1. At one’s wit’s end (perplexed) Sohan was at his wit’s end to find that his younger brother has taken poison.
2. At one’s fingertips (complete knowledge) All the rules of synthesis are at his fingertips.
3. At the spur of the moment (without delay) In an interview we must reply at the spur of the moment.
4. All in all (most important) As he was the only son in a big family, he was all in all in his home.
5. At close quarters (close examinations) Many of my friends proved selfish at close quarters.
6. Apple pie order (in perfect order) On the eve of inspection everything was kept in apple pie order.
7. Above board (honest and straightforward) He is known for his above board conduct.
8. Above all (before everything else) Above all, he is blunt and dare devil.
9. As fit as a fiddle (strong and healthy) He has recovered from illness and now he is as fit as a fiddle.
10. At random (aimlessly) The militants fired at random killing a lot of innocent persons.
11. At a loose end (unoccupied, idle) Now a days he is at a loose end because he has wound up his business.
12. At logger heads (to be at strife) The partners of our firm are at logger heads these days.
13. At odds (in dispute) The members of the group were at odds over the selection procedure.
14. An apple of discord (cause of quarrel) Ancestral property is an apple of discord between two sisters.
15. At cross purposes (have conflicting intentions) How can there be peace in their family when husband and wife are at cross purposes.
16. After one’s own heart (to one’s liking) When Deepa met a man after her own heart, she got married to him.
17. At the bottom of (to be mainly responsible for) It was found later that Shanu was at the bottom of the whole trouble.
18. At a loss (to be unable to decide) I am at a loss to know what to do.
19. At dagger’s drawn (to have bitter enmity) The quarrel between the two brothers has grown more bitter now and they are at dagger’s drawn.
20. At large (abscond, to keep unchained) People keep their dogs at large at night.
21. At sea (applied to a person confused) My sister is quite at sea in Maths; she cannot solve a single problem.
22. Add fuel to the flame or fire (to make matter worse) The attempt to suppress the agitation of the strikers only added fuel to the flame.
23. At sixes and sevens (in disorder) There was a robbery in our neighbourhood last night and when I entered the house to inquire, everything was at sixes and sevens.
24. Assume airs (to pretend superiority) The rich are in the habit of assuming airs in the presence of their poor relations.
25. Argus eyed (careful, observant) As a politician, he is Argus eyed and never overlooks even a small matter.
26. At a stone’s throw (very close) My friend’s house is at a stone’s throw from mine.

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