1. Eat humble pie (to apologize) Inspite of his constant bragging he lost the match and had to eat humble pie.
2. Eat one’s words (take a statement back) I warned my friend to be very careful in her speech otherwise she would have to eat her own words.
3. End in smoke/fiasco (come to nothing) He spoke a lot about his new film but it all ended in smoke and it flopped on box office.
4. Egg on (to urge somebody) The Captain egged the players on to continue to play foul till the end of the match.
5. Eke out (supplement income) To eke out his income he also works as a part time accountant in the evening.
6. Every dog has his day (good fortune comes sooner or later) Don’t be disappointed. It is truly said that every dog has his day.
7. Ever and Anon (now and then, sometimes) He visits his parents ever and anon.
8. (An) eye wash (a pretence) My friend’s promise to help me just proved an eye wash.

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