1. Dig the grave (to tarnish, to destroy) By taking side of the culprit he dug the grave of his reputation.
2. Draw the long bow (exaggerate) In calling him the best politician of the world, his followers draw the long bow.
3. Die in harness (die while working) Our Principal died in harness.
4. Dutch courage (bravery under alcoholic influence) Drunkards often indulge in Dutch courage and boast of their imaginary qualities.
5. Dare devil (fearless person) Only a dare devil can face the land mafia.
6. Dead broke (penniless) On account of reckless spending he is dead broke these days.
7. Down and out (poor and ruined) After a slump in share market he is down and out these days.
8. Draconian law (extremely severe law) During emergency in 1975 the government imposed Draconian laws to subdue opposition.
9. Die hard (persistent in struggle) He is a die hard person and will not easily surrender.
10. Days of reckoning (time to answer for one’s actions) You may commit crime after crime but days of reckoning are never far off.
11. Down in the mouth (out of elements) Now a days he is down in the mouth because he has suffered heavy loss in business.
12. Dog in the manger (a person who prevents others from enjoying what he himself cannot) By disrupting Parliament Session the Congress is following a dog in the manger policy.
13. Damp squib (complete failure) The visit of our Foreign Minister to China proved a damp squib on border issue.

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