1. Carry matters with a high hand (to deal with a person strictly) The owner of the industry carried matters with a high hand and expelled two workers who were caught doing mischief in the office.
2. Clip one’s wings (to weaken the power) My elder sister is very ambitious but my mother will surely clip her wings.
3. Come home to (to understand) Seema wanted to be a teacher in the college but soon it came home to her that she was not fit for the job as she was only a graduate.
4. Come to a standstill (come to a sudden stop) When we were going to Mussourie yesterday, our car came to a standstill right in the middle of the journey.
5. Come off with flying colours (to come out successfully) The final football match was very crucial but finally we Won and came off with flying colours.
6. Cross one’s mind (to occur to oneself) In the examination hall it crossed my mind that I had left my pen outside on the table.
7. Cry for the moon (to wish for something impossible) The hope of winning the lottery amounting to lakhs of rupees is simply crying for the moon.
8. Curry favour with (win favour of somebody) Neena gave a lot of costly presents to her science teacher to carry favour with him.
9. Call a spade a spade (to speak plainly) People often get angry when one calls a spade a spade.
10. Carry the day (to win a victory) After initial setback India carried the day in the Test match.
11. Cut a sorry figure (to give a poor show) The speaker cut a sorry figure in the meeting.
12. Cry over spilt milk (repent) Careless students often have to cry over spilt milk during the exams.
13. Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth (to live within one’s means) A wise man always cuts his coat according to h cloth if he wants to be successful in his life:
14. Call names (to abuse) Neeta called me names, so she was severely punished by the teacher.
15. Curtain lecture (a reproof by wife to her husband) My brother never pays any attention to his wife’s curtain lecture and does what he thinks.
16. Chip of the old block (resembling one’s parents in habits) My friend is quite helpful like her father, so she is a chip of the old block.
17. Cave in (yield) Although our team fought bravely, yet had to cave in before the superior power play of the opposite team.

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