1. Turn the tables (to reverse the condition) A batsman often turns the table on the opposite team by his good batting.
2. Turn up one’s nose (to take lightly with contempt) Meena has failed twice in her class and yet she turns up her nose at my advice.
3. Turn coat (one who changes political affiliations) Anti defection bill is aimed at checking the evil practices indulged in by turn coats.
4. Take up the cudgels (to support or defend) One of my lawyer friends took up the cudgels on my behalf to defend me.
5. Turn the corner (to pass a critical stage) After long illness at last my friend turned the corner and was completely out of danger.
6. Tall talk (exaggerate the matters) No one likes to be in the company of Neema as she always indulges in tall talk.
7. Tooth and nail (violently) All the students revolted tooth and nail against the partiality of the teachers towards some students.
8. Throw in a towel (to be defeated) When the wrestler could not resist the opponent, he had to throw in a towel.
9. Take with a pinch of salt (to accept with doubt) Everybody takes Rahul’s problems with a pinch of salt because he is an unreliable person.
10. Turn a hair (show any reaction) Although his friends provoked him against Rohit, he did not turn a hair and remained calm.
11. Tall stories (exaggerated stories) Since he retired from Army, he has been famous for his tall stories which regale the villagers.
12. Take the floor (make a speech) When the Prime Minister took the floor in the cabinet meeting there was pin drop silence.
13. Take lying down (accept insult) It is impossible for me to take his remarks lying down. It amounts to meek surrender.
14. Turn to account (turn to advantage) The brave turn their failures to account.
15. Take heart (feel bold) You must take heart and face life boldly.
16. Take to heart (feel excessively) He took his failure to heart and lost interest in worldly affairs.
17. Take bull by horns (to meet the danger boldly) You can succeed in life only if you have courage to take bull by horns.
18. Through and through (entirely) He was drenched in the rain through and through.
19. To the back bone (thoroughly) We need leaders who are selfless to the back bone.
20. Take wind out of another’s sails (to gain advantage by anticipation) Farsighted Generals can win war by taking wind out of enemy’s sails.
21. Throw down the glove/gauntlet (to challenge) China had thrown down the glove by not recognising Sikkim as part of India.
22. Take leaf out of somebody’s book (to emulate) The young should take leaf out of great men’s books.
23. Take people by storm (to surprise unexpectedly) The successful launching of GSLV_l took the nation by storm.
24. Tail order (something difficult) It is a tall order, to check population explosion in India.
25. Throw a spanner (to sabotage a plan) He refused to finance my project and so threw a spanner in it.
26. Take to task (punish, ask for explanation, to scold) I took my younger sister to task for not obeying her elders.
27. Turn a deaf ear (not to pay attention to, refuse to listen) All the party members turned a deaf ear to their leader.
28. Throw out of gear (not working properly) Many of our small scale industries have been thrown out of gear because of lack of finance.
29. Take to heels (to run away) The students making mischief took to their heels on seeing the Principal.
30. Throw cold water (to discourage) Instead of encouraging me my business partner threw cold water on my plans.
31. Turn over a new leaf (to be entirely changed) After the sudden death of his father Rajesh turned over a new leaf and took all the responsibilities of the family on himself.
32. Take somebody for a ride (to deceive a person) The traders take the customers for a ride by selling fake foreign goods to them.
33. Take up arms (to fight) The tribals of this region have taken up arms against the government.
34. To and fro (forward and backward) He was strolling in the garden to and fro.
35. Throw up the sponge (surrender) He never threw up the sponge and at last got over his problems.

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