18. Cloven hoof (the evil intention) The Chinese showed the cloven hoof in 1962.
19. Cut throat (tough) It is very difficult for Indian Industry to survive in the teeth of international cut throat competition.
20. Call in question (doubt) You should not call in question my honesty.
21. Cheek by jowl (close together) In metropolitan cities it is common that affluence and poverty exist cheek by jowl.
22. Come to a pass (a difficult situation) The things have come to such a pretty pass that he is financially ruined.
23. Close shave (a narrow escape) As he was driving recklessly in a crowded street, he had a close shave.
24. Cut and dried (readymade form) There is no cut and dried formula for success in life.
25. Clinch the issue (decide the matter) When he agreed to leave the house for good, it clinched the issue in favour of his wife.
26. Carry one’s point (win approval) After heated discussion he was able to carry his point.
27. Chequered/Checkered career –(full of ups and downs) Politicians have generally chequered career all along.
28. Cut both ends (argue in favour of both sides) He is ambiguous because he always cuts both ends.
29. Cock sure (very sure and certain) He was so cock sure of his success that he applied for the job before the declaration of the result.
30. Cock a snook (to show impudent contempt) She is so proud of her wealth that she always cocks a snook at the acts of her husband.
31. Chapter and verse (in full detail, to give proof) He has such a sharp memory that he can narrate the story chapter and verse.
32. Cool one’s heels (to be kept waiting) He had to cool his heels before he could meet the President of the party.
33. Carrot and stick policy (reward and punishment) A successful businessman follows the carrot and stick policy towards his employees.
34. Come in handy (to be useful) Take some woollen clothes. They may come in handy in Simla.

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