neglected to files his income tax returns had to …... return the files B. pay a fine C.
be rewarded      D. play mischief     E. give warning

Q9.Unless you work harder you will fail, means …… if you fail you will work harder B. you must at least plan well
than you will not fail hardly you will fail if you do not desire so D. if you do not put more efforts, then you will fail
if you only work and work alone, you will fail

Q10. His behaviour is so unpredictable that he …… never depends upon others for getting his work done B. is seldom trusted by others
always finds it difficult to keep his word D. always insists on getting the work completed on time
seldom trusts others as far as the work schedule is concerned


1.B     2.B     3.D     4.B     5.A     6.A     7.D     8.B     9.D     10.B


 Computer Quiz

Q1. IC chips used in computers are usually made of:
(1) Lead     (2) Silicon     (3) Chromium     (4) Gold     (5) None of these

Q2. One kilobyte is equal to:
(1) 1000 bytes     (2) 100 bytes     (3) 1024 bytes     (4) 1023 bytes     (5) None of these

Q3. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are:
(1) Syntax error     (2) Symantic error     (3) Logical error     (4) Internal error     (5) None of these

Q4. What do you use to create a chart?
(1) Pie Wizard     (2) Excel Wizard     (3) Data Wizard     (4) Chart Wizard     (5) None of these

Q5. What is the full form of SDRM?
(1) Shift Dynamic random access memory     (2) Synchronous Dynamic random access memory
(3) System Dynamic random access memory     (4) Serial Dynamic random access memory      (5) None of these

Q6. The performance of a hard drive or other storage device, meaning how long it takes to locate a file is called?
(1) Response time     (2) Access Time     (3) Quick time     (4) Processing time     (5) None of these

Q7. Alerts are mostly appears in ____?
(1) Check box     (2) Combo box     (3) Dialog box     (4) Window box     (5) None of these

Q8. What is used in most programs that is a part of a program and guides the user’s through certain steps?
(1) Software     (2) Wizard     (3) Wiki     (4) operating     (5) None of these

Q9. Structured query language (SQL) is used in the following?
(1) Create database     (2) Create & Modify Databases     (3) Create, Modify & Query Databases
(4) Modify Database     (5) None of these

Q10. A file which has not been alerted, compressed, or manipulated in any way by the computer is called?
(1) temp file     (2) raw file     (3) permanent file     (4) distort file     (5) None of these

Q11. The word bandwidth is also used to mean ____?
(1) width of the data cable     (2) amount of data transferred     (3) number of the computers on a particular network
(4) Both 1 & 2     (5) None of these

Q12. Which of the following used in programming the first computers?
(1) Object code     (2) Source code     (3) Machine language     (4) Assembly language     (5) None of these

Q13. BSNL Reliance, Shaw cable, AOL, Tata Indicom all can be kept in which one of the following groups?
(1) ISDN     (2) IRC     (3) ISP     (4) ICONS     (5) None of these

Q14. Which among the following is correct about 4GL?
(1) A computer brand     (2) A software brand     (3) A software program     (4) A programming language     (5) None of these

Q15. First microprocessor was used in which of the following?
(1) Computer     (2) Calculator     (3) Telephones     (4) Printers     (5) None of these

Q16. Which of the following transforms input data into output data?
(1) Peripherals     (2) RAM     (3) ROM     (4) CPU     (5) None of these

Q17. In computer file systems which among the following is top or first in hierarchy?
(1) root directory     (2) parent directory     (3) home directory     (4) working directory     (5) None of these

Q18. Which among the following is not a security/ private risk?
(1) Spam     (2) Hacking     (3) Virus     (4) Phishing     (5) Nne of these

Q19. When using characters in Windows, what code does a window use
(1) ASCII     (2) UNICODE     (3) MORSE     (4) IDBC     (5) WESTRN

Q20. To avoid the wastage of memory, the instruction length should b
(1) Multiple of character size only     (2) Of word size only     (3) Of file size only     (4) Of word size which is multiple of character size     (5) None of these


1.2      2. 3       3. 1     4. 4     5. 2     6. 2     7. 3     8. 2     9. 3     10. 2     11. 2     12. 3     13. 3     14. 4     15. 2     16. 4     17. 1     18.1     19. 2      20. 4

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