1. Flesh and blood (human nature) People in some villages are so poor that their sufferings are more than a flesh and blood can endure.
2. Fish in troubled waters (to take advantage of the trouble of others) Shrewd businessmen fish in troubled waters when there is scarcity of things.
3. Follow suit (to act in a like manner) If you do not obey your elders, your children will follow suit.
4. Fall flat (to have no effect) The minister’s speech fell flat on the audience.
5. Fight shy of (to attempt to avoid a thing or a person) I generally fight shy of confronting my elder sister as she is in the habit of making sickening comments.
6. Fabian policy (policy of delaying decisions) Politicians generally follow a Fabian policy in order to keep everyone satisfied.
7. For no rhyme or reason (any reason whatsoever) Seema did not appear for her final examinations for no rhyme or reason.
8. Fight to the finish (fight to the end) Indian Army has vowed to fight to the finish and turn every intruder out of Indian territory.
9. Few and far between (very rare) His visits to his home town are few and far between because of his expanding business.
10. Flog a dead horse (to revive interest in old matters) The rivals always flog a dead horse to insult their enemies.
11. Fool’s errand (useless undertaking) His visit to the States to earn money proved to be a fool’s errand.
12. Fall foul of (to quarrel) They were once bosom friends but now they have fallen foul of each other.

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