1. Make both ends meet (to live within one’s means) As my uncle has to bring up five children, he finds it difficult to make both ends meet.
2. Mend one’s fences (to make peace) It is high time for the two brothers to bury the hatchet and mend their fences.
3. Make a clean breast (to confess) ‘When asked by the Magistrate sternly, the thief made a clean breast of the whole crime.
4. Make amends (to give compensation) The government made amends to the family for the loss of their earning member in the war.
5. Make the most of (to utilize time) Students should make the most of their time if they want to get an administrative job.
6. Move heaven and earth (to try utmost) Ramesh moved heaven and earth to gain his end but failed.
7. Make sure (to ascertain) We went to the office to make sure if our exams would start in the next week.
8. Make neither head nor tail (not to understand) The students can make neither head nor tail of what Mr. Dev teaches them.
9. Moot point (a debatable point, undecided) The question of abolition of child marriage is a moot point as far as Indians are concerned.
10. Meet one’s Waterloo (to face final defeat) Tipu Sultan met his Waterloo in the fourth battle of Mysore.
11. Man of letters (literary person) Dr. Radhakrishnan was a man of letters.
12. Make light of (not to care) He is in the habit of making light of the advice of his parents.
13. Midas touch (a touch which turns anything into gold) Our manager seems to be gifted with Midas touch because he is capable of selling every product.
14. Man of parts (a man of qualities) Our Principal is a man of parts and is respected by all and one.
15. Mealy mouthed (soft spoken) A mealy mouthed shopkeeper is always successful.
16. Man of straw (a weak person) The king being a man of straw; his’ orders were often disobeyed.
17. Mince matters (hide the truth and pretend) Tell the truth to your parents because it does not pay to mince matters.
18. Mare’s nest (a false invention) The involvement of teachers in the scheme proved to be a mare’s nest.

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