33. Beside the mark (irrelevant) No body agreed with him because his arguments were beside the mark.
34. Burn one’s fingers (to get into trouble) Those who interfere in the affairs of others, often burn their fingers.
35. Brown study (reverie, day dream) He could not follow the significance of my offer. He was in brown study.
36. Bank on (depend on, count on) The rich always bank on money to get things done.
37. Blaze the trail (to start a movement) Surinder Nath Bannerjee blazed the trail of Indian National Movement.
38. Bull in a China shop (one who causes damage) Most of the leaders of the freedom struggle have proved bulls in a China shop.
39. By the rule of thumb (according to practical experience) In older times business was run by the rule of thumb.
40. Big draw (a huge attraction) The match between India and Pakistan is always a big draw.
41. Broken reed (support that failed) When he needed help, his friend proved a broken reed.
42. By the skin of the teeth (narrowly) He escaped death in the accident by the skin of the teeth.
43. Bone of contention (cause of quarrel) Since India got independence, Kashmir problem has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.
44. Bit/piece of one’s mind (to scold) My father wrote to my brother giving a piece of his mind about his insulting conduct.
45. Born with silver spoon (to be born in a rich family) My friend does not have to worry about spending any amount of money as she is born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
46. Burn candle at both ends (squander) After the death of his father he is burning candle at both ends.
47. By fits and starts (irregularly) If we study by fits and starts we can never he successful in our exams.
48. By dint of (by force of) He achieved success in life by dint of hard work.
49. Blow hot and cold (to speak in favour and against at the same time) Do not trust those who blow hot and cold in the same breath.
50. By and by gradually) He is recovering by and by after long illness.
51. Blue blood (aristocratic blood) Though my friend has blue blood yet her conduct is very mean and vulgar.

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